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Mr. Olympia Finalist's Teeny Weeny ... Bikini

10/1/2007 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh the beauty that is the natural male form -- shaved smooth, sprayed brown and pumped beyond all recognition into an emasculating neon-blue mankini! Gorge!

The Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Finals were held this weekend in Las Vegas, and finalist Gustavo Badell showed off all his big muscles -- and a little one too!

Working out can only do so much.

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Cool! Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up and I was thinking of buying a ready-cooked, ready-browned turkey - now all I have to do is fly him up here!

2587 days ago


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. That is... just.... Ew. That's all, just ew.

2587 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

he looks like a freaky blowup doll about to pop.

soooo NOT attractive - methinks you gals who think it is might be body builders yourselves.

2587 days ago


Too much working out??? Who are you kidding? Yourselves? You honestly think the fat, grossly obese people, especially the ones in their 20s, with their fat hanging out of their pants is not EWWWWW, as you say? I bet the majority of you don't work out, aren't healthy and don't own a freaking mirror. LOL. You go on now, eat your doughnuts and chips, plant your happy butt on the sofa and watch TV. And as your lifestyle and eating habits slowly kill you, those of us who work out will be laughing at your misery. Oh and jealousy is an ugly thing.

2587 days ago


that is absolutely disgusting. why the hell would you do that to yourself?

2587 days ago

Julie the Jarhead    

Everything in moderation ...

... Except chocolate.

2587 days ago


Ew, ew and ew some more! Anyone who doesn't believe steroids are bad for you - show them this pic. The lack of man berries (and manhood too by the looks of things) should scare them straight. I would rather have an overweight man WITH tackle than a ridiculously over-muscled man without. Thank you very much. EWWWW!!!

2587 days ago


That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. What is wrong with people that they willing do that to their bodies?

2587 days ago


Wasn't he in Fantastic Four? hehehehehehe...

2587 days ago

Equally Disappointed    

This guy looks like a Ball Park hot dog....so they do plump when you cook 'em!! LOL

2587 days ago


It's gross...Steroids..he'll be dead when he's fifty.

2587 days ago


That's Gross.

2587 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Evolution is just so fascinating.

Apes are larger and depend more on their eyes than on their noses or brain. And unlike monkeys, apes do not have tails. But apes are more intelligent than monkeys. Their brains are larger and more developed, and apes can learn and pass along information.

He'll get there....

I think there is a big difference between body builders and being healthy. They put appearance first and only. They actually are unfit as they can't move fast enough to get a cardio work out. They have high blood pressure and usually high cholesterol due to their high protein diets.

You need cardio and strength training. Even if it's just walking and simple resistance exercises. Just to protect from osteoarthritis latter in life. Bones like some muscle - his are doing it ruff. I just look at him and think "stress fractures".

Definite correlation between brain and ball size there.

2587 days ago


That is just disturbing. Like who would EVER want to be that big?? its disgusting if you ask me.

2587 days ago


No muscle where it really matters! No wonder its itsy-bitsy. Well, at least he is wearing blue. Poster child for not using steroids, it has shrunk his willy.

2587 days ago
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