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Money Talk with T.I.

9/25/2007 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ATL rapper/actor T.I. was seen on Melrose Ave. yesterday -- and he had some words of rap wisdom -- invest that money!

The platinum-selling artist advises to "invest and pay your taxes." He's the next Suze Orman!

T.I. also says, "You'll get a lot more from the return of an investment, than the shine of a chain!" Where was he when MC Hammer was going bankrupt?!


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Happy B-day TI. With your SEXY ASS.

2531 days ago


It's funny that some people have such negitive things to say about T.I and really don't even know him. T.I. before he was an Rapper he was and still is Investing his money.
He was buying homes fixing them up andgiving low income familes a chance to buy and own homes from his old neighborhood. I don't see any of you the ones that are talking bad about him doing this.
He's has been doing this for years all he talks about is investing for years and telling most of these rappers to give back to their community.
He has also said what he does he does from his heart , he felt that he was doing so much wrong when he was younger by tearing down his community it's time for a change and start bringing his community up.
Not all rappers are bad there are an few rotten apples I'm sure there are in any gener of music.

2531 days ago


#11....You talk about "these guys" being idiots, but you obviously need a spell checker before you post. Hater.

2531 days ago

Oh Come on man!    

Some of the comments on the board make me wonder is some of America's heart is. These comments dont even make me as a black man, mad anymore, they make me sad. My dad told me that this country was turning into Russia, and I told him that he beyond wrong and delirious. See this is what i like about these blog boards, it gives people a chance to be, or for others to see, who they really are. Things that nobody would be caught dead saying someones face, you can say on these boards because you got the computer to hide behind. People want to say that racism is dead, that the playing field is level. Then the same people saying that go on the internet and type the crap that they type. So how the hell, can racism be dead, the playing field be level when you go on the internet and type the crap you type. You hide behind the computer, behind a name that isn't yours, and type. Why?, your name is not attacked, and you can express your true feelings. All these blogs do, especially those dealing with any issue of race, is demonstrate that America has a lot of work to do regarding race.

I thought America is a democracy ,not a caste system. Yes T.I. had a criminal past, but this is America, the land of opportunity, which means he like anyone who gets in trouble has the right to be rehabilitated and try to change. Do ALL people change after getting in trouble. No, will never happen. But where in American law does it say, that since you where in trouble with the law, you must always be and live like a criminal, and are forbidden to say anything intelligent or pursue the American dream through legal means. T.I had trouble in his past, but has now achieved the America Dream, through legal means. Why are people on this board bashing him for saying to invest your money, instead of waisting it on bling, because he is black, oh excuse me another "one of those rappers", or has a criminal past? So What?

Why do people get so upset about entertainers, especially minority entertainers (shady past or no shady past), hell, minorities in general making money, if they are not (or no longer) breaking the law to achieve the american dream? Are you mad because some minorities are not longer fitting into your idea caste system, and sitting around in the projects waiting on food stamps? What are you gripers doing to get your money? What ideas to you have and want to act upon to get your american dream? Why are you waisting time ripping a rapper who is making money? Why do you get mad at other people for getting money a in different yet legal way? When will you walk over to the sink and pour out the glass of haterade you have been sippin on? Go get your dream, and allow others to enjoy theirs. You always tell black people to quit complaining and go out there and find our goals. Well my name is Jason Busse, and I am a black man, telling you take your own advice and do the same.

2531 days ago


It doesn't matter who advised him of the wise way to handle his money. What matters is that he is taking the advice and srpeading it!

#11- what is wrong with buying a BMW if you have the money to do it. As long as you invest your m oney and make it work for you, you can buy whatever the hell you want to buy. People with waaaayyyy less money than him buy fancy cars and jewelry but that is oka, right. Why is it not okay just because of the type of music he does? I dont even have to tell you what you are b/c you already know.

2530 days ago


#27, I am extremely curious to know why you think that it is a fact that "rappers are bufoons. "
Enlighten me

2530 days ago

Repping Beantown to the Fullest blog    

I can'r even hear what he is saying! I hear the BOOM!BOOM!BOOM when the TMZ logo goes on and off but when he is speaking I don't hear jack

2530 days ago

wake up ya'll    

To poster #11 ... Unless you know this man personally, you're a racist turd. Just because he can rap and dresses the part doesnt mean he's not the saviest investor in the room. Just because someone doesnt know trig (which has nothing to do with investing) doesnt mean he cant read a prospectus on projected returns and study past performance... besides maybe he was real smart and hired a professional... think about that when he's twice your age and still driving a better car than you. For gods sake if social status was a marker of financial intellect DO YOU REALLY THINK BUSH WOULD BE SO DAMN DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

2530 days ago
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