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"Rock of Love" Stripper Cries Foul!

10/1/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes true love isn't skin deep. On Sunday's finale of "Rock of Love," has-been Poison rocker Bret Michaels chose between stripperlicious Heather and pink-haired pixie, Jes. And even though Heather had Bret's name tattooed across the back of her neck -- Bret pointed his pinkie to select Jes.

Not surprisingly, Heather was pretty pissed, posting on MySpace that she was misrepresented in the final episode, boohooing that editing made her look way more insensitive on their final date than she really was.

She was upset that she didn't rock the aging rocker. Heather wrote, "I am so heartbroken and appalled that I look so insensitive in the finale."

When Bret asked if he could have both girls, Heather says she "absolutely, 100 percent did not say I would share him. We both said no." Once again, Heather blames editors. "I am soooo appalled by that -- as if the stipper [sic] thing wasn't enough, (which I quit doing months ago) -- or pretty much never showing one bad thing about Jess, I got ran through [sic] the coals and heartbroken once again." Appalling!

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I loved Heather and thought Jess did the right thing at the finale. I fiured they doctored it and heather did not say that. She showed herself to be a grown woman. I hated Jess (thouht she was too snobby) until she turned him away and said the things she did. I really admire her now. She's too young to be with a man that old (though I absolutely LOVE him and thinks he is FINE) with all of his baggage. She needs a nice young man her age. I sure hope Heather and he got together finally, or there will be another show. So much better than 'New York' and that disgusting bunch. At least these in Brett's house held their class for almost the entire time. Alcohol in a setting like that will bring out the worst.. In 'new york''s shows, they are sober and act like total trash. That's the difference, folks.

2534 days ago


out of all of the bands that came out of the 80's bret and poison look and sound great. I really could care less about this reality show. I would like to see poison back on the charts.

2533 days ago


At least he didn't pick Lacey--what a psycho bitch! Of course Bret and Jes are no longer together so get ready for Rock of Love 2!!!

2531 days ago


When you sign on to reality show, the producers make it clear that the editing will portray you any way they want. She still signed on. She has no complaint.
And "Kel", yes, he is a has-been. Are you really that dumb to think there are no has-beens that have a buncha money and write and do all the other things you pointed out? Have you ever looked at the marquees on the Las Vegas strip? Nothing but has-beens.
Not only that, he was barely relevant in the 80's. Poison pretty much rode the coattails of the Motley Crues and the Guns 'N Roses' of the time. Sorry but it's true.

2530 days ago

Pink lady baby    

Now come on, who really cares about this crap. There are enough going on in today's world to be hooked to this kind of T-V. I can't believe it seems today, everyone wants there own show. They just don't make great T-V like they use to. He had to stoop to this just to land a girl? Why don't he just sign up for a dating service. Well, why don't he have his own and call it BRET'S PLUG. This would be the the best name for this because ROCK OF LOVE #2 will be taping soon.....Guess it will go on and on...

2530 days ago


I went to her "MySpace" and read her posting. She should realize that editors are important for other than editing film. She should have used an editor to proofread her posting before it went up. There were quite a number of grammatical errors, which for me, gives the appearance of someone who is uneducated. She may wish to enroll in a basic English class!

2529 days ago


boo who. stop being a whore then you might find a good man, nobody wants a chick that s--k and f--k for money.stop being a groupie and be real woman,look at oprah, thats a real woman, she don't need a man, she made herself,she worked hard to accomplish what she has. you never see her on t.v making afool out of herself...stop being whores..thats not cool because for rest of your life you are going to have to run game on men just to get paid.. or you could pose nude or leak a sex tape like the rest of those little whores or go back to swinging on a pole and coming home smelling like cigarette smoke. stupid bytch.

2528 days ago


bottom line jes is thinner and prettier. unfortunately thats how this shallow world is.

2527 days ago


Anyone watch Tia Tequila - the bisexual looking for love among a bunch of men and women? Well, it looks like Jes is one of the females looking for love with Tia.

2512 days ago
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