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Opri to Birkhead -- "I Have Had Enough"

9/24/2007 9:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri is filing a lawsuit against Larry Birkhead for defamation, fraud and breach of contract.
Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri
In the lawsuit, filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Opri claims Birkhead slandered her during a recent appearance on "Larry King Live," during which Birkhead said Opri had leaked confidential documents in his paternity case to Rita Cosby. Cosby wrote a book about the Anna Nicole saga.

In her lawsuit, Opri claims Birkhead " ... impugned both Opri's ethics and her professional reputation." Opri says Birkhead's allegation that Opri was a source for Cosby's book is untrue -- "Birkhead never witnessed Opri handing confidential and private documents to Rita Cosby because it never occurred." Opri claims she was not a source in the Cosby book.

Opri cites an interview Birkhead gave to TMZ in which he said he fired her. Opri says in her lawsuit that she was the one who withdrew from the case, claiming Birkhead's statements were "planned and malicious."

Opri goes on to allege, "Birkhead personally leaked a confidential document, Opri's attorney billing within hours of receiving it, to"

Opri says she has paid damage control gurus Sitrick and Company around $200,000 to blunt "defamatory attacks made by Birkhead."

Opri also claims Birkhead knew her fee in the paternity case could exceed $500,000 from the get-go. And she claims he screwed her out of a commission she was entitled to receive on a $1.7 million Dannielynn photo deal.

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Opri said, "My message today to Larry Birkhead is ... I have had enough."

Birkhead could not immediately be reached for comment.


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HKS will be on LKL on Oct 10. I think it would be a good idea for everyone to send Larry their questions that they would like HKS to answer. Of course, it will probably be like LB. He'll show up with his attorney, allow only certain questions and not take calls. He's too chicken to really expose himself.

2574 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    


THANk you for the INTELLIGENT POSTS ....bu tplease stop with the multiple posting of he same post ...what if everyone did that ? it ruins the thread.

2574 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

749. What's the fuss about these pictures?

In one, ANS, exhausted after the birth of DL, was being spoon fed to help her regain her strength, and she feel asleep. That's unswallowed food, not vomit, on her chest and lips.

In the other, an exhausted ANS is shown holding a cute, perky, tiny & well-dressed DL.

ANS, like most new Mothers, was tired all the time in the early days after DL's birth.

So, back to the real news - HKS's bombshell lawsuit against Cosby and her Publisher!

Posted at 11:47AM on Oct 3rd 2007 by Only swim in the Ocean


Yeah, right. All of us overworked moms (she had a job?) have pictures lying around of us looking like this with our children. You've really gone over the top in defending these photos.

I used to think everyone was wrong about just who you are, but, if you're not a paid blogger or someone close to Stern, you should be. No matter what side of the fence you are on, taking pictures of someone looking like this, and not deleting them, is just plain sick!!!

As for the lawsuit, Cosby sure took it in stride for someone who should be so afraid. There is nothing BOMBSHELL about this EXPECTED lawsuit. Either Cosby is crazy or she has the goods. My guess is she has an ace in the hole that she dying to play.

2574 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Why the silence, TMZ...

2574 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

I wonder if the tape does exist but is among the allegedly "stolen" items. I don't know the legalities of this but I would think that Stern would lose in the eyes of the jury if he were to try and block any tape from coming into evidence. Also, I think it is highly possible that HS and LB may have been secretly videotaped, assuming Cosby's allegations are correct. They were at someone else's home and the type of people they hung around were hardly the best.

I applaud Cosby for having the "balls" to go forward with this. I do not believe she got her info from Opri. She's got someone else and has elluded to that person since she first began reporting this story back in October 2006.

2574 days ago


HKS is oing to keep on filing lawsuits until he really gets himself into trouble. One of these days, he will have to get on the stand under oath. Sooner or later, all his lying is going to catch up with him.

I agree that Rita has an ace in the hole. She's got something that will blow the top off this whole mess.

