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Kelly Ripa Phone Home

9/28/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk show host Kelly Ripa is one of the hardest working women in show business -- and it shows!

The soon-to-be 37-year-old terrestrial beauty was spotted sans makeup in New York on Thursday, looking a little out of this world. Anyone got some Reese's Pieces?

Whether all dolled up or not -- who isn't over the moon for Ripa?!


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Why does she always mention HOW beautiful the guests are and how THIN they are... as if to say... "I'm just such a hog." This attempt at self-affacement is clearly a desire for someone to say, "Oh Kelly... you look great too!" In addition, if she mentions the Hamptons again I'm gonna barf. She is a pretentious, superficial cow who so clearly let her fame go to her head. And for the record, she SOOOO dissed Clay Aiken when he covered her mouth. Granted his was a real pill on the show, but what she said was completely directed at his sexuality and she KNOWS it. Didn't you see how the audience reacted? Oh please. She sucks. Oh and by the way, Kathie Lee had a lot more class and talent than Ripa.

2547 days ago

Allred Tree    

I could not stand Kelly Ripa before Clay Aiken but after SHE WAS SO OBNOXIOUS AND RUDE TO HIM I stopped watching. When Regis returned from his surgery, I watched just once or twice. I am sick of him too and the constant talk about his various body parts and his surgery. David Letterman doesn't keep on and on and Kelly Ripa is unbearable! SHE HAS RUINED THE SHOW. I also am so sick of Gelman and the stupid contests. He needs to tell Kelly to shut up - SHE IS DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS and it is very unbecoming in this day and age and in a woman her age. She is long past high school and her lack of education becomes MORE OBVIOUS THE OLDER SHE GETS and IT IS VERY UNBECOMING!!!! Her brain must have shrunk with her constant dieting and she will have Alzheimer's in about ten more years. Well, at least with all the money she greedily has hogged for herself, she should have plenty of money to pay for the long-term care she will need.

2547 days ago


greedy greedy, should be ashamed of yourself, what can your husband be thinking living off your money. is he a man or a mouse? you're too greedy, woman, where are the kids?

2546 days ago

He's Boring now    

No Latin man will stand for the likes of this woman for too long. If he isnt out banging now, he will be soon. Her looks are not balancing out the often said power trip she is on at home, so baby, get ready for a Frank Gifford hubbie.

dont ever let yourself get caught out in public this way...if KISS could pull it off for 2 decades, you can too. Leave your American Express card at home and Dont leave home without it---makeup that is.

2546 days ago

He's Boring now    

Shes heaving. Her arms are to thin for us to believe she is keeping herself that thin by mere dieting. Its Ok, most on air women do it. They believe what their Daddy's taught them when young, thin girls keep their youth longer. Not True. Thin girls wrinkles show more than a more natural looking womans does. Wish the tide would turn and we could get more normal looking women reading news and making jokes on tv soon. I've had it with the heaving look.

Oh, and if going to continue to be this thin, at least get a boob job.


2546 days ago

Allred Tree    

Kelly Ripa is a scheming, greedy repulsive human being. As written in one of the tabloids, SHE CAN WAIT FOR REGIS TO DIE OR RETIRE SO SHE CAN TAKE OVER!

Never has there been A DUMBER PERSON ON TV and she is nothing but an EGOMANIAC. SHE IS RUDE AND CRUDE!

2545 days ago


Kelly stay home with the kids.Regis can run the show by him self.............................P.S.Put some make up on.

2545 days ago


If she doesn't like this picture, she shouldn't go out without make up. Afterall she lives in New York, not in the country.

2544 days ago

Allred Tree    

Are she and Mark seperated, Sweet? There are all those rumors that MARK CONSUELOS IS GAY afterall! Either that or he found someone much, much better that stupida Kelly. It was only a matter of time before he got sick of her wearing the pants. You know how those macho "men?" are. I hear the sissies are even worse.

Kelly has way too much self esteem. She really has a very overblown idea of her self. She has no talent and is just plain dumb and ignorant but thinks she's all that. If she weren't so repulsive, it would be funny.

Have you seen her mother? What a hideous creature; it is no wonder Kelly is the way she is.

Lastly, Kelly is very EVIL for wishing Regis dead. She will stop at nothing to get her way and if Joy Philbin has any sense, she will force Regis to fire Kelly a.s.a.p. She has ruined the show and I think the ratings are waaay down from what I hear.

2541 days ago

Allred Tree    

Kelly Ripa is an uneducated, low IQ wanna be. She is really a BIG FAT ZERO and NOBODY LIKES HER! I hear she has caused a lot of trouble on the set everywhere she has ever worked and everyone is sick of her. Her days are numbered though because there are much brighter, prettier, and much much more talented people waiting in the wings and it is just a matter of time before she is off the air for good! Word is they can hardly wait. She is too old and people are disgusted with her rude, boorish ways. Her treatment of Clay Aiken really got people to see the true Kelly Ripa and the horrid way she treats guests.

2541 days ago

michele people are just plain mean!!! Shame on all of you....jealousy can really turn people into such haters!!!

2541 days ago

Allred Tree    

No one is jealous of anyone Michele. Is that YOUR PROBLEM? Kelly Ripa has shown her true colors. She is very greedy and it shows all over that hideous face of hers - which by the way is the topic of this board. Ripa is RUDE and MEAN AS A SNAKE.

Her treatment of Clay was just hideous. People are sickened by her craving for attention and her stupidity. She is simply one of the ICKIEST PEOPLE on daytime TV. Kelly Ripa IS ICKY, UNEDUCATED AND DUMB. She is not aging well and her stupidity and lack of education grows more obvious and obnoxious by the day.

2541 days ago

Allred Tree    

Kelly Ripa should have taken her money and stayed home with those fugly brats of hers! She should have attempted to better herself with an education. As Judge Judy says, "beauty fades and dumb is forever" and Kelly Ripa epitomizes this to the nth degree.

Just watch her expression if you are so unfortunate as to have to watch her on Regis when the topic of money arises. She practically drools and her pretentiousness is vulgar - just what one would expect from the low life white trash she is.

2541 days ago
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