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Britney, Paris & Lindsay in Three-Way Crash

9/22/2007 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has video of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan all together, doing blow and crashing their cars -- sorta.

From Crackle: Role Models

In what would otherwise be a tabloid dream story come true, the clip unfortunately stars a Troll, a Bratz doll and a Barbie as the Hollywood train wrecks. It also features a surprise cameo by one of TMZ's most notorious DUI bad boys!

"Role Model" Dolls -- get some for the kids today!


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2553 days ago

Mrs. Love    

this was funny...probably true soon too...LOL

2553 days ago


Meh. Would have been funnier if there was a crowd of Paprazzi dolls and they all got ran over like bowling pins. Actually, it wold be better if they showed real Paprazzi get run over for in true "Faces of Death" style.

"Death to ALL Paprazzi!" - Frags

2553 days ago


No freakin way! Why are they famous for being druggies.

2553 days ago


did you see this yet?

2553 days ago


Yeah, it does seemed effed up that these kids are actually narrating this.


2553 days ago

The Pimp of Horrora    

Very funny, cheap and cheesey. I loved it.
The Pimp

2553 days ago


YEA TMZ thats a real funny video. I wonder how funny the Department Of Children Services will find it, Who ever the parents are they should have their children taken away. It is not funny to me to see young girls acting like they are snorting cocaine , talk about Idiot Parents

2553 days ago


I *do* know how to web-surf, dears. Here's an idea: original content.

2553 days ago


You people here at TMZ are sad. I would like to first express that if I was Britney Spears and you photographed my children they way you have - went would graceciously place my son in a vehicle and proceed to kick your bottom. Neither Britney or her children deserve for you to intrude on her and her children's privacy. This is a very traumatic event for her and all you guys do is push push push. What part of give her privacy do you not understand? What part of being a mom and dealing with traumatic events do you not understand? I am utterly appauled at your companies decision to allow you to behave as what normal people would be arrested for - Stalking. Another sad thing is how the law is not enforced for stalking for these stars. Perhaps a united front should be brought together to boycott you along with other agencies whom take these issues to extreme such as this. Give this family some peace and go ask their parents why they are not being good parents. A good parent would stand behind and assist their children - I don't believe this is what they are doing. Then go video old Fed and his nasty ways instead of just Britney. I really believe the best would be to give this entire family some peace.

2553 days ago


Wow, it's a good thing that Manson did that bit entitled "The Three Dumb F*#@^&g Whores" on the Bubba the Love Sponge show on Sirius radio about 9 months ago or these hacks wouldn't have any material.

2553 days ago


please stop writing about these sluts, where was the charity work, etc that hilton was suppose to do liar and insincere
talk about george clooney in an accident in nj
and is she really his girlfriend

2553 days ago


HA HA HA This is funny...
UM..they are making fun of Lindsay and Brittney's lifestyle choices but in reality all three of those little girls may very well end up in the the same situation. Hope it was worth it to the parents to have their daughters whored off in the name of entertainment.
The IRONY lol!

2553 days ago


This is rediculous. Why are these CHILDREN in such a video? TMZ has labelled these 3 for the mistakes they have made. I say GIVE IT A BREAK now.

I'm sure everyone who goes on this website has made a mistake or knows someone that needs some help except the paps arent following them all over all the time.

Britney needs help & noone doesnt seem to want to do that, Lindsay is getting help, Paris is staying out of trouble & Nicole has a new baby to look forward to. Why dont we just hope everything goes well for all of them & leave them alone?

2553 days ago


This is just wrong. Wrong to use children in this video, even more wrong for TMZ to post it and pathetically wrong that this is how these "role models" appear to kids these days.

Someone needs to send this video to Britney, Lindsay and Paris so they can see what a positive impact they've had on kids today.

And send another copy to DFS so the parents of these little girls can be smacked down for allowing this footage and the FTC so TMZ can get smacked down for posting it.

2553 days ago
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