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It's All Greek to Britney

10/1/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Opa! It's Britney dines around the world week! The pop mom was spotted at a Greek restaurant in Malibu last night with her two tots -- and both couldn't stop crying!

TMZ was outside of Taverna Tony, as Brit, Sean Preston and little Jayden James showed up for a quick dinner. Britney carried Jayden into the restaurant, and had help bringing the two boys out after eating -- with the brothers Federline crying as they were strapped into mama's Mercedes. Didn't they like the spanakopita?

Brit showed that she does indeed know how to use a car seat, strapping her booboos in herself! The only thing Spears loses point for: having a pack of cigarettes sitting in the car.


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WOW - ya mean the kids cry when they're out and the paps are flashing pics right in their face. I thought all kids like that.

2582 days ago


The question isn't does she ever stop eating out, the real question is does she ever stop eating?

Munchies much?

2582 days ago


I have to wonder why she instists on a 2-door vehicle. With all her money cant she just have the 2 door for her single girl nights out and then a "family" vehicle for when she takes the boys out.... would make it a helluva lot easier getting them into their carseats and then we wouldnt have to worry about some photographer getting any more shots of her vajajay. eewwww!

2582 days ago

Gatorade Please    

Hey TMZ, dont you think its time for YOUR PEOPLE back off Britney when she's with her children, what is wrong with you TMZ, rather disgusting chasing money when children are present. TMZ your the King Of Poison Pen!

2582 days ago


Still covered up(the boobs).But, not the panties!!!! Not very gracefull or any class!! nastey girl!!

2582 days ago


TMZ......STOP with the Britney thing already !!! It's boring, old, and is she.
You must be running out of stuff to report....OR.....I'm sure you're saving the "good stuff" for your show. Speaking of your show.....IT SUCKS !!!! The whole premise of the writers/ photogs in a room shouting out "stuff" is iritating and BORING !!! Ya got a loser there, Harvey !! Stick to what ya know....this gossip column...or a new show format similar to ET or Hollywood Heat !!

2582 days ago


Too bad the boys wear seat belts and Britney doesn't!!!!

2582 days ago

Mama Dukes    

Does she have her license now?

2582 days ago


I wonder how people would react if the cards were turned on them. I think this girl handles the situation great. How would you like to not be able to walk anywhere, do anything, say anything without flashbulbs and recorders stuck in your face. No wonder the kids were crying. How do you think a young kid should react when a group of pervs are flashing bulbs and crowded up together. She should be able to go out and do what she wants just like any American without this trash following them.

2582 days ago


I try and give Britney benefit of the doubt, but she looks so bored.

2582 days ago


Can this woman EVER stay home and giver her kids a stable environment? NO ! She is so attention starving that she has to upset her children EVERY time. Stay home Britney. Your poor children need a STABLE environment. I really hope the judge takes those kids away. Maybe then they'd have a chance of some type of normalcy.

And for God's sakes, BUY SOME DECENT CLOTHES !!!!

2582 days ago

What is wrong with you TMZ    

I'm OUTRAGED that those PHOTOGRAPHERS can treat ANYONE like that! I don't care WHICH star it is, they have a RIGHT to go out in public WITHOUT all of those JERKS BLOCKING THEIR WAY, YELLING AT THEM and SHOOTING THOSE CAMERA'S and LIGHTS in their FACES hundreds of times a minute!

You wonder why the boys are CRYING? And she can go anywehre she wants, just as we can and we would not like that happening to us, no matter who we are! The law should arrest THOSE GUYS and see how they like it!

2582 days ago


Brit, get a cook and stay at home with those babies. Subjecting a two-year-old and a one-year-old repeatedly to flashing lights in their faces will scare the crap out of them every time you subject them to such press. Go out, fine, you have the right, but limit your visits out with them. They always look terrified in photos so they can't be having much fun. If you want to eat out every night, cool, but send someone who works for you to go get the food so you're not scaring your kids all of the time with the people who stalk you for a photo. They deserve not to be subject to it at such a young age if it obviously frightens them.

2582 days ago


Brit is a sad excuse for a person, but the reason the kids were crying is because the paps were swarming all around them. they were scared.
I wish you all would find someone else to bother.

2582 days ago

Paris's festering sores    

Wait a minute.....I thought her drivers license was INVALID? Is she still driving around illegally with those kids in the car?

2582 days ago
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