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In and Out with Paris Hilton

9/25/2007 5:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you guess how many times TMZ cameras caught Paris Hilton going in and out of various places around New York City on Monday night?

The answer might surprise you.

It's just another night in the life of Paris Hilton.


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Larry Fuller    

Wouldn't be nice if Paris, Brittny and the lot of them would just stay home and not be seen again? The world would be safer that is for sure. They are all just wanting the photos to put in their scrapbooks.

2554 days ago

Austin Mallrat    

Can't everyone just ignore her? and maybe She'll fade away. I can't stand this woman. and I don't understand why she's so "famous". She's such a dumb slut!

2554 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

There should be a new Reality Show called Celebrity Dimwits. Here are the contestants:

Kevin Federloon - I need Britney's money to support my party habits and my illegitimate kids.
Debra Opri - I want to be a Star.
Rita Cosby - I want to be a Star, too.
Paris Hilton - I AM a Star, you stupid peasants.
Alec Baldwin - I can swear at my daughter if I want to. She's only a kid.
Sean Penn - If I only knew what I'm talking about.

Rosie O'Donnel - I hate everyone, so get used to it.
Hillary Clinton - I'm so in love with myself. You should be, too, because I'm so perfect.
Bill Clinton - I still get horny all the time and if Hillary wins she won't have time to keep track of
me. Oh, Boy !!!
Whoopi Goldberg - I can't help it if I have to wear this dirty wig and these rags. The View
doesn't pay me enough.
O.J. Simpson - So I did it ! So what? You'll never get me.
Michael Vick - They are only dumb dogs. Why should you care?

The Show could go on forever because there will always be Dimwitted Celebrities.

2554 days ago

montana mike    

no wonder this bitch is so skinny--all that walking from to the limo to the club and back to the limo, and repeating it about 10 more times a night.
it's a good thing the hilton family has money, because without it, paris would be just another hollywood whore--wait a minute-she is still a hollywood whore

2554 days ago

I call bullshit    

it is easy to 'catch' someone when they call and tell you where they are going to be......still the same old Paris..... *yawn*

2554 days ago

Lenn K.    

#7 You nailed it, yea, whatever happen to the halfhouse that you said with a Bible in your hand that you're were going to open for poor inmates. God won't forget your phoney and outright lie!!!

2554 days ago


At least I see now she is not driving....way to go Paris...Oh by the way Keifer see if you can get a chauffeur...if you are a real celebrity you can afford one

2554 days ago



Please put your hair extensions back in. You look like Ricky Schroder circa 1982 with the style you have now!

2554 days ago


The clubs pay her dearly for showing up and cameras follow her. He job is easier than most of ours.

2554 days ago


Im pretty sick of her myself....but she is so talented ya know...she's like a national treasure ;) Whatever...sometimes i still think she looks pretty hot ...that may just be me though.

2554 days ago


Paris is in New York co-chairing Amfar. So get over the bitching already.

She has a right to live her life any way she wants, and posters need to stop looking at everything she does with a jaundiced eye.
She gets PAID to show up at clubs and to advertise products.

There is nothing wrong with modelling, plus she is filming REPO! in Canada right now.

2554 days ago


Paris looks rich and beautiful and the hairdo is very stylish and haute couture.
Imo, she does look better with longer hair but this is a nice change.
She'll probably put in the Dreamweaver extensions again once she is finished filming because she co-owns the company.

2554 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

I banged Paris. Her face is a bit banged up but her body is perfect. I squirted but she should have been wearing a diaphragm.

2554 days ago


Paris said she wants me and wants to make a movie of us getting it on. I love Paris and she loves me. Don't believe me? Well, go f**k yourself! And that's the truth because I said so!

2554 days ago


Looks like she is doing good deeds, which is very sweet.

And if she can help that dude from Sweden get modeling contracts, that is mighty nice of her.

2554 days ago
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