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K-Fed's Attorney To Allred -- You Didn't Help

10/1/2007 11:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-FedKevin Federline's lawyer is damning Gloria Allred with faint praise. Allred held a news conference yesterday, claiming her client/"secret witness"/former Britney bodyguard was an important factor in the decision to strip Brit of custody.

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Mark Vincent Kaplan, the attorney for Kevin Federline, says, "I appreciate Gloria facilitating her client coming forward when he did. Today's proceedings did not involve his testimony. He may be called as a witness in the future."


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There is no news in this post.

2580 days ago


The courts have finally seemed to put the interst of the children first. I dont know much about this "K-Fed" person but I haven't seen him in the news every other day like we've all seen Ms Spears. Lets pray that these measures will open this young girls eyes to the responsibilities of being a parent.

2580 days ago


2580 days ago

just wondering    

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2580 days ago


I am so sick of people acting like Britney is SOOOO horrible and skank Fed is perfect?? Yes shes dysfunctional.. But he is no saint problem is the paparatzi isnt following his every move. i mean brit cant even leave a parkign lot with out being swarmed.... no wonder she has wrecked hell i couldnt drive with flashing lights in my eyes..

and some1 once said she needs to stay home.. who are they to say she should not go out to dinner with the kids.

and as far as shar jackson she only acts now like skank fed is a good dad because she wants brits money..
thats how they got their secret witness because they are all back stabbing liars...

2580 days ago


Mr. Baretto did the right thing. He can sleep well knowing he has helped those boys more than anyone else in the family was able too. Hopefully, this change will facilitate some healing on all sides.

2580 days ago

Susan B    

What else can K-fud do to Britney. His alimony was ending in November, so he was able to apply for child support just in time.

He is such a lowlife. Kevin, get a damm job and quit living off Britney. You do not take care of Shar's children, but then she doesn't have millions, does she?

Kevin, Rot in Hell!!!!!!!!!!

2580 days ago

Britney Spears    

britneyspearsmystory com

2580 days ago


Get a clue: the reason these "stars" are swarmed by photographers is because they call them up ahead of time and tell them where they are going to be.

2580 days ago

Britney Spears    

britneyspearsmystory com

2580 days ago


She's probably happy as can be, now that she isn't tied down to a couple of babies! Now she's free to party, and K-Fed has to play both parents. She'll end up having to pay for it, but at least she won't have to deal with the diapers? Of course she'll party party party!

2580 days ago


The sad thing about this is I believe he is doing this to get more money from Britney. He doesn't care about the kids, if he did he would spend more time with his other kids. I am not a Britney fan, but I truly hope she gets the help she needs, she is losing everything in this downward spiral that is her life. I think Kevin is the reason she is so messed up. I think she needs to be left alone (hint hint hint TMZ) so she can come to terms with her mistakes and fix her life. She cannot so much as stop is a coffee shop and use the bathroom without being attacked. It is no wonder she is dazed and confused... Good luck Britney, I hope you straighten up your life...

2580 days ago


Bet he does....a lot more money for each of them thanks to Lynn Spears pushing her daughter to become a "child star" and not meeting all the important psychological milestones on time. Wonder how much the friggin paparazzi have made off Britney Spears?

Nothing honorable about K-Fed, Kaplan, Allred, nor the bodyguard (will be proven he and wife were in this for money).

Children should be raised by their mothers with quality shared time with their fathers, and I pray that Britney Spears gets all the professional help she needs right now so that her kids don't have to be indefinitely raised by Shar Jackson who will get a big cut of her "child star" monies.

2580 days ago


every one is rejoicing about britney losing her kids should`nt this not a happy time for her. people need to understand that this man used her and he is continuing to do so let`s all just pray for brit

2580 days ago


Britney's behaviour is a longtime fan i am disappointed and embarassed for her ...she needs to pull herself together for the sake of her children....i honestly cant even stand the sight of her anymore....

2580 days ago
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