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Date Finally Set for Daniel Smith Death Inquest

9/24/2007 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A date has finally been set in the Bahamian inquest on the death of Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole's son.

The inquest, which will begin October 30, will feature testimony from at least 35 witnesses, including Howard K. Stern.

Daniel, 20, died last September in Nassau, just three days after his mother gave birth to his half-sister, Dannielynn.

A private autopsy conducted by famed coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht found a multitude of drugs in Daniel's bloodstream, including methadone and anti-depressants.

The official inquest into Daniel's death has been repeatedly postponed.


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I for one have sent a thank you to the Bahamian people for this gift. You can write to the Bahamian New agencies. We do not know what the outcome will be, we can only trust the truths told by the wittnesses. We can not blame anyone or point fingers , because Howie may again use the victim as his defense. and cause this event to halt before it begins. .................. The Quinn case will not be heard until Dec 2008.

2549 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

43. HKS didn't get his way on this one! He did manage to stall it and try to change the public's perception of him - it didn't work though!

Posted at 3:41PM on Sep 24th 2007 by Camera Ready

It sure did not work! The public opinion of him is even worse than ever! I'm so glad Howie, RaleRoad, and all the others chose to go this route----------------Now The Whole World Knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

2549 days ago


Thank goodness. It's about time!!!

2549 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Who Killed Anna & Daniel ;

Not I, said the sparrow

With my little bow & arrow

Who watched them die ?

Not I , said the fly , with my little eye

I'll be chief mourner. ,,

2549 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

I am crying for help, I need a life!

2549 days ago


it is my opinion hks killed anna and her son.

He is the typical sociopath.

2549 days ago

Virgie is fat    

Awaiting the crucifixion.

2549 days ago


People just need to let that poor boy and his momma rest in peace!!! They are together now and in a better place. Let it go!!

2549 days ago

Virgie is fat    

I plan to film the event.

2549 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

No way jose .... no way is Larry boy a "victim", and merely putting up a pretense of tolerating Howie. Lar Lar has gone way beyond doing things under duress, and has freely accepted waaaaay more from Howie, than he ever "had to". Larry has told us himself that he IS in cohoots. Larry says that Howie is his ally and a good friend. Larry chose to not contest Anna's Will, Larry allowed Howie to choose where Larry would live, and pay him a monthly allowance, and a rental car, and invited Howie to the baby's Bday party, and Father's Day, and Larry has NOT requested the INQUEST, and has NOT pushed for further investigation into Anna's death.

No matter what happens as a result of the INQUEST ..... Lar-boy has ruined his public image, or has finally let his true image be seen ... and there ain't no way to go back. Lar must live with his bad choices. It's just unforgivable that he is making his daughter suffer with his bad choices also.

2549 days ago

Virgie is fat    

We'll be there with flying colors.

2549 days ago

Bahama Mama    

Gay people are so weird. Since Larry will never marry a woman, this whole Dannilynn birthday party and Hawaiian vacation is Larry's only chance at a wedding and honeymoon. The only difference is that Larry is in love with his new bride: MONEY

The two are very happy together according to Larry, he just wishes to be alone with his new Bride (Money) except he has to drag that cross-eyed stepchild along.

THE HONEYMOON IS OVER LARRY! The next few months are going to be very telling... lol

Word here in the Bahamas is that Howard is Toast! Wait until he sees the prison conditions. He will be begging to be arrested in Florida! Believe me!

2549 days ago


Don't expect anything from the Inquest, if it actually takes place. Stern has had ample time to bribe and/or blackmail everyone involved by now.

2549 days ago

leslie knox    

fall, time for deer huntin stay out of the woods larry i'll bet you got a few relatives in kentucky that would love to take you huntin, hunting accidents are terrable things, but oh the trophy on the wall might just be worth it, again i say stay out of the woods larry,

2549 days ago


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