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Brit's Bodyguard Witnessed Drug Use ... Allegedly

9/24/2007 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' former bodyguard just appeared on "Today," where he described seeing the popwreck engage in some toxic activity on numerous occasions -- but never near her kids.

Tony Barretto, along with Gloria Allred, talked to Matt Lauer about Spears' alleged drug use, saying he witnessed her using on two occasions -- once in a club booth and again in a closed off bathroom.

Tony worked for Brit for two months after she left rehab, and says that while she was a definitely a user, he'd "never seen her use drugs in the presence of her children."


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800 pound gorilla fart    

I hope that butt hair implant on your head takes root real soon , dude . Dlckhead.
This is the guy who tackled the pap who got to close to brit . Way to go , Son of Flubber .

2523 days ago


At Least he has now changed his tune,,,,,,,,NOT IN FRONT OF HER KIDS............... This guy will never get a job again , except maybe a security guard outside a gas station....and that is a job they are clammering for.................................................Lets see if TMZ can keep track of how many times he changes his story..............................Glad you didn't pay him off Britney.................................................................................................................

2523 days ago


Who in the hell are you people??? It's obious you mothers drop you guys on your heads several times. You guys making these comments against some one who actually wants nothing better then to expose a mother who is lacking any parenting skills and all you Idiots can say is that he's in it for the money. As for the boys they don't need money to be happy in life they need someone who cares what kind of men they can become for our future and not spoiled white trash brats like their mother is teaching them to be. Thank God some is there to help save them.

2523 days ago


j.j. gold are you also a secret witness you stupid moron?!

2523 days ago


Aren't these losers supposed to sign a gag order when working for a celebrity?
This guy is all about M O N E Y. What a jerk!

2523 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Get a job you fat jacklhole

2523 days ago


Or maybe he's telling the truth. It's a possibility you know.

2523 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Get a job you fat jackhole

2523 days ago


"Thank God some is there to help save them." YEAH, OKAY DUDE.

Did he pick those kids up after the minute he saw her behavior and run to CPS?

I would be totally on this guys side if 4 months ago he was on TMZ for being the guy who showed up at the Malibu PD with two young children belonging to Britney Spears saying he feared for their safety after he witnessed her using drugs in front of them, STARVING THEM, or beating them...

2523 days ago


face it, he's hungry & there is no more FREE mc donalds.

2523 days ago


Fat Tony sure knows how to open his mouth to talk about Bad Mom Britney and her poor kids now but didn't open his mouth while this mess was going on. Now that he don't have that high profile job he's ready to save the kids. I believe you Tony but your're just as bad as her for standing by and doing nothing. You didn't care about those kids, you cared about keeping your job. Did you call Social Services or the Police to have the kids removed for their own safety. It's easy to do what your're doing when you've been fired (you say unjustly) and you don't like your former employee. This is what former Yes people do when they are on the outside looking in. There are bodyguards that would give their lives for their clients and the best thing you could have done to prove you cared for those kids was lose your job (which couldn't have been that great) trying to save them.

2523 days ago


He's SUING HER. Kinda kills his credibility. The worse she sounds the better his chances are in court.

Look at the liar he hired to represent him.

She's a mess. Needs help. But at this point I fear even if she does head into rehab that it's not going to help. She still doesn't think that there is anything wrong with her. She's in the "blame game" portion of things.

2523 days ago


"witnessed her using on two occasions -- once in a club booth and again in a closed off bathroom. "

Some how I can't see Tony fitting in either one. Why would Britney take a male body guard into a bathroom with her? His story is starting to change from the first time he told it.

2523 days ago


Thank you Dorothy!

2523 days ago


Well she showed the whole world her vanaynay, she probably did take him in the bathroom with her, whats one bodyguard vs the whole world?

2523 days ago
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