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Celebrity Endorsements: No Thanks!

9/22/2007 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebrities are clearly able to convince people to drink a certain soda or eat a certain food, but when it comes to politics, their word carries little weight.
Oprah, Donald, Kanye, Bill
According to a telephone survey of more than 1,000 people, conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, several celebrity endorsements would actually cause people NOT to vote for a candidate. For example, when asked whether an endorsement from Kanye West would make them more or less likely to vote for a candidate, 4% said it would make them more likely , but 15% said they'd be less likely. What are those 4% thinking?

Other celebs who had a negative impact included Donald Trump, Jay Leno, Toby Keith and -- shocker -- Bill O'Reilly. The endorsement Barack Obama got from Oprah Winfrey was a wash -- 15% said an endorsement from Oprah would help -- and 15% said it would hurt. Looks like Oprah should stick to recommending books!


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I don't like it when celebs push their presidential favorites. I understand consumer products, but politics are another arena. Celebs are just that-celebs. People who get dressed up and sing or pretend to be someone on a movie screen. It's not an appropriate partnership between the two. Now if it's a charity or something universally good that they are promoting then good! Help raise awareness with your influence, but I think trying to influence others' choice of candidates is irresponsible and an abuse of fame.

2504 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

What’s funny about Oprah is that she never comes out and directly states her political beliefs. Where does she stand on abortion, the war, health care, gay marriage, etc…If she put her own political beliefs out there, she’d probably lose a lot of viewers. Her endorsement of Obama has turned me off. I will not be voting for him….nor will I be reading any books she recommends…or watching her show…or buying her magazine. People need to get a mind of their own and stop worshipping her. It’s beyond ridiculous.

2504 days ago

mickey lou    

Celebrities should just shut up & sing! Nobody wants advice from a bunch of bimbo's!

2504 days ago


kayne west can't spell "cat" and he loves wings

2504 days ago


I've lost alot of respect for Oprah. She's endoursing a black man, because he's black. No one should vote because they like a celebrity. They should vote for who they want. In my life time I can tell you there will be no black person in the WHITE house. In my life time there will be a woman in the white house. GO HILLARY GO 2008

2504 days ago


Give a black man a chance Kanye-
Your ancestors are calling you home.
They say 'yes' they will give you a chance.
Accept and be gone ---NEXT

2504 days ago


I'm suppose to listen to what some brain dead celebs tells me who to vote for while they got their lips locked onto a booze bottle or nose on some coke trail and can't stay married to the same person for more then a couple months and are pretty regulars at aids testing center- a real picture of healthy living they got there in hollywood yep real wholesome & healthy living and they are telling us what to do & how to live YEA RIGHT!!! and the sad part is they really believe they are whats right in America

2504 days ago


Oprah is a major non-talent and only got her start because of her race at a time when it was the trend to get a minority. She has blindly misled people into thinking that she has both talent and intelligence and those who have sucked up everything she has to say are non-thinkers and void of any intelligence. Sheep all baa-baa-ing their way through life not breathing until the great Oprah says to do it and then they sheepishly do it.

2503 days ago


Great post. Thanks.... Exactly!
Was actually interested and was looking into what Obama had to say and was about...
but the Oprah thing turned me way off and now am looking in other directions.

2503 days ago

lavern holloway    

i was voting for obama anyway , it's nice when such a smart lady as oprah is on the same page.

2503 days ago

Preston Shuman    

Dear Oprah
Obama Will be your Down Fall. I will not vote for him. You had him on your show you asked him to run, you begged him to run. You might can sale books But honey you can't sale a black man.

2503 days ago


I've always respected Oprah - but I think she has gone to far in making such an open blatant endorsement, private party, the works, for Obama. I don't care who she likes because she isn't me.........I don't think it's wrong of her to make this statement, but it doesn' t sway me in the least.......except I'm for sure not voting for Obama!

2503 days ago


Come on people, wake up, thes people who tell you who to vote for have their very own agenda and reasons. This country is in a mess, we need the the best person in the White House that we can possibly get. We need someone who is qualified and experienced, someone who has been there and know what to do to fix our relations with other countries. This is not the time to be training new recruits, experience does matter and Hillary, with Bill's help will get us back on course and get our service men back home where they belong.

2503 days ago


ORPAH will never have my respect again...just because some guy started a "Oprah for Prez thing" last year she now feels she has the God given right to DECIDE who will become the next US President...I support Hillary and I will never forgive OPRAH if Obama turns out to be the SPOILER who loses the election for us DEMOCRATES...remeber that frigging Green Party candidate that lost us the election and gave us BUSH? Let's hope OPRAH doesn't screw it up for us this time!!

2503 days ago

lavern holloway    

oprah bashing tsk! tsk! tsk! the fear that a black man might actually win? this is funny. before obama a lot of you thought oprah was the most level headed, intelligent , generous person on t.v. well she still is. and she is human. lucky she is more powerful than most . so, someone pushing her off her seat is more than a notion. these are very serious times. as a private citizen . she has the right to support whom ever she wishes. enough old white men making decisions for everyone. time to try something else.

2503 days ago
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