2574 days ago

Deb H    

Come out, come out, wherever you are Dopey OPI! IMO, you are screwed! IMO, RC, VA, O'Q, Speer(s), JH, and yourself are going DOWN! It is so clear what you have all been doing....AND IMO, it is going to backfire!

I would not hire you knowing what you have done to LB. I think any future client should be required to see your interviews where you bash a former client!... AND then they should run to another attorney for Ethical and professional services IMO!


2573 days ago

Deb H    


COSBY: Pay Liz, if she can give me a bill saying that it has to do with, like, you know,

preparation for the affidavit, because that would make sense, because it’s directly

applied to my case and my book.


COSBY: Do you see what I'm saying?

BAIN: Yeah.

. . .

BAIN: When you say three thousand, what do you mean?

COSBY: What I'm saying is for the meeting with her and with the nannies. So even a

brief meeting, you know?

BAIN: No. You were saying that they were paying three thousand an hour?

COSBY: Correct.

. . .

COSBY: But, but, but now, Lincoln, I cannot do much more because then it would look

outrageous. You know what I mean? Because the problem is now that I'm dealing

with the court thing, you have to understand, my thought’s it's going to come

back. Do you know what I'm saying?

BAIN: Mm-hmm.

COSBY: Do you understand that?

BAIN: Yeah. I understand that.

COSBY: And I can't do much more because it is going to look like -- you know what I


BAIN: Yeah.

COSBY: This doesn't mean that down the road I can't do more. Do you know what I


. . .

COSBY: (INAUDIBLE) I actually spoke to my attorney this morning.


COSBY: And he said, he said as long as she would do it, he said he would do it, then you

know, he is a very ethical attorney. He said, I would do it in a heartbeat. He said,

he said, he said if you, if you can get her to state that, you know, whatever we’re

talking and obviously it can’t be some huge amount about something and go oh,

you know what I mean? Then it looks fishy.

BAIN: Yeah.

COSBY: If I can get her, if she gives me a bill saying, you know, that it's for

consultation, investigation (INAUDIBLE) however you phrase it, consultation,

investigation, preparation, execution of the affidavit for the nannies relating to,

you know, whatever, the sex tape or however we want to phrase it, you know, or

this affidavit that that way. And then she can send copies of the affidavit. Then I

wouldn’t, you know, I don’t see that taking up a lot of her time or a lot of the

nannies' time.

COSBY: You know?

BAIN: Yeah.

. . .

COSBY: And then, and then I think its legitimized, because my problem is, Lincoln,

they'll kill me if I get out there and if they get out there, they're honest, they’re all

honest people. And if for some reason they, you know, at the inquest, if someone

says, hey, did you ever get paid? You know?

BAIN: Yeah.

. . .

COSBY: Oh, no, no, to Liz, what I was gonna say, the only thing I would need is -- from

Liz is to get just a bill from her, you know, that it was, so it went towards the

preparation of the affidavit or something like that. You know what I mean?

BAIN: Uh-huh.

COSBY: See cause then if it ever comes back that I, that I gave any money, it could be,

appear to be a legitimate expense, you know what I mean?

BAIN: Yeah.

COSBY: And then she can do whatever she wants with the money, you know what I


BAIN: Yeah.

COSBY: Then, you guys can do whatever you guys want, you know what I mean?


COSBY: So I think that way everybody is covered and I think that that is a win-win.

And that way so if it ever comes out, yeah I paid her, I'll say, I paid her cause

these guys prepared the affidavit and that is a bona fide expense.

BAIN: Yeah.

. . .

COSBY: You know, and then, and then you know no one ever has to know whatever,

wherever it goes. You know what I mean?

BAIN: Yeah, yeah.

COSBY: So it’s a win-win, do you know what I mean? That way it doesn't make

anybody look bad, you know what I mean? And it doesn't make them look bad

either, you know?

BAIN: Yeah, yeah.

COSBY: So it is good for them and it is good for me, you know what I mean?

. . .

COSBY: And that way if it ever comes out -- you know, and you know and hopefully it

never would, but you know if it ever did, then it was a legitimate expense.

2557 days ago
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