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Stacked Drunk Chick -- Revealed!

9/27/2007 7:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Remember this Hollywood party girl?

The big-boobed beauty got the boot at Crimson over the weekend ... and embarrassed herself in front of TMZ cameras when she was too drunk to put together one sentence after another. Shame be gone!

That girl is none other than Jessica Kramer, a onetime Playboy Cybergirl and current Internet T&A fleshtrepreneur.

When she watched herself on TMZ TV Monday, she admitted on her MySpace page it was, "not one of my proudest moments, but what's done is done and I had a great night!"

She also said she was bummed by comments on our site saying her boobs weren't real. Hmm.


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2492 days ago


Who cares?

2492 days ago


Ok. This story is boring so I'll entertain you with a funny story about my three year old daughter....

This morning I was driving her to daycare and she was picking her nose. *ew* She pulled an exceptionally large boog out and busted up laughing. When I asked her what was so funny she said "I'm just laughing because my booger looks like SpongeBob!!"


2492 days ago


I smell a reality TV show!

2492 days ago


o.k. to the dumb whore Jessica Kramer let me break down a few things. First off all the guys commenting on your myspace telling you its o.k. or your talented or your a great person..just wants to f you. Your a nobody who couldnt even become a playmate. You were only good enough to be on one of their websites...LMAO No matter what your friends tell you, or fake hollywood producers tell you, you will Never become an ACTRESS or a REAL MODEL or do anything else in the Entertainment industry but take your clothes off.

2492 days ago


First, #3 please give your child Kleenex to have in her pocket so she can learn some social snot skills.

Second, I get so sick of looking at boobs in the media. Nearly every female on earth has a pair of boobs, and lots of men need bras.

2492 days ago


Ummmm #5. Its a funny story. Pull the stick out of your ass. She's three and in our private vehicle. You must not have children.

2492 days ago


Hollywood #6...... seems really bitter.

#3 OMG that is too funny! It actually make me laugh too cute.

2492 days ago


Her boobs look fake to me, and she looks pretty.... FUGLY

2492 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

It is easier to smile than frown, so I'll just cheer for the best for Jessica.

2492 days ago


First off....Lilarose....I agree, get the stick out of your a$$!

2nd, Jessica...that story is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. That sounds like something my 4 year old would do and say.

And I couldn't agree more....this is a completely boring story. The only reason I'm commenting is because I thought Jessica's story was funny and way more entertaining than the original story about the no talent bimbo.

2492 days ago


Thank you for the rare photo of the drunk chick with fake breasts who's not as hot as she thinks. Keep knocking yourselves out...

2492 days ago


hahahahah funny more people find it more interesting to hear about a 3yr old's booger than some dumb drunk chick showing her fake rack.. you've seen one boob you've seen them all...these chicks are a dime a dozen! Especially in Hollywood.

2492 days ago

He's Boring now    

The poor thing. Imagine if she ever has children, and has to explain this period of her life to them.

But drinking at that level, she may not make it to the next phase of her life.

Keep it up, it only gets worse from here--on the Inside.

2492 days ago


Disgusting slut!

2492 days ago
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