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Paris Hilton in "The Road to Rwanda"

9/26/2007 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's goodbye Gucci and hello genocide! Paris Hilton is going to Rwanda!
Paris Hilton in Rwanda?
Once her film "Repo! The Genetic Opera" wraps, the socialite is throwing her wrap dresses into a Louis Vuitton trunk and taking her act to East Africa! That's really, really hot!

Congratulations to Paris Hilton, who this November will take her international celebrity into the realm of humanitarian jet-setting. Move over Angelina, there's a hot new heart of 24K gold in town!


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LOL, whatever. She is probably bringing 100 staff members with her so she doesnt have to rough it at all. When the cameras are around she'll show off her heart of gold but when they are gone it'll be the same girl we saw before she went to prison and found God. She is pathetic I hope someday we stop giving this girl so much attention and show her for what she really is - a spoiled, talentless heiress who would do ANYTHING for attention. why give her what she wants? if she really wants to impress why doesnt she get a real job or an education and support herself. that would be a role model.

2552 days ago


****************** ENOUGH WITH AFRICA ****************

Can't ANYONE find any other place on this planet that needs help !!???!!

For God's original !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2552 days ago

Judy 34A    

hey Kathy Hilton, i hope this happens to your Precious Parasite, let the Botfly get her in africa like this guy got bit! parasites should stick together! so botfly will love her.

My husband had a botfly bite him at Chan Chich a year ago. He had a bump on his head that kept growing and was painful. No other symptoms. He finally went to his MD who referred him to a plastic surgeon. She took it out on the spot and it bounced off the table and on the floor causing the medical assistant to shriek in fear. Surgeon sent it to a lab and a lab tech who had been to the tropics recognized and identified it as a botfly. It grows larvae inside the bite spot and eventually, they come out. If you type in "botfly" on the net you will see some gruesome photos.

2552 days ago

Judy 34A    

Has anyone noticed that when you see good comments about princess parasite that they are all posted in a row like 3 minutes apart, really it's true, she has NO fans just her Mommy and the paid help posting the comments!

2552 days ago


Africa is NOT the new vacation spot. If she is going there just to go there and not doing anything to help. She has millions, she better be offering some money or bringing supplies or something. If she is using Africa to help her reputation, thats horrible. People don't realize that Africa is not a place where all the stars can walk around and look at the sad little black faces and pat their heads, and look all concerned in front of the camera. And then come home and go back to their freakin mansions and totally forget about the lives they just used for their own publicity. I of course don't mean Angelina, she is officially a government official so she can go to do research because it's way bigger for her. But these other hollywood starlets using Africa to build their own reps, need to stop it.

2552 days ago


And to number 76, you better pray that Genocide doesn't come knocking on your front door.

2552 days ago


This looks more like her look a like . Look at her cheeks they look much fuller than usual . Her face looks more pushed in . She is probably at home and paid someone else to go and make her look good . I like Paris but dont think this is her .

2552 days ago

Herpy-pAris Hilton    

It is a good way to spread HERPES all over the WORLD! GO pAris!!!

2552 days ago

Herpy-pAris Hilton    

This is a picture of the FAKE pAris!

2552 days ago


To Anonymous #67

Your comment is typical for a Hilton fan, and speaks volumes. The fact remains that anyone who comes from or lives a life of priviledge most definitely has an obligation. To ignore this social responsibility is both callous and shallow. I don't know anyone of character who lives a life of priviledge that would not be appalled by your statement.

2552 days ago


************************ To J *************************

What do you know about it? Have you, too, joined the latest craze and gotten a black kid from Africa? It's the absolute MUST HAVE fashion accessory, you know........... JERK!!!!!

2552 days ago

Big Bear    

paris is so stupid !!! paris cannot even spell the name of the country she is going to. Some fellow passenger will need to tell her when to get off the plane. I hope she does not spread social diseases during her stay. The poor people have enough problems without miss herpes spreading her personal diseases.

2552 days ago

Victor Chu    

She's there to open a Hilton Hotel Rwanda.

2552 days ago


Please tell me she is not planning on adopting a child and carrying it around in her purse like she does her dogs!

2551 days ago


You don't need to go to Africa to help the destitute. They are in every city.

Next time you see one, have compassion for them.

They remind us how fortunate we are.

2550 days ago
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