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The Evolution

Of Carrot Top

9/30/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrot Top's comedy routine isn't the only thing that has changed over time! Just look at what he's done to himself in the last 13 years!

Carrot Top
TMZ has exclusively learned what CT's next transformation will be!


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Cha Cha    

O.M.G. He Looks Like A Buff Drag Queen.......

2543 days ago


He looks like he stole his eyebrows from Boy George - But George wears them soooo much better!

2542 days ago


Carrot is trying to look like michael Jackson yuck!

2542 days ago


Thank you, TMZ, for posting these hawt pictures of CT. I think he looks great these days. I wasn't into him at all when he was a skinny runt. He is 100% beefcake these days and I would love to take him out to dinner and serve him a Hot Carl. YUM!

2538 days ago


OMG.... he looks like something Joan Rivers might have spawned.

2534 days ago


i feel sorry for him/her.............. but it also, as someone who is transgendered angers me to see some of the comments( some chick wrote ewwwwwwwww and made a comment to the effect that carrottop might be transgendered and it makes her sick?) also others ask why tg people dont come out to the public, and still others wonder about if carrot top is crazy? to answer at least one question, if ______ is transgendered........ then why would someone so public come out to a hostile, hateful public such as some of these people? i mean its a tough thing to do without being famous, but when people are so downright judgmental, hateful, without knowing what its like to deal with such things? one day, my children will be alive in a world where people will get facts before they judge, they will learn about something instead of making lewd, moronic, uneducated hateful comments...... and i both am happy for the transgendered people of that era and after, and jealous that i wont see that day, it certainly isnt today.................when doctors ruined my life by making a choice for me at birth, i had no say in the matter, and for my whole life ive hurt, been talked about, accused of being "evil" but biology is a bitch isnt it? and thats what most of my kind deal with, yet its made out to be a choice, why dont people choose to stop being spiteful, hateful and judgmental, thats the clear choice thats important here........................!! to me , its obvious, carrot top has gender issues, and its sad , very sad, ........... i have a dream.................

555 days ago


yes he must be tg, but not coming out to a hostile , hateful world? how simple can i put it, when you need some place like tmz to fulfill your judgmental fix? one day my kids will live in a world where people will understand biology has more to do with anything......not choice........but not today, today, people like me walk around without others knowing we are tg, they just think im a sexy thin, beautiful woman, and i think its so funny when rednecks constantly hit on me .........if they only knew..........lmao

555 days ago
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