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In and Out with Paris Hilton

9/25/2007 5:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you guess how many times TMZ cameras caught Paris Hilton going in and out of various places around New York City on Monday night?

The answer might surprise you.

It's just another night in the life of Paris Hilton.


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anyone see that video? what a bad piece of tail!!

2551 days ago


Paris looks very rich and very elegant here.
In close-ups she has the most beautiful fascial bone structure - very much like Greta Garbo. She also reminds me a lot of Marlene Dietrich.

2551 days ago


The video is eight years old and it was private.

Maybe it's time to stop harping on something that happened ages ago and really is no one els's business.

Poor Paris, the double standard is alive and well.

2551 days ago


Poor Paris. The double standard is alive and well in our country.

Maybe it's time to stop harping on an old tape and make allowances for a person to grow up and become an adult.

2551 days ago

I call bullshit    

I can't help but laugh at mother Hilton posting as various fans of Paris- who by the way, does NOT get paid to show up at clubs.... you are laughable beyond belief.

2551 days ago


I feel sorry for Paris. She has no education and no true talent other than partying and using the media. Had it not been for her Hilton heiress position, she would have dropped off the radar a long time ago. Without that and the sex tape released on the Internet she would never have been “famous for being famous” in the first place. She makes appearances at charity events now to give her more credibility because of all the people who criticized her self-indulgent lifestyle. I mean…who’d want that for a legacy?

2551 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

To Sue – re your comment #22

Starring in “Repo”? LOL! Yes, but it’s not exactly “Chicago” is it. We hear that in order to land that role, Hilton had non-stop singing lessons, voice lessons plus acting and coaching lessons for months. And she needs it – she doesn’t have a natural talent like Lindsey Lohan (who may no longer have a career at all btw) and other talented actors and actresses.

With all of this paid support, plus the expensive crisis publicists she hired a while ago to help rebuild her image, she just might do okay. And who can blame her, really? When all you have is a name, a media reputation and no natural talent, you have no other choice but to finance your way to “stardom.”

2551 days ago


Her grandfather took the Hilton business interests into Las Vegas. He owns 24 Million shares in Harrah's and has stock in Cesar's.

There may be other interests by now because most rich families don't sit still but they buy and sell as new opportunities come along. And the market is hot in Vegas.

Anyway, the "clubbing" people blame Paris for does seem mostly business related. She is no whore. She is just working in the family business.

And as you can see, the younger set of the Hiltons is buying into business in Vegas already.
Nicky just opened a restaurant with Nick Lachey, and you can bet there are plenty of other silent partnerships Hilton Entertainment is getting involved in. So, I expect them to do very well in the future.

2551 days ago


We don't know how REPO! will turn out.
They have Sarah Brightman too and we'll just have too wait and see. For most people, all it takes is one good movie and a good director.

So what if Paris takes lessons, it shows she is trying to improve herself.
It's not like she has to work for a living, so if she wants to make an effort in some areas that's commendable.
At least she is not sitting around waiting to inherit,like so many rich offspring.

2551 days ago


Gloria (30)

Who’s kidding whom? Hilton wasted little time in capitalizing on the notoriety of that private tape -- the one thing that catapulted her to fame. Numerous television stations ran film coverage that showed millions how she deliberately exposed herself to the paparazzi, performed strip teases on tables in night clubs, did suggestive pole dances while singing into microphones that look like phallic symbols, necked with strangers in clubs, etc. And this is a role model for our young people?

This deliberate, sleazy behavior kept her in the public eye and served the attention seeking, party-girl core that has been Paris Hilton for years. This and her heiress status are what keep the paps trailing after her, hoping to capture the next self-absorbed thing she says or does on camera. It only serves the sick fascination some Americans have with the rich and infamous, as well as Hilton’s bank account.

2551 days ago


love and kiss from DENMARK

2551 days ago


Paris' new record sounds like Madonna?....check it out at

2551 days ago


I have to keep going from bar to bar, I can't find someone who's interested in me. I have to find someone. Surely, at the next bar, right?

2551 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

To Don and MM (Ummm…Same person? :-)

Many rich offspring don’t just “sit around.” Not a strong argument on your part, but then again you don’t have much to work with here. We’re talking about what a few people refer to as a role mode for our young people – not Nicky or the Hilton family business. By the by, the Hilton hotel interests are not located in many of the places Paris has partied. But you knew that.

The role in the film is part of Hilton’s decade-long (longer?) quest to be a “star”. Her lack of talent has reqireda lot more time and financing on her part to get there. Shouldn’t we mention Paul Sorvino as the real draw? We hear the role Paris is playing really fits her to a T. Hmmmm…....maybe she won’t have to work that hard after all. (Now that was nasty, but I coulnd't resist.)

2551 days ago


OMG............Nobody has noticed.!.!.!
She talks the talk but,does not walk the walk........
Her new look?
The late seriously GREAT,princesss Diana.....
Paris will not be holding any babies with aids in Africa anytime soon!
You can count on it!

2551 days ago
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