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James Woods:

O.J.'s Wife Wanted Affair With Me

9/22/2007 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actor James Woods says O.J.'s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, wanted to have an affair with him -- and once invited him to join her and O.J. in a kinky threesome.

Woods recently appeared on the "The Late Late Show" and related how he met the Simpsons several years before Nicole was murdered. He said that the troubled couple once invited him for a "late-night nightcap" in their hotel suite, reports Page Six. "It was very odd," said Woods.

A few days after meeting them, claims Woods, Nicole Brown Simpson sent him a letter that said "'Dear Jimmy, O.J. is out of town, maybe you would like to get together.' [I thought], this can't be possible."

J.Lo -- Baby on Board?

Is she or isn't she? Though reps for Marc Anthony tacitly deny that his real-life and "El Cantante" co-star Jennifer Lopez is pregnant, not everyone is convinced. Lopez is in the UK promoting her new album "Brave" and her traveling requests have many Brit tabloids buzzing with pregnancy rumors.

Reports Page Six, just before arriving at the Dorchester in London, Jenny from the Block faxed over a request to the luxe hotel for "two humidifiers, two fans, a room set at 80 degrees, Jo Malone candles, white or red roses, soft-baked chocolate chip cookies, sour cream and onion chips, regular chips, veggie platters, plain M&M's, sunflower seeds, Ritz crackers, Dentyne Ice gum, spicy brown mustard, mayonnaise, Smartwater, caffeine-free Coke and Red Bull."

Fueling the rumors: reps for J.Lo wouldn't confirm or deny pregnancy rumors.

Hilary Duff's Hot Wheels

Some girls get jewelry or clothes from their boyfriends on their birthdays -- not Hilary Duff. The Duffster -- who turns 20 on September 28 -- received an early birthday present from hockey player boyfriend Mike Comrie this week.

Comrie told her that he had left the gift in the garage at Duff's sister Haylie's house. "I opened the garage and I was just, like, shocked, just standing there," Duff told People.

The hunky puckster surprised the teen queen with a $100,000 Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV. "I've driven it tons," said Duff of the grand gift. "When I called him I was like, 'You're crazy! It's perfect!' "


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thrown out    

I can't believe that you said that, the poor woman is dead. Even if it did happen can't you keep your mouth shut! The family has been through enough. Do you need fame that bad or is that 21 yr. old not getting you enough attention? I guess you think OJ is a friend of yours, how much money did he promise you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2586 days ago


MR. James Woods....Shark, indeed!

2586 days ago




2586 days ago


James Woods is disgusting with his 12 year old live in whore.....

2586 days ago

Dr. Dave from Toronto, Canada    

James Woods.... Nicole Simpson wanted to have a sexcapade with you??? Are you out of your mind? You are absolutely right in your comment.... this can't be possible.... 'cause it is impossible!

2586 days ago


What the heck are Jo Malone candles? The best candles out there are Gold Canyon Candles!!

2586 days ago


Jo Malone candles?? She must not have heard about Gold Canyon Candles!!

2586 days ago


Old man Woods probably believes what he says. Just like he believes his nice young 20 yr old girlfriend loves him. He's a silly old fool.

2586 days ago

Penis Hilton    

As usual, uninformed respondents here salt and pepper their two cents with mean-spirited kneejerk comments that resort to namecalling when they're missing the inside storyline.

Given proper contextual revelation, JW's fateful braggadocio rings true for two reasons.

One, the late Nicole Simpson became a notorious size queen in her love life because of OJ. If the adult reference is over your head, that means she was a fan of oversized sexual athletes.

Two, James Woods has a rep in Hollywood for being one of those well endowed physical specimens. And so it is not a stretch that Nicole wanted to ride and nurse the Woods python.

Jim's length legend is a fave R&R on Internet message boards. And online social discourse is a lot like E truth serum.

So if the gist of tabloid sensationalism is lost on mainstream media, cyberspace will always confirm and separate fact from rumor.

2586 days ago


James Woods is just disgusting. Thirteen years after her brutal murder and he has the gall to say something as sick as that? It figures coming from an abuser of women. He is so sick. As for Jennifer Lopez....who cares? She has had her moment in the sun...she cannot act, don't care for her voice and she sure does go through the men. If she is pregnant, she isn't the first woman to get pregnant but I will say she has got the ass for delivering kids.

2586 days ago

becky thinks so    

SUV? blah...what is she, 40yrs old? how about a fast little 2 seater instead?

2586 days ago


While I am no supporter of Nicole, even I was disgusted by James Woods comments. Even if it is true, he should've kept that to himself out of respect since she's dead.

2586 days ago


What a gentleman Woods is, telling this story 13 years after OJ killed Nicole. Who cares?

2586 days ago


Darn James Woods the woman is dead who the hell cares what supposedly happened while she was alive. What a pig.

Nice gift hilary. For all you haters out there get over it. Lot of men do the same thing but it is not published. Enjoy the gift

2586 days ago


Why don't these celebrities buy their own things. They make so much money then they have nerve to ask for things, something else they don't have to pay for. Go to the store yourself. Fools for kissing up to them.

2586 days ago
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