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Ja Rule: I Don't Care About Gay Marriage

9/26/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ja RuleAfter showing his true colors in Complex magazine by doing his best Isaiah Washington impression and rattling off homophobic comments, failed rapper Ja Rule is trying to change his tune -- sorta!

In an interview with, the 31-year-old says his homophobic remarks were taken out of context. Mmm hmmm! Regarding gay marriage, Ja says,"It's really not my business. I really could care less." Lovely. The father of three adds, "I have relatives that are homosexuals and, you know, they come over for Christmas, hang out." Bah humbug.

It's truly heartwarming when people realize the error of their ways.


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how is he homophobic i don't get it????

2562 days ago


argue with the rapper all long can you argue with the word of god???ah bom ah nay shun.....

2562 days ago


People who keep calling it a "lifestyle" are idiots. Is heterosexuality a "lifestyle"?

2562 days ago

pay atention    

Why does he have to accept gays? I don't and never will!! I have gay friends but I don't think living a gay lifestyle is right. They understand the way I feel. We just agree to disagree!! It doesn't mean that I hate them or vice-versa!! Everyone needs to just accept the fact that all people will not agree on all things! It has never happened and it never will!!

2562 days ago


I dont agree with the gay lifestyle or that they should be able to get "married" marriage is between a man and a woman. I dont hate them, I just dont agree with them and thank God I have that right in this country. He should be able to say what he feels.

2562 days ago


I dont like rappers either but I dont hate them-I just dont like what they do so I dont listen. I dont like gay sex or marriage so I dont have gay sex and wont marry another girl-I dont hate gays I just dont like what they do. My right, free country...

2562 days ago


Why do you people always scream homophobic when someone says anything negative about homosexuality.I guess I'm murdererphobic because I say negative things about murderers.It's obvious that that either you people forgot or you people are trying to suppress the fact that homosexuality is a SIN in the eyes of god.The muslim holy book Koran refers to it as an abomination.Both Bible and Koran agree on this matter.

ps God do loves the person but He do not,I repeat DO NOT, LOVE THE ACT.


2562 days ago

Paris H.    

Oh Ja, that is "so not hot". If if weren't for gay men I wouldn't know what to do with my hair or what to wear. I just love shoe shopping with my very best gay boyfriend. If any of my gay friends wanted to get married I would let them have their wedding at my truly fabulous Beverly Hills mansion. Gays rule.

2562 days ago

I Don't think so    

Seems every day at least one rapper is being arrested for something so who would ever take seriously anything that ANY of them say? This J Rule is washed up anyway. Why even bother, TMZ, to print a word he has to say? Who cares what he thinks? You should care what the public thinks and gay marriage is WRONG. Sorry if that isn't "politically correct" but that's the way it is IMO. Not up to me to say much, God is everyone's judge, not me. That's just MY opinion..and I believe it is worth more than any washed up rapper's opinion, especially after his homophobic remarks. I am not homophobic, my two brothers in law are gay, one had one of those ceremonies, which I attended, and I am more than happy that he and his partner are happy. (Civil ceremony or whatever they call it - but not a marriage.) IMO, people should love who they choose to love as everyone deserves to be happy and loved. Marriage, however, I must say that IMO, the sacrement of marriage should remain for hetro couples as God intended according to His Word...and NO, if you are gay, you'll NOT "go to hell". I cannot agree to gay marriage, although so many married people do ignore the vows and do make a joke of what is supposed to be a sacred institution, so on the other hand, with so many gay couples together many years, adopting children and they are all, those I have seen anyway, awesome parents, perhaps God looks down and wonders why not as so many hetro couples divorce for non-reasons and don't live their vows anyway. More gay couples who live together live by the marriage vows without being married moreso than plenty of straight couples. Makes you wonder doesn't it? With that - I believe my opinion is worth more than J Rule's who's really just a homophobe trying now to make face for his remarks but he's washed up and his words are just that -- only words - and words that hardly make sense at that!

2562 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

Dear #8 sydjulia22:

You're missing the point. Of course this Mr. 'Rule' can express his opinions, in fact, I'm glad I know exactly where he stands.

But others can express their opinions, and their opinions about his opinions.

See how it works? It's easy in America to express yourself! Try swimming in the deep end with the adults and you'll see.

buh bye now.

2562 days ago

I Don't think so    

PS --- Why do so many people act moronic with this "first" stuff just because they are first to post? Pretty juvenile isn't it?

To everyone not juvenile, have a nice evening..

2562 days ago


lol at the same person posting all these homophobic responses in this thread. at least try to change the way you type so people wouldn't get noticed. that proves my theory that most homophobes are uneducated fools who have no life and to surf the net all day posting homophobic stuff.

2562 days ago

Juke Joint Jezebel    

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle. Using the term lifestyle implies that gays and lesbians chooses to be gay. They did not choose to be gay. Homosexual tendencies have been found in animals like bonobos and penguins. The obvious homophobia here is disgusting. Of course everyone here is entitled to their own opinions and so am I.

As for Ja Rule's recent remarks on homosexuality, well until he stops glorifying violence and treating women as sex objects in his music, the man is nothing more than a joke. I still think his remarks was said just to attract attention with his new cd coming out. Ja Rule must really be desperate to resurrect his career that was killed by 50 Cents.

2562 days ago


Some people just don't like gays and aren't ashamed of it. Who cares? It's not like racism or something.

2562 days ago


Gay Marriage: We Don't Care About Ja Rule.

2562 days ago
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