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It's All Greek to Britney

10/1/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Opa! It's Britney dines around the world week! The pop mom was spotted at a Greek restaurant in Malibu last night with her two tots -- and both couldn't stop crying!

TMZ was outside of Taverna Tony, as Brit, Sean Preston and little Jayden James showed up for a quick dinner. Britney carried Jayden into the restaurant, and had help bringing the two boys out after eating -- with the brothers Federline crying as they were strapped into mama's Mercedes. Didn't they like the spanakopita?

Brit showed that she does indeed know how to use a car seat, strapping her booboos in herself! The only thing Spears loses point for: having a pack of cigarettes sitting in the car.


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You know, sometimes kids Do cry (mother of 7 here). The thing I am wondering is, did she finally get her license or what?

2579 days ago


when are we going to leave her alone??????????

2579 days ago


when are we going to leave her alone??????????

2579 days ago



And yeah he is Greek a hundred percent.

2579 days ago


Just maybe they're crying because you won't get out of their freakin' faces. Ever think of that? LEAVE THE WOMAN ALONE AND GIVE ALL OF THEM SOME AIR. You guys (MEDIA) are the ones causing the kids to freak, not her. All you paps are friggin nightmares and she's dammed if she does, and dammed if she doesn't. When she has her kids with her, LEAVE HER ALONE.

2579 days ago


Poor Traumatized Kids....i guess i would be crying to if a million lights were flashing in my eyes and people were buzzing around me like a bunch of hornets waiting to sting me with their rumors and lies...leave the girl alone already please enough is enough...

2579 days ago


So I assume she now has a valid driving license? surely some of the papers/mags/Tmz would have caught her getting one> Hopefully she is smart enough to know that she has to get one.

folks... don't feel too sorry for Brit and all of the flashbulbs...If she didn't live for it... she wouldn't be doing all this stuff demanding publicity.. tho I am sure she would like to at least go out to eat or for a coffee run with out it.

I saw on Larry king last week, the 2 little boys in were in the back seat and the oldest was holding the little ones hand while all of the flashbulbs were going off. how sad is that!

Never see K-fed dragging them out everywhere tho. at least with him their is some normalcy apparently.

2579 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Woohoo, thanks, TMZ, for lettin' us know Britney and the kids ate at a Greek restaurant.cuisine. I'll think I'll celebrate at lunch with a pita.

2579 days ago


Let's be real here people! The girl is famous, and she know's that the photogs will follow her around wherever she goes, yet she still exposes her kids to this kind of chaos! This could be so dangerous for these children, not to mention frightning! If she wants to be seen all over town in public toilets and God knows where else, fine but do not put little innocent children through all this mess! There are a lot of famous mother's out there who do not endager their children the way this nit wit continues to do! I feel sorry for a lot of the ridicule that she gets, but she brings it on her self. Sit down and reflect and get a hold of your life before you become one of the True Hollywood Story tragedys!

2579 days ago

What?! Babies crying? Call social services

2579 days ago


Those kids did not start crying until the camera flashes started. This girl is living under a microscope. No matter what she does, someone is going to find an issue with it. One thing I don't understand, why is she always stopping at gas stations and public bathrooms. Why do the photogs think they have to get a shot of her going into a bathroom??

2579 days ago


When is she just going to OD and die already and put ALL OF US out of HER misery???

2579 days ago


To ALL YOU STALKERS - for god sake leave this poor girl alone .... !! Is that all you can find to write about!! Those of you who have children go check the dash/seat of your our own vehicles (or your homes) and how many of you have cigarettes (or worse)!! Give the girl a break! What exactly are you trying to do - push her over the edge to give yourselves a real story!! Forget Brit and think of those two children after all she is their mother!! Show some compasasion and leave Brit alone when she is with her children!

2579 days ago


Poor, poor Britney. Paparazzi will not leave her alone????? Why o why does she take the boys out so often to a public places to eat soooooooooo often????? Her attention seeking behavior is one thing, but why drag her toddler boys into the limelight all the time??
Her new album speaks for itself---the so called 80's sound and the background is lost with Britney's hyped up fake voice.

2579 days ago

just me    

She still doesn't have the good sense to buckle up herself. I have never seen a photo of Brit wearing the shoulder belt across her upper torso.

2579 days ago
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