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Reflections of Lil Jon ... Yay-uh!

9/25/2007 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ cameras caught up with Jonathan Mortimer Smith -- aka Lil Jon -- at the Ed Hardy headquarters in Culver City, Calif., where the boisterous rapper gave his thoughts on all things Britney ... and O.J. Whaaaat?!

The empathetic rapper told TMZ that, "People need to leave Britney alone, pray for her and try to help her." Maybe she can sing a hook for his next single?!

Jon Jon also dishes on O.J., saying, "I think he got set up ... they want to get him for something." Sure, okaaaaay!


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John Grieme    

Lil Jon, that's Whoopi!

2593 days ago


As much as I like Lil Jon, I don't like how the black community always tries to maintain OJ's "innocence". Very sad indeed. Makes us look bad. His guiltiness has nothing to do with his race at all. This is his own karma coming back to bite him in the ass.

2593 days ago



2593 days ago

I'm hungry    

O.J did get set up, but that's the poetic justice of it all because he got away with murder the last time he was in trouble with the law .. what goes around comes around ..

2593 days ago


I think Lil John is right about Britney. People should leave her alone. It seems like the media wants her to fail. But at the same time, Britney just keeps asking for it. Hope she finds herself and people who really do care about her and have her best interests at heart instead of one hand in her bank account. As far as OJ is concerned his is probably right about the set up. White people do want him to pay for what the White Community feels justice was denied. But let's get real, OJ did do the crime; but he was acquitted by a fair trial of his peers. It was too bad for the Goldman's and Brown's, but remember he was acquitted and everybody white or black need to move on. OJ should be judged for what happened in 2007 and not in 1994.

2593 days ago


im black and i think oj is guilty.he got away with killing 2 white poeple and hes still doing stuff.i hope they lock his dumb ass up this for britney she put herself in this mess. she should left that wanna be rapper with his baby-mama.brit's life was so much better before i bet shes know the meaning of the saying "what comes around goes arounds"now hes her headache for life.

2593 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

OJ was acquited, no one said he was innocent, but he had a trial and he was acquited. That's the way the judiial system works.

2593 days ago


Oh yeah OJ got set up AGAIN just like he was framed back in 1994. I hate how a large portion of the black community defends OJ because he's black. There was WAY more physical evidence in his trial then there was in the Laci Peterson case and he got the death penalty but you don't here all the white saying that he was innocent or that Scott Peterson was framed......

2593 days ago


I think it the OJ thing was a set up, but he put himself there and in that situation. Nobody else could have made him do that. They played on his personality and he took the bait. If you do the crime... usually, you better be ready to do the time.

2593 days ago


#5 I disagree.....

OJ Simpson's Jury for the trial went as follows.

9 Black Women
1 Hispanic
2 White People

10 Women
2 Men

2593 days ago


A large 100% of the black community would say OJ is innocent; even though some may feel he did do it. Just like there is a large percentage of white people who feel OJ did do it. Too bad it's a black & white problem. Me, I think he did it but, he played by the rules and hired the best money could buy. Tell me who would not have done the same. While I assume you were being sarcastic when you said he was framed; the fact is he was acquitted by a jury of his peers. Close the case!!! Let OJ be judged by another jury of peers for 2007. Man, you people black or white got to let it go and move on. Do you really care about OJ? I will sleep good whether he's convicted or not. OJ is not my family, friend or neighbor. I could really care less. I just think he is entitled to a fair hearing and trial. For the record I am not black or white...just a person amused by all the hate on color. It lets everyone know it really is about skin color.

2593 days ago


What's with number of white,black, hispanic m or female numbers? When a Latino, Asian or American Indian is convicted of a crime. How many people do you think we see on the jury? Not many! The fact it happened and let it go. Are you related to the Goldman or Brown family that you seek revenge? Why do you care so much? Move on, it's 2007!!!

2593 days ago

Dawn Day    

Lil Jon really needs to lay off the collagen! Enuf already Bra.

2593 days ago


What do you disagree with #5? That you feel OJ should still be judged for what happened in 1994 for his 2007 alledged crime? That you refuse to move on to the year 2007? Do you still wear the same clothes since 94? What's the matter with you, serously? Like it or not OJ was acquitted by a jury of his peers.. I sure as hell do not get emotional about what happened a long time ago. You must be related to the victims family for you to get so work up and emotional. The fact that you remember who was on the jury and the ratio says alot about your well being. Nonetheless, I think OJ did do it and was really lucky. But, then I was not on the jury, so who cares????

2593 days ago

sandfa is cool    

uncle tom, i mean oj, should be grateful that hes outa jail this time, but karma has a way of catching up. i don't support you, keep kissing HIS ass.

2593 days ago
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