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Kiefer Charged with DUI

9/28/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the Los Angeles County City Attorney's office has charged Kiefer Sutherland with two misdemeanor counts of DUI.

The actor has been charged with one count of driving under the influence and one count with driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or above after being arrested early Tuesday morning.

The City Attorney's office also asked that Sutherland's 2004 probation be revoked.

He will be arraigned on these charges on October 16 in front of Judge Michael Sauer, ironically that's the same judge who threw the book at Paris Hilton. Sauer sinks Bauer?? We'll see!

If convicted on both charges, Sutherland could face up to a total of a year and a half in jail and be forced to pay a $1000 fine.


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Fred Truth    

Look at this video if you want to see what really happened. Sadly TMZ doesn't have the real story.

2580 days ago


Just wondrin.....why haven't we seen a mug shot??

2580 days ago


Dear "Just My Opinion"
I know what you mean, and to the casual observer believe it may look that way. But Kiefer is probably THE most down to earth guy in Hollywood. He makes mistakes when he's had a few drinks. Who doesn't? Yes he needs to learn his lesson. Yes he needs to be punished. I suppose I just wanted to point out that anyone who follows him closely (interviews, comments from those who have met him or know him) knows that he's a warm hearted, big spirited kind of guy who does not deserve the criticism that's being levelled at him by some people.

And no, I don't mean the criticism for having gotten into his car having had a few drinks. That was stupid and reckless. I mean the criticism about him being a typical celebrity who thinks he can do what he likes. That's not him, it really isn't. He couldn't be farther from Paris Hilton in terms of his attitude.

2580 days ago


Pardon me, but drunk driving is drunk driving -- and dead is dead.

He has no excuse; none.

And "He makes mistakes when he's had a few drinks" is simply pathetic.

Have you ever had a friend hit by a drunk driver? I have.

2580 days ago


I still love you Kiefer!

2580 days ago

Say what??    

to "kieferisagoodguywhodidabadthing"

so you know him then? has he told you why he violated probation?

2580 days ago


Well, don't you pick the parts of my post that suit your argument best? Did you miss the stupid and reckless comment I made? My comments are not about people legitimately saying he should be punished for what he has done. My comments are directed to those people who then want to pull apart and denegrate his whole character. I have seen comments saying he should be sent back to Canada as an 'undesirable', or that he's just another arrogant celebrity.

And for the record I have been hit by a drunk driver. I survived but it was one of the most traumatic times of my life, not least the vulnerability I felt knowing there were idiots like that on the roads. And yes, I class Kiefer as an idiot in this instance too. I have not attempted to make excuses for him. I just hate how human nature seems to love kicking someone when they're down. There are far, far worse people out there than Kiefer Sutherland. And in all honesty I suspect that a significant proportion of those that slate him have probably done something stupid and reckless in their lifetimes too (and yes, possibly even more than once). Get off your soap boxes people!

2580 days ago


ONG - The audacity of the man that was dressed in a uniform w/a badge that allowed him to drive when he could clearly hear Keefer was slurring his speach. Not to say the man in uniform was not a security guard, but I swear the celebs in LA has the badge on payroll. This is exactly why OJ got off. LAPD is such dirty cops. It's not the first time Brit has been stopped, and just now they are finding out she doesn't have a CA license. Ha! Not the first time Paris was stopped while on probation. Ha! How many more has the LAPD allowed to disrespect the law. And, I've gone to smokingguns and didn't find Keefer's mug. C'mon TMZ flash the mug like you've done the rest...especially the women.

2580 days ago


To 'Who knows'
No I don't 'know' him personally but I have met him and I have had experience of his kind heartedness. Please read my posts properly and see that I am not making excuses for the guy just getting pissed off at the 'lock him up and throw away the key' attitude of some people. He will get anything from 96 hours to 18 months, end of story. People baying for more because he's a celebrity are just on a witch hunt.

2580 days ago


Boy Kiefer sure is lucky that his name is not Bob Smith, because true LA justice would have huled Kiefer to JAIL that very day,,,
Hey Kiefer, keep up the drinking & driving, your kids need some one to look up to.. Him mean down....

2580 days ago


I hope his lawyer gets him off on an obscure technicality. People are so obsessed with DUI. Accidents can happen, sober and drunk, big deal. Mind your own business.

2580 days ago


This guy is a dirtbag. His career was in the toilet until 24, so he best not do anything else to screw that up.

I'm so sick of celebrities drinking and driving. My cousin was almost killed when a drunk driver plowed into her car at a high speed. She now has to walk with a cane because of the accident. Drunk driving is pure evil.

2580 days ago


Wow, looks like another professional poster is here to defend the indefensible.

Sorry, but we've seen enough of Kiefer to know what he's like. He's a douchebag with a severe alcohol problem, and he didn't just "do a bad thing", he got caught doing it FOUR TIMES. Which means he's done it hundreds of other times without being caught.

If he's so different from all the other Hollywood trash, why is he acting exactly the same?

2580 days ago


did anyone see vh1's "best week ever" footage of the cops standing right by sutherland as he was leaving the party drunk? was that for real? did the lapd just turn a blind eye?

everyone who even thinks of drinking and driving should read Jacqui Saburido's story.

2580 days ago

Fred Truth    

Free Kiefer TMZ, put up the video. Show the truth! Kiefer had people escort him out of the Fox party. They let him drive.

Yes, Kiefer is at fault. But the video at least shows that he had a plan. He wasn't out drinking alone with no way home. He was in public, at a FOX party, with people who knew him. And they let him drive.

Do the right thing, TMZ!

2580 days ago
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