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Suri Still Being Held in Germany

9/21/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebubaby Suri Cruise is still being held in Germany! The Scientolotot was snapped in the arms of her grandpa, divorce lawyer Martin Holmes, accompanied by grandma Kathleen, in Berlin's Tiergarten Park. She's one of the most adorable kids on this (or any other) planet!

Suri's father hasn't been seen for days -- he's busy shooting that Hitler movie. Mother Katie must have been undergoing further brainwashing training.


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I am just surprised that Tom allows Katies parents any time with the baby. Between being locked up in there compound in Los Angeles and then going on location overseas I doubt that the Holmes have spent any quality time with their grandchild. Sadly for them, as the indoctrinization deepens for Mr. Suri I am sure they will get even less time. Can anyone really imagine Tom Cruise married to your daughter? Having to deal with his ego in the family? All I can say is Poor suri, and poor grandparents. : - (

2591 days ago


I read L. Ron Hubbard's book years ago as an assignment for my Comparative Religion class. I still remembered how it scared the hell out of me! Hubbard's teachings, his detailed instructions as to how to "indoctrinate" one into, what I claim to believe is more cult-like, but also more powerful that the teachings of the late David Koresh.

I wish Katie has listened to her parents, and not been rushed (forced) into this quickie marriage and motherhood. She was very young, and no match for his manipulation/intimidation. I pray she finds her way out of this morass. Once the Scientology clan has you hooked, it is very difficult to break free.

As for Nicole, I just read her article in "Vanity Fair. Just my opinion, but I believe she lives in constant fear of Tom.

Peace all.


2591 days ago

just wondering    

.......KATIE and Tom r AWESOME PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Suri is beautiful and surronded by love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2591 days ago


I agree that Suri is cute....however, she is NOT the cutest baby on this planet(or any other planet) for that matter. Shiloh is cute, also not the cutest baby either. I challenge you TMZ to put a picture of my daughter (she is 2 yrs./4 months) and take a vote between my girl Skylar, Shiloh and Suri.....mine will win, HANDS DOWN. I live about 10 minutes from Grandma and Grandpa Holmes and would be willing to make the drive and show them there are cuter kids on the planet!!

2591 days ago


It's not a "glow" -it's the look of a Rondroid. $cientology will do that to people silly enough to get sucked into the cult. L. Ron Hubbard was an egomaniac, paranoid, a bigamist and above all, the biggest CONMAN to ever walk this planet. This "religion" is a joke, it's merely a way to collect large sums of cash, or as one ex-$cientologist remarked "a church with a cashier's booth". It's all a scam, you can't begin to fathom how evil these people are. For a look into the world of $cientology go to You'll be shocked. As for Cruise, he needs to just disappear-forever. Nobody gives a rat's ass about this freak anymore or his stupid Nazi movie.

2591 days ago


Let's boycott him and his dumb movie and also all of the movies made by other members of the scientology cult. Also, let's boycott the products advertised on any TV shows that these cult members are on.

Clear my foot, these are a bunch of con artists.

2591 days ago


To, the only thing surround Suri is a bunch of crazy Scientologists, and if Suri's plight doesn't cause you to be concerned for her, you must be a Scientologists yourself. There is no love involvrd in this marriage, and tom and Katie have seperate bedrooms. there is no glow, just mind control. This is what Katie was subjected to, and is still being subjected to. Suri will suffer the same fate, and her life and mind will be totally controlled by scientology.

From this study: "TRs and objectives are a basic requirement that anyone doing Scientology must go through, thus laying a solid foundation for further indoctrination." And this includes Katie Holmes and Suri.

Use of Mind Control in Scientology
Monica Pignotti, MSW, CSW
Cult Intervention Specialist
and Former Scientologist

The purpose of this paper is to show how mind control is used in Scientology. In order to do this, I have used the four components of mind control from Steve Hassan's Combatting Cult Mind Control: Behavior control, Emotional control, Thought control and Information control and have given examples of how Scientology uses each of these. I am assuming that the reader of this paper has read and is familiar with the concepts outlined in this book.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive study of mind control techniques in Scientology, as that could fill an entire book! This is just to give you a start in getting an understanding of how mind control is used at the very beginning levels of Scientology. If a person gets more deeply involved, for instance, and gets into auditing, joins staff and/or does advanced courses, there is much more. I will be writing papers to deal with these issues. The techniques I discuss here, however, have proved quite sufficient, unfortunately, to get many people hooked into Scientology.

"If you change a person's behavior, his thoughts and feelings will change to minimize the dissonance" -- Leon Festinger. This theory is described in detail on page 59 of Combatting Cult Mind Control. In addition, Steve Hassan added a fourth component, control of information. Scientology, very definitely, controls all four.

