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Richie Sambora Returns to Rehab

9/22/2007 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bon Jovi's number two, Richie Sambora, returned to rehab on Monday -- this time at the Cirque Lodge in Utah -- the same rehab facility where Lindsay Lohan is currently receiving treatment.

This is the second time this year Sambora's been to rehab. This past June, after the traumatic break-up of his marriage to Heather Locklear and his split from girlfriend Denise Richards, Sambora spent a week at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

At the time, he told NBC's Matt Lauer that he decided to go the rehab route because, "I was just drinking too much, and I needed to get my life together."

The 48-year-old Bon Jovi guitarist has a private room at Cirque, reports Star.


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Radical Free Agent    

#27: Evidently you've never been in a high-quality treatment center. They keep you so busy that the few waking moments in your own room are a huge helpful benefit. Sometimes one needs old fashioned peace & quiet.

In Cirque there's a reading lamp in your room but no TV except in common areas where it is limited.

2558 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

Your 48 years old and you now want to get you life together. Grow up and become a man.

2558 days ago

He's Boring now    

So sorry #31 Radical Free Agent ( is that a cancer cell or Green Tea?) to not have led the privlidged life you evidently have. Would love to know the success and post recovery staying sober rates between these "high quality" comfort stations that double as Rehab Centers and of those Public Centers us mere mortals usually go to.

Pampering should not be part of Recovery as once one leaves there is little pampering in the real world. Maybe thats Richies problem, too many around him trying to make it easy for the Pampered Star to get drunk, stoned, laid, and made to be a goof and he not having the will or want to do otherwise.

Hope he Gets it this go around.

2558 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

To Judy@1:19PM - We 'got' your anti-white dig the first time @ 10:09AM. Upset that no one called you on it and started another comment race war, troll? Go pick a fight with your family instead as no one rational is biting, except for this flyswat. To 12:10PM, get a roomate, what are you, the Sambora behavioural police? You seriously need a life.

Richie is being pro-active regarding his alcohol problem. Good for him. I might over use something too for a bit if my spouse of that many years dumped me in the manner Heather did. It's not that she did, but the manner in which she did that led me to think perhaps his course of action was determined from the inside of that marriage. I like Heather, but it always takes two to tango. Best wishes to Richie in staying strong and in trying to make sense and peace with the way things are in this world. Thank you to Sambora also for his Guitar Wizardry. It's appreciated by many. Oh, and I've always thought that mic'ed mouth wow-wow thing he inserts in 'It's My Life' is a bit of old school genius, aka the simple but classic cowbell in the Stone's 'Honky Tonk Woman.'

2558 days ago


Just a comment. Heather Snotlear did not tell her husband she was filing for divorce. He found out on a radio interview in Washington, DC. He even had plans for Valentine's Day with her. He was suprised. But why Denise Richards?? Richie come to my house and I will help you. A fellow Woodbridge, NJ girl will help you out.

2558 days ago

He's Boring now    

Who are you the Richie Fan Club President? Cow bells, Wow Wows, you simpleton. Seriously Get Laid.

Quit making excuses for a Drunk because he got a Divorce. It happens all the time, this guy has been Stoned and Drunk for decades and you, as well as Bon Jovi, knew it. Some friend Mr America Jovi is---watching his "friend" be in a downward spiral while the checks rolled in.

Blaming Heather or any other spouse or person doesnt cut it. This drunk made his own decisions a long time ago on how he learned to handle stress or handle joy---by getting wasted.

We all wish him luck but lets be honest about his disease by not making excuses for him to continue in its ways when he returns.

2558 days ago


WOW as a recovering alcoholic I can spot my peers on here by their pissy attitudes.

Chill out. Homeboy's BEST THINKING got him back into help.

Good for him.


Check yourselves.

Peace out.

2558 days ago


I'm sending well wishes and prayers out to Richie. He's gone through a rough couple of years, and deserves to get well. Losing his marriage, his dad, and another relationship in one year is enough to make anyone drink. I'm not justifying his relationship with Denise, but he's been through more than anyone deserves to go through.

Here's hoping he gets the help he needs, and is able to move forward with his life. He deserves the best.

Good luck, Rich! Take the time to get well. The band and your fans will be there for you "Always".

2558 days ago



2558 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

To 3:01PM not a fan any longer - There were no excuses made there. You read that into it. It's just one small piece of the puzzle. I stated that Richie might be dealing with his demons, and finding out about your divorce via radio is a pretty big effing demon. Dealing with them is part of recovery. Who said he was blaming Heather? Only you seemed to surmise that from the comment. If anything he's probably blaming himself too, in hindsight. Accepting responsibility is also part of recovery. That makes YOU the simpleton. Ever heard of empathy and understanding? You should get some. If I were YOUR partner, I might just be drunk 24/7. Only I wouldn't, because I deal differently, which was the only credible and true part of your comment that I already totally agreed on.
To tell a commentor to seriously get laid has nothing to do with staying on topic, was uncalled for, and is rather a hostile and weakly aggressive poke that's completely off topic because you can't come up with any kind of constructive written contribution. I guess not getting laid must be on your mind.
He may even be OK with everything including the Heather thing for all we know. WTF do we know? It's all conjecture, but to live the lifestyle touring from city to city with all of the meet 'n greets to promote yourselves is the larger issue within which behavioural modification must be addressed. I've lived it, so I know. Liquor presents itself everywhere, all the time. After a night of playing and kicking it, one rightly they deserve to celebrate, and 40 people are bringing you free drinks. I learned to say yes to a virgin Pepsi and still celebrate just fine.

2558 days ago


try the bible!!! best rehab around and its freeeeeee!!!

2558 days ago


Any bets that he'll get it on with Lindsay???

2558 days ago


Richie hang in there darling
get better and back on track cant wait to see you in november at the prudential shows so looking forward to it
been a fan for over 20 years you can beat this for ever u just need faith and love
we are here for you
just remember one day and step at a time back to happy and sober you, we will walk the road together

2558 days ago



we love you and u need to get sober and back to your old self
will see you at the prudential shows in new jersey in november

remember to take one day at a time and we your loving fans are here supporting you and loving you

one step and day at a time


2558 days ago


I guess the first time around he did'nt hear them say "Don't drink and go to A.A.meetings" The part about the A.A.meetings being the hard part..... Good luck to him He gets a salute and a silent prayer....

2558 days ago
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