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Britney Can Drive ... In Louisiana

10/1/2007 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears does not have a valid California driver's license -- she does have one in LA, but someone should tell her that LA is Louisiana, not Los Angeles!
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TMZ did some digging and found that Brit has a valid license in her home state of Louisiana, but she doesn't live there. A rep for the DMV tells TMZ that in California, you have 10 days to apply for a license after arriving here as a resident, and Brit never completed the process. Examinations is hard, y'all! She did, however, appear in Louisiana in December of 2005 to renew her license, which is valid through December of 2009.

The L.A. City Attorney recently charged Britney with driving without a license. TMZ caught the unlicensed Spears driving through a Malibu parking lot this past Saturday, surrounded by paparazzi.


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Trueth Be Said    

Tmz loves to ruin stars lives Tmz you suck

2548 days ago

Trueth Be Said    

You Suck Tmz.

2548 days ago

Trueth Be Said    


2548 days ago


It does not really matter what the hell California law says. If her state and federal income taxes claim Louisianna as her residency, then that is residency and the state of CA really does not have a legal leg on which to stand.

This site should be ashamed for the part they played in the lying reporting they did earlier claiming she was driving illegally.

2548 days ago


Maybe if the paparrazzi and the public would stop hounding Britney.....and let her get back to liveing a privet life......she could get her life back together........
Leave her alone!

2548 days ago


Hasn't she been pulled over previously? I could have sworn I saw photos/story in the tabloids. Why did they not bust her then? I think she needs a serious wakeup call but to make such a big deal out of something so trivial seems petty and one sided.

2548 days ago


too bad so sad... looks like she needs to wake up and get a clue... She's going to end up dead and flat out broke, girl you better call your momma so she can talk some sense into you...Your going to lose everything you worked hard to achieve...someone shake her.

2548 days ago


WOW!!!!!Loses her kids and then out partying all in the same day.Typical Brittany lifestyle.

2548 days ago

gary gierloff    

Driving with an out of state license is a fix it ticket without any penalty.

2548 days ago


I try not to judge people but your tv show should be taking off the air. I am so tried of hearing about Miss Britiny and friends. I never watch your show but i see the commericals. I realize she Miss Brinity is a celebrity but we all need some privicy don't we? Please leave her alone. I am 51 years old. I have never seen her perform(miss B and company) but she is human and she has feelings. give her some space. Again i am not judgeing, i know you have a job to do, but what if she were your daughter...

2548 days ago


You can get insurance in a state without having a license from that state. IE: My car is registered in California, My license is in Missouri but my car has California Insurance. I own property in Missouri, so technically I am a resident of both locations for property tax purposes. Typically to be considered a resident you have to live in the place 51% of the time. If you have more then one home then the one that you reside in "the most" would be where you are considered the resident. That is why people who are snow birds do not change their residency. They may own property in Michigan and Florida but only claim residency in Michigan because Florida is just their summer home.

BUT being that she used California resources to obtain her divorce..... she herself claimed that she is a resident of California.

2548 days ago


Technically, Brit is a licesenced driver.Even if her liscence is issued by the state of Louisana, according to the Constitution of the United States, Spears has a right to drive in CA as long as she obeys the particular states's laws. If Spears was really driving without a license--no matter what state its issued in--she should be indicted to charges of such. If the state of Ca refuses to do so, then they are acknowleding the simple fact that Spears is allowed to drive and has been in past years. If Spears were smart, she'd find herself a good attorney and sue the state for violating her constituional right to full faith and credit. if the state of Louisana sees her fit to be a licensed driver, why should she have to go take another test to essentially change the state that appears on the front of her license?

2548 days ago


Only an expert in federal emergency and disaster law could say with any certainty. Ms Spears was a permanent resident of Kentwood, Louisiana, and her home was destroyed beyond repair during Hurricane Rita. She then moved to California. She is a displaced Louisiana citizen, and believe me, that changes every rule in the book.
You know, it's been over two years now and I still feel crazy some days. I guess I can kinda' imagine how she feels at some level.

2548 days ago


Brittney had a house she permanently lived in in Kentwood, Louisiana that was destroyed by Hurricane Rita. Maybe part of her problem is she's still grieving the loss of her property, home, etc. Alot of people still are.

2548 days ago


Darn TMZ, as bad as Brit is, don't you know the difference??? LA is Los Angeles, the abbreviation for Louisiana is La. State definitions are capital first letter and lower case second letter, and in city's it is both capital letters.

2548 days ago
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