The Scientology Registrar - The job of the registrar in Scientology is to use high pressure sales tactics to sign people up for courses. This is especially true for front groups, such as Sterling Management, Singer and numerous others. Once the registrar gets the person into his/her office, the person is not allowed to leave until he/she has signed up for a course and paid. If the person says, "I'd like time to think this over", this is not allowed. The staff at Sterling is told that the person should not be allowed to "think" about it because that would give his "reactive mind" a chance to take over and so they must pay immediately. I have personally talked to many people who have been held for hours in the registrars office, sometimes all night, until out of sheer exhaustion, they gave in. For further details, see Robert Geary, DDS's video or audio tape at the 1990 CAN Conference (available from CAN National) and the Sally Jessy Raphael show of July 9, 1991.

Routing Forms - Once a person has signed up for the course, he is given a sheet of paper called a routing form. The routing form ensures that there is a staff member with him every step of the way, from signing up for the course, paying for it, actually taking the course, writing a "success story" and then being sent back to the registrar to sign up for the next course. Thus, the cycle of paying for courses, taking them and signing up and paying for the next one continues, never giving the person a chance to get away and think about it. Scientology insiders refer to this process as "body routing" and call potential new converts "raw meat", indicating that a person, before Scientology is seen simply as an object to be manipulated. There is even a department in the Scientology organizational structure called the "Department of Body Routing". If a person, for any reason, does not want to continue to be "body routed" and does not want to go onto the next course or level of auditing, this is considered unacceptable and the person is pressured into signing up for a "repair" session and pressured until they agree to go on.

TR's and Objectives - These indoctrination processes are very important to know about as they are classic examples of how a change in a person's behavior can affect a change in the person's thoughts, emotions and how they process information. The person is told that the TRs will increase his ability to communicate, not that the TRs are hypnotic, trance-inducing techniques that will make him more vulnerable to any material they are exposed to in the Scientology courseroom, thereafter........

TRs are just one of a combinat

2591 days ago


Suri is so cute, it's so sad that the kids born into this cult don't have a chance at leading a normal life. She will only be allowed to socialize with Scientologists. She will be expected to go to Scientology "schools" and to marry another cultie. If Katie snaps out of her fog one day Suri will likely stay with self-righteous Tom, just as his kids with Nicole have. (Scientology will see to that-in a divorce the kids always stay with the parent who chooses to remain in the cult) Scientology robs people of their ability to think critically, their money, and souls. How anyone could read one of Hubbard's books and think that this guy was anything but a stark raving mad LUNATIC is beyond me. But Scientology isn't just a kooky cult good for a few laughs. People have died because of their crazy beliefs, and God help anyone who publicly speaks out against them. People have had the lives ruined for doing that. They'll picket your house, talk to your neighbors, call your employer and imply you're a criminal, or a theif or whatever else they can dream up. they stalk, harass and make a critics life miserable until they finally give up because Scientology has many ruthless attorneys at their disposal. (And a limitless amount of cash to sue critics on trumped up charges)
If anyone you care about even considers joining this cult do whatever it takes to keep them out of their clutches.
It's good to see the comments of others here who know the truth about Scientology. Spread the word.

2591 days ago


rollinontheriver, Suri is an average looking baby, nothing more. Suri is going to be devoured by Scientology, and her mom looks like she has aged ten years and the indoctrination Katie has been subjected to gives her a vacant, spacey look. Her Scientology "duds" are exactly what good sci-fi women wear, manly and plain. Get real and wake up - unless you are one of the mindless Scientologists paid to keep the blogs filled with stupid "Suri is so beautiful" crap because you all hate the truth of your evilness being exposed.

2591 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Suri Cruize is really beautiful abd so is Anna Nicole Smith's baby Dannielyn. I posted this
a few days ago, that these two as far as I am concerned are the most beautiful babies in
the celebrity world, that was born in the past five years. Julia Roberts children are also
really cute. The other babies are ok looking.

2591 days ago


Get a look at that left fist on grandma. That, and the look on her face. No kidnappers will get past her!!

Suri is ok looking. I just wonder who her father is. She definitely is not THE cutest, tho. Suri is much cuter. And why would Suri have to be the smartest? She will never be allowed to think for herself. Scientolocult will make sure of that.

2590 days ago


Dear God that is one UGLY baby!!!EEEEWWWWWW

2590 days ago


can you get any cuter than that....don't think so !!

i could just squeeze her till her little head pops off !!

2590 days ago


She is a normal looking child.Yes she is cute but that is about it I have seen children way cuter and she does look very big for her age.

2590 days ago


Suri's cute, but she's already getting that dazed, brainwashed Scientolojerk look, IMHO.

2590 days ago
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