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Kanye West, Babbling Blogger

9/30/2007 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kanye west, blogNow that awards show crybaby Kanye West is giving MTV the silent treatment, he won't shut up on his new blog.

The hip hop artist swore off MTV after losing out yet again at the channel's Music Video Awards, and since then, he's been working overtime to post on his site. Yesterday alone, Kanye posted five times. He's a regular Michael Crichton.

What's Kanye blogging about? Everything from his fave YouTube clips (he's a big fan of Feist and Brit indie band Bat for Lashes), to his favorite sneakers. But Kanye's favorite subject? Himself, of course. The blog is chock full of pics, videos and news clips confirming Kanye as "the king of rap."


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King of douches is more like it.


2516 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

His actions are a perpetuation that are instep along the lines of therapeutic alienation. Pointing his middle finger at me while only serving up his own view point degrades his cause and furthers racism.

2516 days ago

florida mom    

really who cares, cry baby with money - get a real life and b*tch about something important

2516 days ago


Kanye's album sucks balls.
Good Life is the only good song on the album.
He is delusional,but will sell a lot of albums either way
The man is a snakeoil salesman who can rhyme

2516 days ago

Dan Houser    

Kanye, just plain aind simple, sucks. His music, his personality.. so incredibly weak and boring. Please stop pumping your big head with the illusions that you're great Kanye. You're wack, and you suck.

2516 days ago


I just want to know what idiots are buying his crap?

2516 days ago

He's Boring now    

Oh come on, he was making fun of himself and those outbursts on SNL last night...he was actually kind of funny too.

2516 days ago

Elizabeth Ferguson    

Kanye West is an arrogant, whiny little brat. Has the thought ever crossed his mind that the fact he's never won might be because he sucks and is stuck on himself?? He is so fricking annoying.

2516 days ago


I think Kayne West is one of the biggest jerks to hit the scene. I have been exhausted by him from the very start. I personally never thought that he was/is talented and to take it a step further there are very few African American artist that have the lime light that are talented. Lets take beyonce........she is a no talent. all this chick has is a figure that a lot of people like and she is sleeping with the right man.

The African American artist like India.Aire and those like her aren't getting the recognition they deserve. I'm sick to death of these no talents taken up the radio or where ever with their crap. There is no way on this earth that Stephaine Mills shouldn't have a hit record. Has anyone ever heard her voice. Real talents please come back.

2516 days ago


I agree with everyone !!! Kanye is nothing but a BIG crybaby !!!! Boo..Hoo..I just wanna say too tat 50 cent i somuch better than him any day!!!! I't makes you think if kanye cried his way to win that!!!! I think kanye needs a reality CHECK!!!!! You ain't who you think you are!!!

2516 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

This @sshole needs therapy. He is spoiled and ungrateful for anything that is coming his way. King of rap huh? How about King of the Giant Babies.

2516 days ago


Kanye West? Kanye WORST, you mean ...
What a pretentious Jack*ss!

There's a simple remedy to this : just stop buying his tracks and call your radiostation to stop playing his tracks. That will shut him up for good.

2516 days ago

eric frederick    

King of all Douche Bags!

2516 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

They should not have overlooked him. He has a legitimate point.
Britney Spears??? Please. That was about ratings, & not about saluting this year's talent(s).
Kanye needs to do what he does, and quietly hold his head up. That will speak volumes.
The point has been made, and it's possible to lose sympathy for your cause if you annoy everyone to death with excessive whining.

2516 days ago

Lucas Moretti    

AKyne'ssss a GGGGGGGGG
i worked with him on my album its awesome.

mare lewiki rox

2516 days ago
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