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Ja Rule: I Don't Care About Gay Marriage

9/26/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ja RuleAfter showing his true colors in Complex magazine by doing his best Isaiah Washington impression and rattling off homophobic comments, failed rapper Ja Rule is trying to change his tune -- sorta!

In an interview with, the 31-year-old says his homophobic remarks were taken out of context. Mmm hmmm! Regarding gay marriage, Ja says,"It's really not my business. I really could care less." Lovely. The father of three adds, "I have relatives that are homosexuals and, you know, they come over for Christmas, hang out." Bah humbug.

It's truly heartwarming when people realize the error of their ways.


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Mystery Meat    

I almost forgot........douche bag

2581 days ago


...ah bom ah nay shun......ahbom....ahnay...shun......aboma...nay...shun.....hmmmmmm.....abomanay...shun....ahbomahnayshun....Abomination!!!!!!

Dang, God sure does use big words!!!

2581 days ago


Who cares what this worthless piece of trash has to say about anything..................

2581 days ago


Your mom does, Johnny, she's loves the knee pads Ja got her for her birthday.

2581 days ago

miss kitty    

how cares what this moron thinks... he hates women too... he hates most everything... major chip on the shoulder.... uneducated piece of crap is all he is...

2581 days ago


Who the hell has the right to preach about marriage when we the Britneys and Kfeds of the world you call them role models but the gay professional couple who may want to adopt and be consider married by the eyes of the law!!!


They are going to be more Matthew Shepards and Teena Brandons hate crimes If we dont Muzzle these people having an opinion is one thing being famous and preaching HATE is another If Jarule is so concerned about what kids watch on TV he should be more concerned about all the booty shaking in rap videos having to see that when I have not had breakfast just makes me sick!!!! Also about teen pregnancy!

2581 days ago


I'm just happy to see people here not backing down in their beliefs.
The days of attempting to make people feel bad because they hold a opnion that is different then the one certain groups feel it should be are over.
Maybe his comments were taken out of context TMZ, maybe not.
Untill we read the entire interview un-edited we will never know.

2581 days ago


# 65 by The Source "Britneys and Kfeds of the world you call them role models "

No one has ever called them role models but you to shore up your argument. This is how things get twisted to lay a unstable building on a shaky foundation.

2581 days ago

gotta getta life    

Man, you guys are way too pc for me and I am gay. I didn't get a negative read from that-I read it 3 times trying to get the bad vibes you're talking about and it didn't happen. Seemed like he didn't care one way or another.

2581 days ago

kim suck    

sick of the way you can not say nothing wrong about the gays--like they are SO RIGHT!?

2581 days ago


I agree with that homeless guy, J. Roo. We have black people over to the house for Christmas too. They serve a wonderful meal and tidy up. And they're so clean and polite.

See you in the men's room guys!

2581 days ago

Wrestling Ain't Real    

Just because someone doesn't care about gay marriage, doesn't mean he's anti-gay or a closet gay. I also don't care about Gay Marriages. I'm neither gay or anti-gay; I don't go to bashing gays, and I don't go to anything sponsored by the rainbow coalition.

If they get married, so what? That's their life, not mine. The only gay who shouldn't be married is Rosie O'Donnell with all of her "hetero" bashing. She's one step away from committing a "reverse hate crime."

2581 days ago

most closeted gay men are anti gay

2581 days ago


Disneydee you are soooo cool!!!!
you were first! Wow thats awesome!
i think you are going to be bigger than Britney!

2581 days ago


All these thugs rappers who are so homophobic secretly want it up the ass. This is not surprising.

2581 days ago
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