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Adrianne Curry:

Another Fine Mess

9/24/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usually, when Adrianne Curry blogs, it just makes her look like a crazy woman. Maybe it's just showing her in true form, but her latest dispatch makes her look a little like Strom Thurmond with fake boobs. America's Next Top Race-Baiter!

The first "America's Next Top Model" initially wrote on her MySpace blog that she's boycotting Black History Month and the BET network, and that while the history of slavery of African-Americans "does suck some major balls," she's imploring them to "move the f**k on."

Now, after some serious backlash, the empty-headed model takes another stab at blogging in order to clarify her ridiculous rant, explaining that she feels "horrible that people misunderstood" her message. Perhaps this girl should think before she blogs!

The annoying Adrianne writes, "I am appalled that anyone would claim I am just some stupid white b**ch that doesn't know s**t about anything." How could anyone think such a thing?! Unfortunately, there's more! She says that she comes from an "incredibly political family." Sure. All this worldly philosophy coming from someone who dropped out of high school in her junior year. Stay in school kids!

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Perez had this on last week. TMZ must be slipping!
I agree with her. Now I must go and celebrate the current Hispanic Heritage Month now going on!
This stuff is becoming a big joke to good old regular Americans!

2553 days ago


I saw this post a few days ago, and read all the vitriolic responses that accompanied it. I have to say although the girl is not eloquent, and her grammar is dreadful, she has a point. I think that minorities do get slack for things that others can not get away with. What would happen if there was a Miss White America, or a White Entertainment Television, or White History month? There would be riots and blood in the streets. I have heard people say that there are those things, that every month is white history month, and the White Entertainment TV is the CW, ABC, NBC, CBS, USA, TNT, and every other channel. While these facts may have some merit in that there are more predominantly white shows, and that the history that is taught in school has a more European/White slant to it, does that mean we should perpetuate the separation. Maybe rather than Black History Month or Hispanic History Month, or American Indian History Month or any month of the sort we should spend the money being used on these celebrations and programs to update the school books people are learning from. Have the school books include the contributions of American blacks, hispanics, asians, middle easterners, indians and every group that has help build this country. While we're at it they should also add some information about world history as half of the American population knows very little about the rest of the world. The fact that people are so angry at this girl for saying what more than a few people are thinking, because she's a high school drop out or because she's not black is the silliest thing I have ever heard.
You've read what I just wrote does it make a difference that I am black? That I have two degrees? That I make a good living, and I didn't have to get married to have things? Does that really make my opinion more valid. Does that mean since I agree with her as an educated black woman, you are now going to agree with me?

2553 days ago


A-hole #16: Blacks have been free for over 200 years??? Do the math on that over again. The civil war ended in 1865...that's only 142 years. If you are an American, it's sad that you don't even know the date of the war that was the costliest in terms of soldiers.

2553 days ago


Ok, then #61 then we should get rid of the Country music awards and all the other award shows geared to the whites right . Your just as ignorant as she is.

2553 days ago


...and by "her" I meant Adrienne, not #65

2553 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

Is that you Wanda?

2553 days ago


Adrienne probably didn't mean it to come the way it did. However, she's right in saying black people need to move on. Most likey jena6 will probably have the charges dropped and why? Cause white people feel guilty of 200 years of slavery. There is not one race or nationality that has been prejudiced at one time or another. But, black people have not had the worst. Look at what happened at the haulocost. Most Black people in my opinion have decent paying jobs. Look at your local county or city jobs. Mail a letter and what do you see. Sure there are some black people that are really poor. But those people have resources too. Look at your welfare lines. Yes, I am not black. And I do get mad when I see some black people paying groceries with a link card. and then drive in a better car then me and sleep in a better house than me. I unfortunately, drive a 98 car and only rent, but, that's my fault for not staying in school and taking the easy route. Like working for a living.

2553 days ago


This is an uneducated wanna be stripper with a terrible attitude and personality. No one should take to heart anything she says. Why cant she just GET OVER that she is ugly and a terrible public speaker (she sound slike she is drunk/slurs all her words) thats why she gets no modeling jobs and GET OVER blaming Tyra for her lack of a career.

2553 days ago


To A-hole if we're the only ones complaining what's your excuse for the Jewish people? Do they not complain? The president of Iran is here in NY are the Jewish people welcoming him? Nope, Oh I thought so

2553 days ago


i'm just waiting for the day we can have our own "white" history month---why can't it just be "american history month" & quit differentiating between the colors. Don't think the black community would be upset if we had a White Miss America Pagent. The civil war has been over for ages--people should move on.

2553 days ago


Please, someone unplug this moron's computer and take her blog away! The ignorance of her comments is appalling to me. Obviously, she is uneducated and woefully inarticulate. Adrienne needs to shut the f&#k up and learn to think before she blogs. I can't imagine how she could have her message to boycott of BET and Black History Month misinterpreted! Maybe she needs some rehab, like Isaiah Washington after his comment!

2553 days ago


By singling out Black organizations she comes across as racist. Does she also plan on boycotting SiTV (Latino american network), or Womens History Month (which dates back to International Woman's Day in 1911, but was expanded to a full month by congress in 1987). Or how about Filipino American History Month ( Established by the Filipino American Historical Society in 1988) and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (Celebrated in May, established by a joint congressional resolution). I wonder if she has a beef with Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15), or with the LOGO channel which caters to a homosexual audience? I'm sure that you get my point. Let's be real, we don't need to get rid of Black history month, we need to increase the amount of cultures that are taught about in our American system. Someone should explain to her that the reason these celebrations exist is because if it weren't for them we would ONLY learn about white American history! I hate when I hear people say "what about a white history month"! HELLO!!! Every month is white history month lol. Here's to hoping that you will take this moment to give this TV personality a little lesson on true "Reality". And by the way, if she's gonna boycott BET, boycott them for the exploitation of Women and glamorization of a drug culture, every other video is about flippin birds (selling coke), and tappin that a**!

2553 days ago


Models are meant to be seen, not heard. I've been hearing this "get over it" line since as long as I can remember. It's simply indicative that racism and resentment for the "uppity" Blacks is still alive and well in America. People wouldn't dare ask the Jewish people to "Get over" The Holocaust would they? However, the resentment for the more traditional "minoirities"--Blacks, Mexicans, Native Americans...for many it sounds reasonable to say "get over it" to Blacks for the long-abolished (but still consequential) slavery, Native Americans who were murdered and had their land stolen at the "founding" of America...or the Mexicans who OWNED much of the West and Southwest before they were murdered for their land as well.

To think that because we're supposedly "past that" in America today that the damage done, and the progress socially and financially that was stunted during those periods is not still affecting minority Americans today in profound ways is absolutely ridiculous! While Caucasian Americans have been in the race to pursue happiness from day one, this county's minorities weren't allow to even participate in the race until very recently (historically speaking), so we've been playing catch-up for a couple centuries--not because of lack of ability...but because we've been lapped a thousand times while we weren't allowed to even race!

Always the ignorant gutter-trash recommending what other oppressed peoples need to "get over", because they think they're the only ones entitled to complain about their meager upbringings...which, honestly, isn't fair either, but that's the Republican's fault, not the Blacks.

2553 days ago

kim suck    

she is right--move on boys!!!

2553 days ago


Amazing! All this from someone he hasn't lived enough life to know anything AND didn't make it out of high school. I wonder what she has to say about why black colleges were established in the first place (perhaps as a result of years of segregation that kept Black Americans from furthering their education, among a host of other reasons?). Reading her oh-so educated commentary makes me proud of my Bachelor of Sciend AND my MBA.

2553 days ago
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