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Opri to Birkhead -- "I Have Had Enough"

9/24/2007 9:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri is filing a lawsuit against Larry Birkhead for defamation, fraud and breach of contract.
Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri
In the lawsuit, filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Opri claims Birkhead slandered her during a recent appearance on "Larry King Live," during which Birkhead said Opri had leaked confidential documents in his paternity case to Rita Cosby. Cosby wrote a book about the Anna Nicole saga.

In her lawsuit, Opri claims Birkhead " ... impugned both Opri's ethics and her professional reputation." Opri says Birkhead's allegation that Opri was a source for Cosby's book is untrue -- "Birkhead never witnessed Opri handing confidential and private documents to Rita Cosby because it never occurred." Opri claims she was not a source in the Cosby book.

Opri cites an interview Birkhead gave to TMZ in which he said he fired her. Opri says in her lawsuit that she was the one who withdrew from the case, claiming Birkhead's statements were "planned and malicious."

Opri goes on to allege, "Birkhead personally leaked a confidential document, Opri's attorney billing within hours of receiving it, to"

Opri says she has paid damage control gurus Sitrick and Company around $200,000 to blunt "defamatory attacks made by Birkhead."

Opri also claims Birkhead knew her fee in the paternity case could exceed $500,000 from the get-go. And she claims he screwed her out of a commission she was entitled to receive on a $1.7 million Dannielynn photo deal.

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Opri said, "My message today to Larry Birkhead is ... I have had enough."

Birkhead could not immediately be reached for comment.


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I've always liked Opri & felt sorry for her getting mixed up in this mess with a con man like Larry. He is sickening & everytime he opens his mouth he tells a different story.

2556 days ago

Just Guessing    

Enjoy the beautiful weather in my orchid state.

But don't forget the time is late

Not much longer to change your fate

Before you see a towering gate

That slows your speed at any rate

Won't just happen on any date

A surprise for all though many wait

Not much longer to change your fate

And don't forget the time is late

2556 days ago


OPRI gave Birkhead everything

Didn't Birkhead say Anna Nicole was drunk and drugged? WHAT type of male gets a drugged out drunk woman pregnant then wins the kid and the MONEY as the drugged out neglected drugs DIES?

OPRI you should have not helped any man who claims the money and kid of a woman who got pregant by some guy when he claimed she was drugged and drunk - then the woman DIED cause no one was there to get Anna Nicole the help she needed.

OPRI - do you think it was right to help that sort of character win the lottery and who said the baby was a cash cow?

2556 days ago


Proud of you Opri. I am glad to see Opri is filing a law suit against Birkhead, for defamation, fraud, and breach of contract. Shut em down Opri. Good luck to you. I guess this is a wait and see what happens in the courts. I used to support Birkhead, but not anymore. IMO

2556 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Oh come on like 1,500 people already took the pole with this article. Larry's paid bloggers are out in full force.

2556 days ago



2556 days ago


Lets talk about trying your case in the Media. Who comes to mind could it be Howie and Larry. Haven't we all had an ear full of their LIES Did Larry Lie on National TV when Harvey interviewed him? The sponsors of ET's Reality show with Larry and Baby are sure going to like this script. No one will buy their products.

2556 days ago

Real Deal    

Reality finally set in for this gal!

She is done in this town with a failed track record and is the laughing stalk amomg her profession. I bet we will see her bagging groceries by the end of the year.

She has to sue, she needs money and no one will hire her.


2556 days ago

Twelve Days in Houston    

Polls don't lie :)

Opri has looked bad in the public opinion since the BEGINNING!

Ever take a look at her response to Birkhead's suit? She never acknowledged anything in her response that looks exactly like Chapter 12 in Rita's book.

2556 days ago


She just wants money.

2556 days ago


BIRKHEAD & Stern are ALIVE enjoying what ANNA, her billionair husband, her billionaire stepson, her son left for this .................................- Anna Nicole is DEAD - her son Daniel is DEAD - her BILLIONAIRE husband J. Howard is DEAD - her BILLIONAIRE step ston Pierce Marshal is DEAD - and BIRKHEAD & STERN are out there in Bahamas, etc etc etc enjoying life thanks to some money of the DEAD

OPRI WHY would you help any man who pats himself on the back for getting a woman he described as drugged out drunk - he claimed he got her pregnant - WOW what kind of guy would do that - is that a crime in some areas?

2556 days ago

Bahama Mama    

Opri has never had any complaints with the bar in 18 years. Birkhead's complaints are unfounded. It's Larry Sue and Coward who are litigious and the bar are looking at them as well as other entities including the IRS, FBI, DEA and Federal Marshals. There are on going investigations about to break. Opri is the least of TEAM HOWARD and Larry's Sue's problems. But she is not going to let them get away with this!

Does Larry think that Coward is an above board attorney? He did such a good job on behalf of Anna. NOT! Howard is much more likely to be disbarred for his comingling of funds and other ethics violations. The Bahamas aren't so thrilled with him either.

Opri will be fine. It's more of how much Larry Sue will be paying her! Easy Come! Easy Go! Now GO Larry Sue!

Larry, ever seen the show "Walker Texas Ranger"?
You might find it interesting!

2556 days ago


Everyone knows Opri is insane. I'm creating an anti-Opri site to launch in 4 days. It will be the biggest internet smear campaign she has ever seen!!!!

I'm even taking out a billboard on Sunset Blvd promoting it! Watch out Opri!! :)

2556 days ago

Whack A Mole (finger) (formerly Mad Hatter)    

This is for CANUCK....... YOU WERE RIGHT! Opri deserves to be paid every legitimate charge she incurred on Larry's behalf. I thought Larry was a good guy, and I was wrong about that. I hope he has to pay her every dime she deserves. Cause she sure convinced a lot of us that he was a good guy.....she more than earned her money!

2556 days ago



2556 days ago
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