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Mystery Solved -- How to Bag 'Em All

9/27/2007 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mystery, reality TV's dumbed-down version of Don Juan, has transformed his previously sheepish students into a fury of sexual aggression! Watch out world, here they ...

Not ready for prime time playas, Joe and Joseph, were at Club Area last night, putting those important lessons from "The Pick Up Artist" to the test. Joe divulged the secret to their newfound prowess; "You be real, you have confidence, you can bang anyone, baby."

Move over Brody Jenner, Broad-lay Joe's in town.


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Logo Designers    

joe and joesph are tha bomb

2462 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

i can learn something from the brothers joesph

2461 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

so thats how you bag them all

2461 days ago

wa wa waa    

The host of the pick up artist is nothing more than a white version of a Dennis Rodman wannabee w/o money or meat on his bones. He is obviously a white Dennis in drag, who is really an expert on how to pick up guys. thank you

2551 days ago

SoCal Gal    

This is dude is so ugly I wouldnt bone him with my dogs pecker...

2551 days ago


You be real and you are only going to bang your right hand..........

2551 days ago


DROOPY DOG!!!!!!! LMAO! Joe IS Droopy Dog. Look it up; it's a cartoon from the '70s I think.

2551 days ago


Dude, I don't know what your banging but saying you can bang ...anything? Meaning you'd bang anything? Not thats a reality show in the making watching follow the ugly guy to see who he can bang cause he's go a show!
You are a little true because so many of these ho's will bang you because you are semi almost somebody. And if you get coin fogetabouit, LA biatches will be riding your rod in the bathroom at a club if you were 90! That's right, ya all money suckin ho' is a lot of the dudes.

2551 days ago


Turns out these guys are not nerds or video game programmers. Most are actors...

It's the last post on this bulletin:

Comment by hello
2007-09-22 15:11:56
from the vh1 forums…

turns out kosmo (alvaro orlando) is an actor… (play the demo video)…defined#resume
someone posted this on the vh1 forums only to have vh1 delete the thread today

and brady (brady sprunger) is a model on top of his photography work…

while the interactions with women are real, what happens in the house is probably scripted

Joe W…
as time goes on.. more things become uncovered
On the left you have 'My Name Is Earl' Season 2 Episode 19, and on the right is The Pickup Artist Episode 2.. hmm similarity?

fred turns out to be a stand up comic. not exactly the lonesome loser everyone thinks he is. if he is nothing but an aspiring comic, why would vh1 want to hide this?

Joe D…
his myspace claims that he majored in theatre… hmm now isnt that acting??

2551 days ago


wa wa waa---I thought I was the only one freaked out by that dude. I can never concentrate on the show!! I just always sit there wondering, "what girl would let him play her?!"

2551 days ago


When will guys learn that there is no shortcut to confidence?

Confidence comes from self-esteem, which comes from being a decent and well-rounded human being. Go learn to do something well, and learn to talk to people without ulterior motives. Then maybe some girl will like you.

2551 days ago


j- has let all this go to his head. geez, i would sure like to pop that growing ego of his

2551 days ago


This guy couldn't get laid in a whorehouse.


2551 days ago


This ugly fugger on your space? Pah, freakin' thetic!

2551 days ago


I think what Joe said Makes a lot of sense, and the reason that there are people like the guys on the PUA in the first place, is because of the people in the world, like a lot of the people on here who hate on others for no reason, tend to get drug down by people who think they are better looking and cooler! Being able to pick up a girl does have a lot to do with confidence and girls do like it when guys are just themselves. At least the nice and clean girls who are actually looking for a relationship. There is no reason why Joe or any of the others shouldn't be able to go on a show when they major in acting IT IS TV! most of the time when they say reality it isnt going to all be reality i mean come on its HOLLYWOOD nothing is going to be 100% real! it was a good show the guys did good and now they are just trying to say what they think on the subject just because Joe is a bigger guy and not all ripped like most of the hollywood actors doesn't mean he deserves to be hated on. I loved the show whether they were actors or not its just tv! i love JoeD he is sweet!

2550 days ago
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