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O.J. to Handyman: "I'm Going to F***ing Kill You!"

9/23/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonO.J. Simpson had an explosive altercation six weeks ago, when he accused his girlfriend of sleeping with an ex-con handyman, according to what the worker and his wife told the New York Post.

The pair tell the Post that Simpson arrived at the home of Janos and Marlene Gonzalez thirty minutes after leaving an angry voicemail in which he accused Janos Gonzalez -- who Simpson had hired to work at his South Miami home -- of sleeping with Christie Prody, the Juice's longtime girlfriend.

According to Marlene Gonzalez, O.J. parked his car -- with his girlfriend in the front seat -- in the Gonzalez family driveway and he approached Marlene, telling her that her husband Janos had sex with Prody earlier that day. Her husband heard the commotion and came outside to tell O.J. to leave, to which Simpson responded, "Come over here. I'm going to f***ing kill you!"

Simpson then placed his hand behind him as if drawing a gun, according to Marlene. "I didn't know if he really had one." The confrontation lasted less than 15 minutes, ending when Mrs. Gonzalez called the police. O.J. then drove off. The couple filed a police report and described the incident as a verbal dispute -- no weapons were used.

Janos Gonzalez has denied he ever met Prody, but said he had heard about Simpson's relationship with her (police have responded to three domestic disputes between 2000 and 2005). But police reports and court documents obtained by The Post show Prody and Gonzalez did have a past; police busted the pair inside Gonzalez's truck on Aug. 22, 2006 for allegedly having drugs.

Miami police have not pursued the dispute case between O.J.Simpson and Janos Gonzalez.

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Here's your paper!!!    

He just needs to be put away!!! He is a disgrace to society!! He got away with murdering 2 people! What a waste of life he is.

2590 days ago



2590 days ago


He would probably do it too.

2590 days ago

Desease control    

Its the cocain that makes him so parniod.

He knows hes getting older and cant hande his younger girlfrineds sex needs.
Alsmost sounds like a mexican version of what happend to Ron and Niclole.

Jealous OJ flys INTO A RAGE.


2590 days ago


I'm sure life in the trailer park is hard, but why would any woman want to get wit OJ? Do you have a damn death wish?

2590 days ago


The son of a bitch murderer needs to be put out of his misery, and ours.

2590 days ago


Those anger management classes are really paying off for OJ. He used to cut off their heads for this sort of thing.

2590 days ago


After all the years that have passed since the double murder and watching the trial on TV, I still can't believe that with all of the evidence presented against OJ he was acquited! It appeared to me that the police were on trial. What a waste of tax payers dollars. This man is a bomb waiting to go off! He will get his in the end.

2590 days ago


Any woman who is willing to be his girlfriend deserves to be murdered!!!

2590 days ago


I hope the jurors in the original murder trial realize what losers they are. Morons.

2590 days ago

kim suck    

keep going "juice" ~~~I'd laugh ~but you killed 2 people~ And the new black america will go to hell for you--and all the other blacks who know you kill people are called sadly "uncle toms" --

2590 days ago


Yale Galanter said his law office has done some minor stuff for OJ's girl, like traffic violations.
Bet he did more than just that.

2590 days ago

Dean Martin    

Here we go again. Lets Blame OJ for the first alleged crime that can't be solved.
Everyone has been out to get Mr.Simpson ever since Nichole got killed by drug dealers.
Why is It always the "Black" Guy, Micheal Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Mike Vick and OJ Simpson that did it?
The voice on the tape sounds like Mike Ditka!

2590 days ago

kim suck    

dat man be inosent!! ias a proud blak man and I be teellen you he bee inosent!

2590 days ago


Christie Prody has got to be a complete idiot. Does she really think O.J. will treat her any better than he did Nicole? It's even hard to feel sorry for her since since this situation isn't strewn with red flags, but there's a huge red carpet she's stupidly walking down.

2590 days ago
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