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Spector Mistrial!

9/26/2007 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil SpectorThe judge in the Phil Spector murder trial has declared a mistrial, as jurors announced they were hopelessly deadlocked.

In the courtroom today, the jury foreperson told the judge that they were deadlocked 10 - 2 -- with 10 jurors voting for a guilty verdict.

Prosecutors charged Spector with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson nearly five years ago. Spector's attorneys had argued Clarkson committed suicide.

A spokeswoman for the District Attorney told the LA Times "We will try Phil Spector again" and said her office was disappointed with the outcome of the trial

All parties will be back in court on October 3rd.

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29640. Hey, Everyone! Turn on CourtTV! I'm on TV!

Can you hear how intelligent I am?? That Ashley Banfield is such a dip! I am so fluid, and well spoken. And she is so smug and cotton-mouthed. She wants to talk "reasonable" with me. Did she hear the same testimony as I did?

Evidence schmevidence! I saw the evidence in a MORE REALISTIC WAY than anyone else, including Ashley.

Thank God I was there to hang this jury. Everyone on it was just like an AntiStern. Those people and their brand of perverted justice!

Posted at 2:26PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Spector Trial Jury Foreman

29639. You Haters hold yourselfs in way too high of regards or importants! Effing Hilarious!

Posted at 2:01PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Patty~Team Howard & Larry

Oh, I know! Patty! Can you believe that pap??

By the way, did you get my note about Spector? I'm so glad I was on your team, supporting Stern and Larry, because it was that brilliant thinking that allowed me to turn the entire Spector trial on its ear.

Evidence? What evidence? We don't need no stinking evidence!!!


We need to keep going and tell these Antinoids that their idea of justice means nothing. Did you know that I took 13 notebooks worth of notes during the Spector trial? Just like you and my fellow Sternites who take lots and lots of notes about Anna and Daniel, I became more of an expert than people who were actually on the scene moments after Lana Clarkson "killed herself" (wink wink). They can go ahead and call us "know it alls," because it's the truth!

Remember, they are haters! They hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!

Posted at 2:18PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Spector Trial Jury Foreman

29641. Oh, Ashley! If only I could say this on the air without sounding like a jerk:


No matter how logical you are, no matter how much you try to sway me to YOUR side, you're not going to change my verdict!

I can argue every single bit of evidence TWO WAYS! You can think what you have is the truth, but I know more than you! Man! I took 13 notebooks worth of notes!

Ashley is a Sternophobe!!!

Posted at 2:32PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Spector Trial Jury Foreman

29642. Okay, now that I'm done collecting my thoughts...

Did you hear how Ashley twisted my words? What an @$$! She almost made me say that 10 jurors were "reasonable," but I wasn't. She actually almost made me say it. Thank God I had the cleverness to say, "Wait a minute. I need to collect my thoughts."

It helps to be glib!!!

Right, Lynda? Right, all my fellow Lovers of Our Own Brand of Justice?

Posted at 2:38PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Spector Trial Jury Foreman

29644. Spoken like a true antinoid! I repeat I'll make sure I'm here to say.........."TOLD YOU SO!"

Posted at 1:36PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Marple's off her rocker again

Yeah, that's right! Listen to how those Antinoids talk! So ignorant.

Did Mrs. Marple actually ask us what makes us think Stern won't be facing any charges? What kind of stupid question is that?? Doesn't she know that we have compiled our own Bible of Facts? Look, I took 13 notebooks worth of notes during the Spector trial. Those Antinoids are too stupid to realize that we have a heck of a lot more than just 13 notebooks worth of notes on Anna and Daniel.

We know EXACTLY why Stern won't face any charges. We have tons of notes to prove it. Plus, we have lots and lots of links to docs and ACCURATE articles and videos, too! What's wrong with the Antinoids? Don't they watch ET and read Art's insightful articles?

All you have to do is watch the Mommie Dearest video and you, too, would be convinced of the truth! That is the most compelling piece of evidence out there that Stern did nothing wrong!

Oh, if only I can get myself on that Inquest jury! I just know I'd be able to sway it enough to make it a majority vote that NO FOUL PLAY was involved. I would be perfect.

Spector is free because of me!!! Yay!!!! And I will lead all my Sternite colleagues to see to it that OUR brand of justice comes to Stern. He, too, will be free!!!

Can I hear a "I Hate Virgie"???


Posted at 2:55PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Spector Trial Jury Foreman

2582 days ago

Billy Jo    

I'm not sure even what to think about this...

2582 days ago


Hollywood rules the world and we let them . This is a tragedy everyone knows he did it!!

2582 days ago


The jury was tainted by KTLA and Court TV broadcasting this trial and by prosecution groupies attending the trial.

The judge was prosecution-biased and has no business being involved in the retrial.

2582 days ago


The man who got Phil Spector off, the jury foreman ,juror #10 Bennington Willardson, 32 years old, civil engineer, hydrologist, works for City Of Los Angelas Public Works, he's a mormon, married, with 3 sons, who lives in Alahambra very near Phil Spector.He has said that he has even run into Phil Spector at Target. At one point in the deliberartions the vote was 11-1 to convict, but "Ben" coerced juror #1 into voting not guilty.Seeing him in the press conference afterward & on court tv interview with Ashleigh Banfield it shows that there needs to be a mandatory psycological evaluation before jury service. He has no reasoning, is odd, & seems to lack any empathy for others, he has a hidden private agenda, a know it all aire about him, & is very deceptive. The prosecutors office really needs to investigate him,& exactly what contact he has had with the defense.This guy would have never voted guilty, even if there was a videotape of the murder. So now California taxpayers must pay millions more to retry Phil Spector, all because of this unreasonable man, he stated on live tv that "he has the phone numbers of the defense", "and plans to call the prosecutors office & give them advice on how to improve their case" The taxpayers should be outraged !!! Justice for Lana

2580 days ago


the problem is all the intelligent people figure a way to get out of jury duty and the stupid ones stay along for the ride.he killed her and will walk free another case of it doenst matter because its a celebrity.thats the same thing with the director roman palansky who raped a 13 y/o and fleed to another country and the saddest thing is that all you stupid people out there that still pay to see his movies and the actors who stood up and gave him a standing ovation at the academy awards which why he wasnt arrest then is beyond me

2578 days ago


Phil Spectors new wife loves him the way he is.
It's just his gun collection that scares me to death!
My father a Native Texan kept his guns under his bed!
When he got sick with Huntingtons the guns were a no! no!
I come from a long line of gun nuts! I was raised to respect guns.
Wish Phil 's Dad had been there for him. To teach him the same thing! TTYL kalebsgran

2573 days ago


I want to wish Phil and his new wife
God Luck and God's speed on the re-trial!

2572 days ago


Calfornia!!The WILDWILDWEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2554 days ago


Don't mess with the "Wall of Sound."

2539 days ago
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