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Trump vs. Cuban

Turns Nerdy

9/28/2007 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump, Mark CubanThe never-ending battle of words between boisterous billionaires Donald Trump and Mark Cuban has shifted from the topic of Dan Rather to Internet spam. Ooooh, burn!

The feud began this week when Trump called Dan Rather "a loser." Rather, who is currently suing former employer CBS, now works for Cuban's HDNet. Cuban didn't take too kindly to that, telling "Access Hollywood" that Trump "is a first-class idiot!" To which Trump retorted to Page Six, "Mark is a total loser."

Now Cuban is firing back, telling TMZ, "Has [Trump] ever hired anyone who went to Trump University, or is Trump University just a good excuse to be one of the biggest Internet spammers in America?" Oh snap! He told him!

And then Trump was all, "I know you are but what am I?" And then Cuban was all, "I'm rubber, you're glue." And then Trump was all, "I know you are but what am I?" And then Cuban was all, "You already said that." And then Trump was all, "Nuh-uh." And then Cuban was all, "Yeah you did, it was right there on TMZ." And then Trump was all, "Yeah, you're right." And then Cuban was all, "Told you so."

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So ANYONE who disagrees with the freakishly coiffed Trump is a 'loser?' This man is a narcissistic assh*le who should take some of the money he was born into (nope, not a self-made man) and get therapy. Or a brain transplant..

I like Mark Cuban, but am disappointed that he'd lower himself to this mudslinging. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

2580 days ago


What a perfect example of how money doesn't mean class. What kind of man can earn billions of dollars and still have the word loser in his vocabulary. Trump needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut about other people. He is only putting himself down.

2580 days ago


Trump's motto is" "do as I say not as I do." He demands perfection from those around him. He needs the gold trimmed toliet bowl to spue his billionaire bully-style" to others. Apparently no money in the entire world can buy a person "class", and Mr. Trump certainly has no class at all.

2580 days ago


I don't know much about M. Cuban other than he's a gas bag. But, D. Trump, what is he doing? Is he 70 going on 12? These tit-for-tat fights are just juvenile. Even with Rosie, though it was funny at first, Trump just wouldn't let it go. What Trump should've done for spite with Rosie was shut up and sue her like his lawyers told him to do. That would've been hysterical. Then, Trump turned around and invited Rosie to be on an upcoming reality show. Even a doofus could see that was a moronic PR move.

2580 days ago

It does absolutely no good for their credibility

2580 days ago


Listen to Trump - many times he makes a lot of sense - it is his presentation that often doesn't come across well but truly many of his ideas make a lot of sense. If he would hire old people to work in his company, I'd apply. Mark Cuban has a lot of confidence. I actually enjoy hearing from both of them. It's a diversion from stupidity sometimes. They both are smart.

2580 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Mark Cuban looks like that actor from the movie "Fright Night"...

2580 days ago


# 7 deborah that was beautiful, you took the words right out of my mouth.

2580 days ago


trump grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2580 days ago


# 2 & # 6 MJ-12 is that you donald??? your the douchebag....

2580 days ago


ok... how sad is it that mega millionaires are acting like 4th graders...

i smell PR blitzing though... Cuban is on Dancing and wants more votes... Trump just likes to keep his nasty combover in the press...

i think we all should just ignore these guys and hope they learn how to grow up.

2580 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Stick them both in a ring, Mr. Beacher.

2580 days ago

Gatorade Please    

Mr. Trump, your in the sunset of your years, your getting old, stop tailgating others for PR. Pull up a lounge chair, a drink and enjoy the Florida sunsets..............

2580 days ago


It's unbelieveable that Mr. Trump gets involved with such immature activities. Why does he bother? Maybe he should start talking about more important universal issues (if they would help society) if he's going to talk at all. He comes across as so pompous and seems to look down on those who do not fit the cookie cutter standard of looks that he deems is ideal such as his wife. I don't agree with everything Rosie says, but to have called her such names is an insult to all the heavier women in America(which there are a lot) and the world. It seems as if he covers up for a lot of deep-seated insecurities. If you know you're good, you don't have to boast. "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to always be nice." Money doesn't buy class or kindness. And you can't take it with you.

2580 days ago


I have to admit that I love Trump's feuds with people. It's just so funny to me. Say what you will about him, but he's loaded and he's entertaining. His arrogance mixed with his one dimensional insults are a great combonation IMO. Good entertainment.

2580 days ago
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