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Taye Diggs Spotted with His Wife!

9/25/2007 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Private Practice" man-about-town Taye Diggs showed up to a charity event on Monday with a mysterious brunette on his arm -- his wife! McChocolatey plus one!
Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel
Although the 36-year-old playa playa is known for hitting the club scene alone -- and not always leaving alone -- this time he allowed his better half, beautiful Broadway star Idina Menzel, to cramp his style. Will you light my candle?!

Taye and Idina met while starring in "Rent" and have been married for over four years. Who knew?!


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Jen in Atlanta    

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but shouldn't you marry who you love? Do people in this day and age still give a crap about something stupid like skin color? My husband is white, and I'm one looks twice at us - family, friends, people on the street. What part of the US do you people live in where that actually matters?

2551 days ago

All American Girl    

What is she cross eyed? If she lets him do what he wants and remains married to him thats her own problem!!!

2551 days ago


You know there were plenty better pics of both of them in that series of photos. Why choose the unflattering one? Oh wait, it's TMZ. Nevermind. If there isn't a story, make one up.

2551 days ago

ur WRITERS suck    

TEE- go back to country.. no want u here..LEAVE
ANyway just because he is not with a black girl does not make black women any less attractive.. she may just as well be his type so get off that black men dont marry black women when they are successful.. blah blah blah.. im sick of the media throwin that n your face when thats not that case.. so get over yourself

2551 days ago


To Tee: There was a time when Black men had to tolerate White slave owners raping their women and even being forced to raise the children resulting from that act. That is if they weren't sold. Now, Black men have turned the tables and found a way to get even. Imagine how it must sicken White men to know Black men are having sex with their women. The difference is they are doing it with the consent of the women involved. I believe some Black men date and marry White women as a means of infiltrating White society. I believe when some Black men marry a White woman she's nothing more than his trophy. In a way it's payback for all the Black women who were forced into relationships with White men. Black men are now getting a taste of what was once denied to them. The problem is marrying a White woman doesn't make a Black man any more acceptable to Whites than if he married a Black woman. He's just more tolerated. Tiger Woods for example, likes to pretend he's not Black and married a White woman so he can be more acceptable to Whites in the golfing world. The problem is no matter how they treat him in public, he's still the N-word to them behind closed doors. So, I think Black men marrying White women is just their way of attempting to gain social status and thus, open doors to places marrying a Black woman wouldn't open.

2551 days ago


am I the only one who thinks she looks a little like Nelly Furtado?

2551 days ago

It is not 1820    

I can not believe that people this ignorant can actually operate a computer well enough to leave a comment on here. Shocking.

2551 days ago

Jen in Atlanta    

#29 (VC) - please tell me that entire post was a joke. Of my 3 brothers, one married a white woman....and it was because he was in LOVE with her. Imagine that! It's ignorance like yours and Tee's that causes anger between us and "the white folk"
And to #28 (keeping it real) - I am speechless. I hope my children never run into you. "Keeping race pure" does not make for very interesting cultures. My kids are being raised with knowledge of both their African roots, as well as my husbands European heritiage...and there is NOTHING wrong with that!

2551 days ago

Lo Lo    

I just googled Idina Menzel and she is gorgeous! That is just a bad picture.

2551 days ago


I knew! I saw them together in the Bahamas at The Ocean Club. He is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL UP CLOSE IN PERSON. We were walking past them in the garden, just them and the two of us and they were really nice - said hi, how are you, etc. SHe had a towel on her head and was in a robe...assuming she just had a spa treatment. I hope they are a Hollywood couple that lasts...unless he wants to date me of course!

2551 days ago


WOW, KIND OF LIKE A YOUNG HILLARY CLINTON. Standing by her loser man.....

2551 days ago


I am sorry if I upset anyone who read my question. I just ask a simple question of why most success black man date or marry white girl. This is a fact that you can't deny. I didn't say anything bad about my black bro. People seem upset, and avoid the real issue.
I am not a racist, I just ask a simple question. Please don't hate me.

2551 days ago

Tarazadaza, Africa    

Is that pretty white babe crazy--she could have done better than that!

2551 days ago


She does look like Nelly F! She's ok looking. When it comes to mixing races- who cares. We're all mixed up from way back anyway- most of us just don't recognize it. BTW, I "classify" myself & you see me as a black woman- but "technically" I'm African, Irish, Puerto Rican, Albanian, Cherokee, Black Foot & Italian. And that's from the verifiable parts of my family tree going back just 3 generations! Many many black people I know have Irish and/or Italian in them & always Native American. Folks snuck & got their jungle fever on the down low back in the day- hence HERE WE ARE & WE ARE GORGEOUS!

2551 days ago


Uh, she is NOT beautiful. Uh my bad, she's not a black woman so she has to be beautiful...

2551 days ago
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