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WWE Tackles Drug Problem

9/24/2007 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the wake of the death of wrestler Crush (aka Brian Adams), and the murder-suicide involving wrestler Chris Benoit, World Wrestling Entertainment sent a letter to more than 500 former WWE performers offering to pay for drug and alcohol counseling and rehab treatment, if they need it.
Vince McMahon
The letter, sent last week from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, urges performers in need to get help and encourages wrestlers to support one another. "If you do not have a drug and/or alcohol problem, but know you know a former WWE performer who does, we are asking you try to help them by encouraging them to take advantage of this opportunity."

When contacted, a rep for the WWE said the organization had no additional comment.


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Daniel 'WWE Fan'    

Mr. McMahon is a god in my eyes i been a wrestling fan for many years now. and been to over 200 events.. And for people to judge McMahon is wrong and retared cuz half the time the media makes it look like the wwe is at fault for every damn thing in the world. The wrestlers who abuse drugs and liquior do it them SELFS mr mcmahon doesnt hold a gun to there heads and say do it now!! SO PLEASE chill on bashing the mcmahons and the wwe! Cause it's not there fault that some talent have drug problems it'sthe talents fault.. and it was good of mcmahon to step up and help out!! And Kate you are a stupid ass for saying what u said about the mcmahons and wwe.. you are a rude thoughtless person..

2556 days ago


Hey "Daniel WWE FAN"...#17 IDIOT!! You're a fan, you know NOTHING about the business or life on the road. You see what "office" wants you to see, not what really goes on. Keep watching and enjoying the show, because you're CLUELESS as to the reality of it.

2556 days ago


...BIG UP VINCE,ur doin a standup thing.....better late than never. would UR job offer that help???????

2555 days ago


At least Mr. McMahon is doing SOMETHING. Who cares why? As for him keeping them on the payroll, he has hired many a family member (aka Vicky Guerrero, widow of former WWE talent Eddie Guerrero) just to help them out. Maybe it eases his guilt, who knows but doing something postive to others, regardless of his own motivations, can only help.

2555 days ago

Ed (child of westling fanatic)    

Is anybody really suprised about the drug usage? Vince told congress himself that the matches are fixed and the star are preformers not athletes. This is why there is no oversight by state reglatory bodies. Hence the name World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT. The last word in the name gives Vince an out and he knows it.

2555 days ago


Actually, it would still be called the World Wrestling Federation if it wasn't for the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND. It's like a live-action stunt show. You don't go to play and come out of it saying "it's fake" It's drama based on a sport. All SPORTS are ENTERTAINMENT. That's why people watch them, to be entertained!

2555 days ago


#11..Dan: its called sarcasm. have we heard of that? It was a facetious remark.

2555 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Unfortunately true, but I also believe that in the end
there is such a thing as ethical responsibility. That's why groups
have standards organizations, or even unions. When unchecked, profit
always over powers industry standards, and ideally both ought to be
maintained. It's good for morale, which is good for business. At the
end of the day, you want to make a little money, know your people
made a little money, but most importantly that you've done right by
them. You can't take it with you. IMHO. Mind you, it's more of a Canadian

2555 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

My previous note @ 11:55AM was addressed to mike@8:41PM.

2555 days ago

Eric Bousquet    

I think this is great thing their doing, regardles of any "good press" benefits they get. they've sure gotten alot of bad press that was unwarranted (some was of course) lately. All wrestlers aren't on steroids or HGH especially the ones this offer was made too, they most likely suffer from various drug/alcohol problem from years of life on the road. Alot of wrestler deths that aren't even associated with the WWF/WWE are being attributed to WWE and that is unfair. I believe the amount of deaths that actually happened on the WWE's watch were arou8nd 8, far less tha any other full contact sport in the U.S.. Plus, I don't see the MLB or NFL making an offer like you?

2553 days ago


It's all optics. If it looks like you care, the fans think you care.
..... and, as an aside, what did the english language ever do to 'Daniel WWE Fan' that would cause him to abuse it so?
I'd advise you to stick to watching the 'wrasslin', and try not to think or express yourself. I give you 0 points, and a fail

2553 days ago



2553 days ago
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