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Adrianne Curry:

Another Fine Mess

9/24/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usually, when Adrianne Curry blogs, it just makes her look like a crazy woman. Maybe it's just showing her in true form, but her latest dispatch makes her look a little like Strom Thurmond with fake boobs. America's Next Top Race-Baiter!

The first "America's Next Top Model" initially wrote on her MySpace blog that she's boycotting Black History Month and the BET network, and that while the history of slavery of African-Americans "does suck some major balls," she's imploring them to "move the f**k on."

Now, after some serious backlash, the empty-headed model takes another stab at blogging in order to clarify her ridiculous rant, explaining that she feels "horrible that people misunderstood" her message. Perhaps this girl should think before she blogs!

The annoying Adrianne writes, "I am appalled that anyone would claim I am just some stupid white b**ch that doesn't know s**t about anything." How could anyone think such a thing?! Unfortunately, there's more! She says that she comes from an "incredibly political family." Sure. All this worldly philosophy coming from someone who dropped out of high school in her junior year. Stay in school kids!

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She's right....people need to move on and progress in life! Stop living in the past!

2583 days ago


Racism will always exist. Everyone needs to get over it and get on with their lives. If someone is racist who cares?? let them be ignorant and waste their energy hating instead of loving. Thats their deal. In some ways BET is racist by making their channel for black people only, hence the name of their station (Black Entertainment Television.) Its almost like BET is saying if your not black dont watch. And considering there are many other races who are into the hip-hop culture I would suggest a name change for BET. Maybe HHC. Hip-Hop Culture. As far as black history month goes I feel it is needed and appreciated. And as far as complaining about slave was their own people who sold them and shipped off from africa. So think about it.

2583 days ago


Some of you are obviously uneduated, hate-fiiled and arrogant. It's a disgrace to all humans everywhere. Just think, some people were born into poverty, drugs violence, broken-homes, miseducation and ignorance. What's your excuse?

These are the people we all need to pray for, whatever their color.

2583 days ago

mrs dana point    

If california is 62% hispanic and the state gives extra money to schools with mostly spanish speaking students isnt that discrimination. I mean if white is now the minority in california why not give money the schools with more white kids in them???

2583 days ago


Damn, I wonder if the fact that all of the major car manufacturing companies, most of the natural resources, most of the real estate and land in the U.S is owned by Whites has anything to do with a hellified head start.

2583 days ago


i agree with the sentiment behind the words but not the way she chose to express herself. its HER blog and she is entitled to her opinion. i've written worse things on my blog and my LJ. i'm not touching the topic with a ten foot pole but she makes a valid point

2583 days ago

The Gardner    

I too am sick of all the racist talk today. I think everyone needs to give it a rest! We are all the same on the inside, the color of our skin shouldn't matter. Maybe we should admit that if we are all treated the same, then things would be better. No side is better than the other.

It's like trees - seriousy - a tree is a tree, some are maple, some are oak, but they all gotta live in the same forest together!

2583 days ago


I'm waiting for a White History Month. I'll start celebrating the others when we can make a tribute to whites as well.

2583 days ago

hang it up    

To all white people who want their own channel:
You already hae the entire spectrum of channels, however, if you did add a "wet" I don't know 5 black people who would care, you see we don't worry about slaery where I am from, I as a black person live in the "whitest" city in america by census standards, my children receive the best education that money can buy, we own our own business with 2,500 employees of every race. I say Live and let live, get yours as best you can,and thank the man upstairs for the privileges we have. I raise my children to be color blind, so what they don't get a lot of black history in school, that's what they hae parents, grandparents, and great grandparents for. It does not offend me, it's sad this young person could not articulate her points very well, but that is a sign of an inferior education.

As to the Jena 6, that child Mychal Bell has been in jailn all of this time, the judge could have let him go with time served. (9 months) That would settle all the issues.

2583 days ago


Gotta give her credit, she got us all chatting about it!

2583 days ago

yazmenna holiday    

A.C. is just an ignorant drop out with legs. She's fortunate that Ms. Banks and Company allowed her on ANTM, which I'm sure she's cringing all the way to the bank. At any rate I hope everyone who is disgusted by A.C. writes a letter to the president of VH1 asking that they cancel her show in 08. Calling her stupid and pitiful isn't enough, hitting her in the pockets is what I call POWER!!!

2583 days ago


People really truly frighten me. The complexity and strugge of identity and race/class/gender/sexuality struggle are not appropriate fodder for myspace blogs and angry rants. The conversation that takes place in the comment section below her post is foolish, cruel, and very dangerous. Sometimes I question whether we've made any progress as a society at all, or if we have only managed to simultaneously drive hatred underground to fester, while institutionalizing it and worshipping at its feet.

2583 days ago

caligirl my name...i agree with some parts.. not all..

2583 days ago


Before I post my thoughts let me just say that I'm a successful black woman. Although it's clear that this woman needs to voice her opinions more articulately, she does have a point. I LOATHE BET because it does the best job at making blacks look like complete fools because of the garbage that they show. BET would be much better if there were more positive portrayals of who the black community REALLY is. On the subject of Black History Month, I still think it's needed (although personally I think it's been cheapened) because black history is not taught in schools. You learn about MLK, Rosa Parks, and not much else besides Harriet Tubman. BUT, you really don't learn much at all about Native American history either(which, to me should be prioritized in our educational system). History in schools, ALL history, needs improvement. We are the first ones to scream when people like Michael Richards spew forth hatred yet we blindly (only generalizing because not all of us do this) follow idiots like Sharpton and Jackson who really only want to ride media waves and use those opportunities to get publicity rather than trying to solve an actual problem. We get mad at people like Richards but when Sharpton got in the Duke thing and it officially came out that these kids were innocent (which to me was obvious from the start), where were all the demands for apologies from him and Jackson? We should have been out front insisting they apologize because all they did was incite unrest with their actions. Bottom line is, black people will do themselves the biggest favor by putting an end to the reliance on affirmative action, welfare, and anything else that discourages us from going out there and fighting for what we want instead of relying on the government or someone else to give it to us. I've made a success out of myself without relying on things like this because I went out there and did it on my own. Black people, THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE US A DAMN THING!!!! Get out there and do it on your own, get it on your own. Don't keep making excuses about how poor you grew up and how few opportunities you had, MAKE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITIES!!! If you can't get a job, take care of your credit so you can open your own damn business. Quit blaming white people for things that happened hundreds of years ago, we gotta get out of that. ALL races looking for handouts need to stop that. Make yourself a success on your OWN talents and put yourself in a position to create opportunities, not handouts, for others that come behind you. We'll never move forward until we stop looking for the racism in every single little thing and playing the race card when we don't get our way. That only makes it easier for people to have less faith in what we can do. I'm glad she said what she said if for no other reason than the topic is being discussed. Maybe someone will actually THINK about what she said instead of screaming racism.

2583 days ago

Kristen G    

i agree with her in a certain way. there may be certain magazines or tv shows that are predominantly white but if white people ever took a station or a day or a month or a magazine or brand of clothing and stated that is was for white people only, it would be the end of the world!! not to mention there is no respect for letting a white person have pride in their race, its only considered racism, but every other race states theirs proudly.

2583 days ago
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