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Carrie Bradshaw: Sox and the City

10/1/2007 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if giant flowers weren't bad enough, "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker is now looking to inspire forty-year-old women across the country to wear ... thigh-high stockings! Little Middle-Aged Orphan Carrie!

While shooting the SATC movie in Manhattan this weekend, the 42-year-old alleged fashion plate's ridiculous half-gloves, Hester Prynn shoes and schoolgirl thigh-highs hit a new low!

If this keeps up, the only thing Carrie Bradshaw will need to wear is a straitjacket!


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Animal Lover    

I love SATC, but think SJP is a little too old for pulling off these young trendy looks..she is starting to remind me of Betsy Johnson....ya know out there somewhere in left field. But who am I to say, she's the one with mega bucks in the bank and I'm sitting here behind my computer giving my inane opinions. Oh well back to my turkey sandwich and dream about owning some Prada handbags and which Jim Choo shoes to wear..yeah right!

2543 days ago


I think she looks fantastic and adorable in that outfit.
It looks like something Carrie Bradshaw would wear and that is WHO is wearing it...
Sarah is 42, but Carrie Bradshaw is younger than that.

If SHE is a skank whore, I would LOVE to know your opinion of Paris Hilton.

2543 days ago


Leave her alone, will ya? We love Carrie Bradshaw and feel confident she'll pull them off. The "new looks" that is, not the socks. Haha.

2543 days ago


Ummm... she's wearing a costume for the movie!? Hello, it's not like she freakin' woke up and picked out this outfit! But anyway, it's tres cute and she totally pulls it off! Can't wait for the movie... luv, luv, luv these women!

2543 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Sarah Jessica Parker aka My Little Pony is hideos and a horrendous looking bitch.

2543 days ago


She is just hideous. I love the blogger from calls her "My Little Pony Parker" and to his credit, she does look just like My Little Pony.

Age appropriate clothing can also be sexy and exciting. Sarah needs to grasp this concept.

2543 days ago


THat look is sooooo 1996.


1956, if you are a grandma wearing support stockings.

2543 days ago


There is nothing sadder then an older woman trying to look young and hold on to her youth when its going, She should dress her age.

2543 days ago


I feel really really bad for Britney.............Yeah, she makes mistakes as do we all, but we do it without those stupid paparazzi following us around 24 seven, and without all of the world to see. This has defiantly drove her over the edge. I would like to see how anyone else would handle all of the horrible things that people say about her themselves. I dont think any of you who are trashing her would be able to handle it either. It is very sad that all of this is probobly going to be the death of her like it was to Princess Dianna...........then everyone will say awwwwwwwwww.......poor thing. Well, I say it should be against the law to follow someone around like they do to Britney and to slander her name like this. We should all have more compassion and let this girl live her life. I hope that Britney reads this so that she knows that at least some people care and understand. I truely hope that she has the courage and strength to shut out everyone elses stupid opinions of her and get on with her life in a healthy and productive manner. Good luck Britney, Im rooting for you. God Bless!

2543 days ago


I hope SJP doesn't read this crap - she seems like a very sweet, grounded person with a beautiful family.

Skank whore??? How bitter and mean can you be? TMZ is full of skank whores - but SJP isn't one of them.

And as far as those of you picking on her looks - that's what's so charming about her. She does have a quirky face - but her personality sparkles. And kudos to her for not going under the knife - unlike....EVERYONE else in the industry.

2543 days ago


That would be UGLY in the city!!!

2543 days ago


Just a couple of points regarding this non-story:
1) It's a MOVIE, so she's in WARDROBE -you needn't judge the actor by the character's costume.
2) Laugh if you will, but several unusual looks that the Carrie Bradshaw donned during the series did become fashion trends or fads, so keep watching, and you might be getting a preview of next year's style crazes.

2543 days ago


You are right on this one TMZ: I never thought this woman was attractive. She has always had that kind of face that makes you wonder how she ever got to be on any show. Her acting, always the same. neverous type, very nervous acting always. Everyone has to carry her performance. It is hard to watch and match that with her looks and you have "why"???

2543 days ago


Would someone please get a Rat to Chew that Huge Wart off her horse chin!

Older ladies trying to look young are so pittiful. You have past your experation date... live with it!

Its like Fat people that where sports ware.... your not foolin anyone!

2543 days ago


To Norah -- #15

It's called TALENT, character and integrity, and you can’t hide that from the camera. Here's a woman whose wildly successful, Emmy-winning role as Carrie Bradshaw has made her a household name. Her films are very good as well. She is not only talented, but very attractive with a gorgeous figure. She doesn't need those artificial "Barbie" looks to be successful. SJP is respected and admired by millions. Her favorite charity is UNICEF, but she has supported several others for years.

We love you, Sarah!

2543 days ago
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