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Angel Iris to Mel B -- Say You'll Be There!

9/26/2007 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel B is a new mom, but she's steppin' out without baby Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

TMZ cameras caught Scary Spice and her Belafonte-wannabe husband, Stephen, exiting Hyde last night -- Mel B showing some amazing mom cleavage on her way out the door.

Earlier in the evening, Mel was on the ABC lot filming "Dancing with the Stars." Mama's gotta work!


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Dawn Day    

Still breast feeding I assume??? Sure looks like it!

2582 days ago

Merry Christmas    

At least she can get into Hyde!

2582 days ago


What about the deadbeat dad Eddie? He never spends time with that baby. What a pathetic loser!!!!!!!!!!!!

2582 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

Go Mel, just b/c you're a mom dosen't mean you can't enjoy life, atleast she's with her hubby and she's not out picking up guys in bars or off the street like Mama Pamela Anderson & Britt, now they are scanks, especially Pamela Anderson.

Go Mel and I hope you win Dancing with the Stars!!!

2582 days ago


Oh yeah, go Mel B, just because user whore Mel B. is a mom doesn't mean she actually has to BE a mom. this piece of garbage doesn'r have the maternal instunct of an alley cat, and all the neglect from this skank with her children is coming out. Mel left her SICK 2 month old baby for days, alone with a newly hired housekeeper and didn't even tell the woman (who wasn't even a nanny) that Mel would be gone for a few days. Nasty Mel did this when she went to Vegas to marry her grifter trash husband. Mel chain-smokes around her baby, and is often drunk. Mel's other children are often neglected by her, as well. And if this wasn't true, you can bet Mel would be suing for slander, but she isn't. This nasty grifter makes a buck ANY way she can, and she would definitely be suing IF SHE COULD but she can't refute the FACTS.

This nasty b#tch gets pregnant just to shake down the stupid baby daddy, but the children mean nothing more to this whore than meal-tickets. I WILL NOT WATCH DANCING WITH THE STARS AS LONG AS THIS TRASHY WHORE IS ON THAT SHOW !!!

2582 days ago

death on a cracker    

i bet she sold her baby...thats why we never see it. whats the point of having a baby if your always pawning it off on someone else?

2582 days ago


Larry, you obviously do not know what you are talking about. She only has one other child besides Angel.

2582 days ago


MONEY is the point of having babies when you are a slut like Mel.B., having babies is how this awful woman makes a living. A twenty dollar a trick street-walking whore deserves more respect than Mel B. Bye-bye, Dancing With The Stars, if this is the kind of garbage you shove at your fans, your fans can tune out! And what is with Hyde, Mel B. has got to be one of the trashiest people in Hollywood right now, and Hyde lets it in? Considering what Hyde doesn't let in, I think Hyde has proven they are nothing more than a garbage can for losers.

2582 days ago


Wow it's amazing how much you people know about a woman you've never even met! You KNOW for a fact she left her sick child with a housekeeper despite the fact you've never ever been near much less in her home. You KNOW she got pregnant to shake Eddie Murphy down for money despite the fact you were never in the bedroom with them while they were having sex or discussing their personal business. It's amazing how you can read her mind and see through the walls of her home. Shouldn't you be working for the Psychic Friends Network or something with all your insight? LOL

2582 days ago


Whats a matter Mel??? Get your self preggers thinking Eddie would stay with you??? Eddie is a loser and a deadbeat and made no secret that he did not want you and unfortanely the baby. You choose to keep the baby so now act like a freakin mother. I have no problems with moms or parents that go out once in a while (hell we all need a break) but your child is going to see what a skanky beeotch you are, nice role model. On that note, why are we talking about this has been?

2582 days ago


Wow, Mel B is a slut. Who would have thought. How can you possibly know so much about the sex life of a woman you've never met? What she does or doesn't do is her business, not yours. Why should she parade her baby around to prove what a good mother she is? You don't know what goes on behind closed doors, so why pretend like you do? You people are obviously hating on her because of how pathetic your own lives are. How sad for you. She has too much fame and money to care what you broke unknown people think about her. Get a life!

2582 days ago


Michelle you don't know what YOU are talking about. Mel. B. had a child with her first baby daddy, Jimmy Gulzar, and this poor unfortunate child that has a slut whore for a mother is 8 year old Phoenix Chi. Go defend Osama bin Laden, Michelle, that would make more sense than defending such a disgusting garbage heap like Mel B. Eddie Murphy must be the dumbest a$$hole around to fall for the oldest con in the history of mankind.

2582 days ago

She Looks Fabulous    

To #5 Larry

Why do you keep using the word "grifter" to describe Mel B in ALL of your posts?

Mel B did make some of us lose a lot of "love" for her when she kept in the news with unfavorable stuff about Eddie and seemed to be publicly trying pull him down and get all she could from him. I admit that did not look good at all.

But now, she seems to be getting some much needed good publicity of her own for her career. It would be good to try and give her some forgiveness so she can make money of her own (which she is doing with the show that she is in) so that she can get on with her life. I would want the same thing for myself. She is in a new country and I hope she does well. I would want the people in the UK to give me a chance if I went there and made some mistakes.

I do not know if you are planning on a public career, but I bet you would want the public to put aside your "not so sterling moments" so that you could carve out a new life for yourself.

You can get success too. I hope you can find it in your heart to look at Mel B with compassion. If she can put her life crumbling moments behind and try to move forward, so can you. We all want success.

2582 days ago


Just because she went out to a club doesn't make her a bad mother who neglects her child. You people are so pathetic it's almost funny! She's a slut because she had a child out of wedlock? Please! If that's the case, then a lot of you people must be sluts too. Or, at least have a few in your family tree. Don't be mad because she has what you can only dream about: beauty, talent, fame, and money. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Build a bridge and get over it people.

2582 days ago


I didn't even know Mel had another child, let alone 8yrs old.

I have to re-adjust my post I did earlier, Eddie is a loser (since he is not making any effort to be a part of his daughter's life, if it is true what I hear and read) However, I shouldn't have called him a deadbeat since last I heard he is paying child support, my mistake.

2582 days ago
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