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Kanye West, Babbling Blogger

9/30/2007 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kanye west, blogNow that awards show crybaby Kanye West is giving MTV the silent treatment, he won't shut up on his new blog.

The hip hop artist swore off MTV after losing out yet again at the channel's Music Video Awards, and since then, he's been working overtime to post on his site. Yesterday alone, Kanye posted five times. He's a regular Michael Crichton.

What's Kanye blogging about? Everything from his fave YouTube clips (he's a big fan of Feist and Brit indie band Bat for Lashes), to his favorite sneakers. But Kanye's favorite subject? Himself, of course. The blog is chock full of pics, videos and news clips confirming Kanye as "the king of rap."


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Amy Silverman    

Nice little girlie scarf Miss West

2542 days ago


Call me crazy. But, is Kanye West wearing a sheer print scarf and a string of pearls in the TMZ pic posted for this article. I'm just saying....

Canada #26: Why are you wasting space on an American website and wasting the time of day of Americans, who need to care less, to tell them about Canadian law? Can't you find somewhere in Canada to be useless? Canada's a big place. You should get out and see it, so you can stop bothering Americans with your worthless diatribe about useless Canadian information.

2542 days ago


Kanye amazed me and grabbed my attention as a fan with "Through the Wire" but he lost me as a fan when he started his whining about Bush after Hurricane Katrina. Kanye--you are a rap artist!! Shut up about whatever you happen to be griping about and just sing!!! Singing is your profession, not telling everyone your opinions!!

2542 days ago

J Byrd    

Kanye was on Sat Night Live last night and ughh!!! The first 10 seconds of his bullcrap and I had to turn it off. OMG I'd rather listen to a traffic jam. Kanye sucks so bad...

2542 days ago


Kanye is a pompous, arrogant big mouth who better remember where he came from. Humility is a beautiful thing but arrogance is ugly backed by an ugly heart.

Remember Kanye act like you know Jesus.

2541 days ago


right. next!

2541 days ago

Kawika 3    

Quit Whining ALREADY.
Your music Isn't that good.
If it was 1/2 as good as you think, it still would Stink....
Move on Whiner......


2541 days ago


king of CRAP is a little closer to reality, with everything coming out of his mouth drawing flies.

2541 days ago


I am very interested in reading this Blog! Does anyone know what the web address is?!

2541 days ago


I absolutely love Kanye and really glad he's doing his own personal blog for his fans. I appreciate him taking his time out and doing that.
His music, no doubt, it's amazing.

2541 days ago


kanye west is the most insecure most successful person in the entertainment industry today. he's the best at what he does, but he'll never be happy or satisfied wih anything he does. he wants every single person in the world to love and adore him, because he thinks it will give him self worth. his over comfident act is transparent.

2541 days ago


Dude, you suck. You're a whiney little bitch and you're not even that talented as a musician. Stop. Just stop.

2541 days ago


when did being confident mean your insecure? since when is it a crime to love you and be
proud of what you do ? you mean to tell me Kanye is the only artist alive proud of what he puts out there? be serious!!! Kanye is a talented even if you do not think so someboby does
cause the man sold over one mill in the first week so you might want check yourself or better
yet ask your kids they are the reason Kanye is going to the bank!! Kanye keep the good work.

2541 days ago


oka now you all need to leave him alone and get a life of your own. OOOOOOOOOOOOppppppppppps thats right it is too boring and predcable. Please half of you wish you were himl and would love to bein his shoes.

2541 days ago


You people need to get over it. The man sold 990,000 + copies in the first week he is obviously talented and people love him. Although his actions may be irrational by some people's standards, most consider him passionate and brave to speak his opinion like he does. And if Kanye sucks so bad, why are you all wasting your precious time complaining to the world about how bad he sucks and how bad his album is? Get a life. And if you think he is egocentric, stop visiting his blog. And as a matter of fact its HIS BLOG! What else are you going to have in a personal BLOG other than pictures, and articles about yourself? Stop riding the few talented artists we have out there.

2541 days ago
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