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Spears in Burbank Shooting Spree! Ay!

9/27/2007 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit Brit got herself a new camcorder -- and she turned tables on the paparazzi by filming of all her paparazzi friends at a Mexican restaurant! Dice queso, y'allitos!

TMZ was outside Acapulco in Burbank yesterday (which Spears called, in Brit-speak, "Acu-poo-culas") when the camera-wielding, brunette-weaved popwreck arrived while recording her favorite paps. When asked why she decided to play paparazzo, Brit said, "You guys are beautiful!"

Inside the restaurant, Brit invited a starstruck fan over to her table to snap a photo. Right after the shot, the ecstatic girl drove right over to local radio station KIIS-FM and shared the whole experience with JoJo on the Radio.

After Brit finished up, the restaurant got a ringing endorsement from Spears -- even if she couldn't pronounce its name. Mercifully, Britney hopped into the passenger seat.


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My take on the paps- Maybe they follow her to such restaurants because they think the readers want to know if she dipped into the Jose Cuervo since the court ordered tests. A mexican restaurant is the perfect place to order a mexican drink!

2561 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I have to agree that the paps are out of control here. What defines what they do? I can understand the clamour to get a red-carpet or party shot, but a casual stop for lunch at a local eatery? These photogs need to aim higher. And anything is higher than waiting for Britney outside a Mexican food restaurant.

2561 days ago


How come Brittney never wears her seat belt???

2561 days ago


I don't like her at all. I think she is just plain stupid. But it really must suck to have all those people following you everywhere. I feel sorry for her chldren, I'm sure they get scared of all those people.
The paparazzi they should leave her alone, at a minimum they should do as one of the posters here said-give her some space...... at least 10 feet...

2561 days ago


Do you think for one minute that the paps followed Britney from her house to the resturant??.. NO Bloody way in hell, they had to be tipped off to where she was going. So either 1. Brtney is calling them herself, or 2. one of her "leeches" are calling the paps. We all know they have x17 on speed-dial. so why not the others?. I also agree that the paps should be at least 10 feet away from ANYONE they are taking pics of.. You think by now there would be a low against this.

2561 days ago


To #44: You idiot as shown on TMZ before the pap sit out side her house & follow her to where ever she goes. Haven't you seen the photos before where theres like 17 cars parked across the street from her house waiting for her to leave. They have also shown photos of a trail of about 11 cars following her down the freeway & along the highway. So even if she sent her car out w/ a different driver theres still 6 or more outside her house that follow the next car that leaves her compound. Also don't you remember when she was in her tour bus going to her first comeback mini tour & other motorist called 911 b/c what turned out to be paps was running people off the road. doesn't anyone remember princess Diana? I hope that it never comes to that, but if it does I hope & pray that the best lawyers in the world sue Cali, & all media outlets, on behalf of her sons. So to all you idiots that say she should stay @ home, why don't you try it your self for a week & see if you can take it. Yes she has the money to send out for food & different things, but sometimes people just can't do it for you like you can do it for yourself. Maybe she does need to spend more time w/ her little boys, but remember she is still young, & their are alot of people her age that don't even take of their kids, their parents or the state does so there. Also i don't think shes strung out, i tthink she is bibolar.Why doesn't anybody ever show k-fed out partying oh thats right b/c nobody cares about that strung out looser. Why don't anybody bring up when Brittney had him throwed out a couple of times & his car repoed b/c he was doing drungs & she didn't want that around Sean? That happened over & over & finally she couldn't take his looser strung out friends @ her house & after she had warned & warned him she gave him the boot. That shows right there that she loves & cares for her kids best interest. I hope the judge in her case reads these messages, just like Paris judge did &see how important it is to make the paps stay babck 10 feet. They can still get just as good of a shot w/ their lens & they would up in her face. Who pays for the cars, when they are all up on them & you know they have to be scratched. If I was a celb. &( thank God i'm not) i would install a camera like they do in the Hills episodes & that way if a car got scratched, I'd file a lawsuit. They always press charges if anybody messes w/ their cameras, so whats the difference? A car is more expensive then a camera. So all you judges & the governor of Cal. & anybody else of importance their & N.Y. beaware that if you don't come up w/ some kind of law your court rooms are going to be flooded w/ law suites b/c you have failed to protect these people & these kids. Just think how bad it hurts your eyes to have bright lights in your eyes, now think about these poor children that have to endure this. Is this fair treatment? No no it's not.

2561 days ago


Why is there never a cop around when you need one?

Isn't there a law against not having EITHER hand on the wheel? Like the other day, when Britney was text messaging with one hand and smoking with the other??? (If there isn't a law against this . . . there should be.)

I guess it's going to take a "rash" of deaths caused by text messaging "fools" out there before someone takes action. You would think that the Rochester, New York case, where 5 cheerleaders died, would have been enough to get EVERYONE'S attention!!!

2561 days ago


She just can't stay home with those kids can she?

2561 days ago


Yeaha, she got outon the driver's side! YIKES! Were does she get all of these personal assistants? Seems like she has a new one everytime she is out and about.

2561 days ago


To # 64.. While Britney was married to KFed.. he could have jumped up and down getting stoned while being naked. (not something ) would want to see).. And Britney flipping out over it .. would mean a hill of beans to the judge. What happened whlie they were married has NOTHING to do with the case going on now.. That is a fact of life, I know at times it sucks, but that is the way it is.. Right now I am helping raise my brothers two children and I would have no problem spending a week in the house with them.. and I am far from being an idiot. I also know of a woman who had her children at a younger age than Britney, and she did a great job. So please dont use her age as an excuse.

2561 days ago


Haaaaa....Brittney turned the camaras on those hounds!!!!!!!! I think brittney looked very beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW hurry so you can go film her again...and again....and again!!!!! Really just give her a damm break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2561 days ago

Veteran Cosmic Rocker    

People who download her songs are the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR hurting music. iTunes and iPods are for prunes and phleghmwads. Britney's album will stiff and we hope she OD's shortly. GOODBYE BRIT, SEE YOU IN HELL!

2561 days ago


To #68, I didn't say the judge would care what that loser Kfed did why they were married did I ? No don't think so. I was making a point that she does care about her kids & that nobody points out all the bad things he does. People need to remember that he walked out on his daughter & his unborn child, to globe trotting w/ Brittany & she didn't even know anything about Shar & the kids b/c he didn't tell her. Then when Shar did a interview about the situation, thats when it came out. I know people knew from the begging that he was bad news & troubled & expected him to fell, but I guess it's just that nobody expected her to fail. I think thas why everybody is making a big deal about it. Also isn't it funn that its time for his money to come out, & hes going back to court if thats not what you call a gold digger then I don't don't know what is. He went & rented a huge house that he couldn't afford if Brittany wasn't paying him & he knows that when she FINALLY gets to quit paying her then he'll have to move b/c he want be able to afford it. So why wouldn't he buy a home or condo so he could have something of value & thats was his instead of having to just rent smtg. Also he should have to prove where he is investing money or has set up savings acct. for the boys, to show hes just not doing this for the money. Brittany invest for them & I think he should too. He should also have to get a job & not just live off him. I am SO glad that Donald Trump & her parents got across to her to make her get that prenup, b/c if not those no telling what he would've taken from her. If you notice he never has the kids by him self, so he needs to start spending more time or bonding time w/ them. Her parents or his parents are the ones that come in & do everything for them & he even tells the media that. Also Shar is coming around & helping now. Brittany was really good w/ their daughter before she ever had Sean & if you remember she is the one who pd. the child support for him b/c he was so broke his truck got repoed. HE IS A GOLD DIGGING LOW LIFE SMOKED UP LOOSER. Shar nor Kevin want anybody to remember that part though do they? When they were photograped w/ that little girl, it was Brittany that was doing everyhting w/ her not Kevin. He was always in the back ground doing smtg. else. She is a good mom I think she is just under alot of pressure. I still think she is bibolar. S he needs to be glad that its her parents that are taking care of the boys instead of some of Kevins friends. So remember he abandoned his first 2 children & Brittany made the truce & made him get them. He knew when Shar was due, & he wasn't even close by so that he could make sure he was there. That speaks alot about his character doesn't it? So yes you are a idiot b/c I said their is a lot of people & I did NOT say all people her age don't care of their kids & i'm not trying to make an excuse by using the age factor. I'm just stating that a large majority of people her age put partying 1st & parenthood 2nd & let other family members or the state take care of them & this is a very sad issue. I had rether stay @ home w/ my kids too, but i'd have to get out. When I had surgery, I couldn't go to the store for my self & I couldn't go to the grocery store or resturant & though I was & am thankful that my husband & parents did it for me they just didn't get the brands of products that I liked, nor they put the right amount of certain things on my salad they prepared, so it goes back to the thing I pointed out that yes you get send people out to run errands for you, but they can't always do it the exact way you like to do it. So don't try & change what I said around.

2561 days ago


Does she have to have a drink at every meal....... did you see the shot glass at the table? Seriously, wasn't this a lunch. The judge just called her an habitual user and she can't drink 12 hours prior to having her children. If I wer her, I would want to show that I was trying. She looks as though she doesn't care.

2561 days ago

The Amazing Tarquin    

I just bought the exact same handycam last month

2561 days ago
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