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"Rock of Love" Stripper Cries Foul!

10/1/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes true love isn't skin deep. On Sunday's finale of "Rock of Love," has-been Poison rocker Bret Michaels chose between stripperlicious Heather and pink-haired pixie, Jes. And even though Heather had Bret's name tattooed across the back of her neck -- Bret pointed his pinkie to select Jes.

Not surprisingly, Heather was pretty pissed, posting on MySpace that she was misrepresented in the final episode, boohooing that editing made her look way more insensitive on their final date than she really was.

She was upset that she didn't rock the aging rocker. Heather wrote, "I am so heartbroken and appalled that I look so insensitive in the finale."

When Bret asked if he could have both girls, Heather says she "absolutely, 100 percent did not say I would share him. We both said no." Once again, Heather blames editors. "I am soooo appalled by that -- as if the stipper [sic] thing wasn't enough, (which I quit doing months ago) -- or pretty much never showing one bad thing about Jess, I got ran through [sic] the coals and heartbroken once again." Appalling!

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Bret is not a has been just because you aren't a fan and don't keep up with what he is doing does not mean he doesn't have a large fan base. He is a millionaire with a beautiful home and writes and produces music. If you call that a has been then you need your head checked. I also think he made a good choice by picking Jess.

2581 days ago


THANK YOU TMZ! I am so glad you have brought up this subject. It is funny, but with Bret's diabetes, that he really was not taking good care of, i.e., drinking alcohol alllll day long with these girls, it does not surprise me AT ALL that by the end of the show, he was feeling sickly, and he chose the girl that he believed would take good care of him. He was TIRED! He was sick of the drinking and partying - I mean, Dude is getting up there, so that is why he picked the sweet, well-intentioned 23-year-old that is Jess OVER the HOT-TASTICNESS of the 30-year-old stripper that is Heather.

For Heather's part, I think she had an excellent sense of humor, was creative and, even though she harkened back to the days of yore - 1980's hair band-mania - she was a good sport and PRETTY as heck! so, I am glad to hear she quit stripping. She is too pretty to be wasting her time in a dark bar - she needs to be out there where she is affecting people!

Now for Jess - LOVE HER! I loved her from the time that CRAZY red-head chick yanked her in the pool. She was consistently kind-hearted, helpful to other's, not a big drinker, not into drugs, and I can really picture her as a real-life R.N.! So, I think Bret picked good, although, had he not been feeling so sick, I can't help but wonder if he would've gone for the party-animal - Heather!

And BRET, dude! You've got insulin-dependant diabetes........lay OFF the alcohol! Be a better role model - SHEEESH!

2581 days ago


I remember Bret from back in the day when I worked at an LA rock club and Poison would play there. I was even there for their 1st video and at the party when they received their 1st platinum album. Bret was always a nice guy so I am glad to see that he picked a nice lady and I wish them the best.

Honestly, I only watched a couple episodes because those shows are not really my thing. But from the last few women I did see, Heather was a just low class with a trash mouth. Lacy was a nut-case and Jess was the only normal one.

Best of luck to both of you.

2581 days ago


Look who the hell finds love on a reality show. Come one people..... This guy has type 1 diabetes and drinks like a damn fish he's not gonna be around much longer let him have his strippers and who ever else he wants.

2581 days ago


Well maybe the fact that Striperella didn't seem to notice when Bret needed to take a break and eat becauseof his illness. Where Jess listened to and carried through with what he was saying I think for me it made it clear that Bret should have known who to pick and I am so glad it wasn't Heather. God Bless Bret and Jess may they find happiness out of the public eye, if not I am sure that Bret won't have to much of a problem finding someone else. Just stay away from player's Bret please no more.... say it with me ....stripperella's period. You deserve so much better but really do you want to have everyone and their brothers get their yaya's outon your girl.....Please say no!!!!

2581 days ago


Who cares about the editors or what they did? They must have been the ones that made her look 10 years older than Bret, too. Jess was the clear winner from the start. Heather thought she had it in the bag and she didn't, go away. Show's over.

2581 days ago


Heather should have won only because Jess seemed like a down to eartth girl and bret and heather are both stuck in the 80's. Doesn't Bret know that he is an old has been? If not maybe someone should tell him!

2581 days ago


You guys are suckers. Jess was there for the publicity. Period. She even said so on a radio interview with one of the other girls. She was making fun of Bret and the whole thing. See for yourself. Go to youtube and do a Rock of Love search. The whole show was a scripted joke and I personally get more entertainment out of hearing & reading the suckers who argue about it...

2581 days ago


First off I want to say that I LOVED this show. And Bret is SO NOT washed up. He is still as fine as he ever was. But when we are talking about washed up...Look at Heather. Maybe I am picky about what a stripper should be and I am sure when it comes down to it most men wouldnt throw her outta bed but she should have given up that profession years ago. She never showed any class and was ALWAYS in the middle of the Drama in the house. My suggestion to her is next time you are gonna try to convince the world you are giving up stripping dont wear what you would wear on stage to a romantic dinner. One more bit of advice to Heather...NEVER get a man's name tattooed on you especially if that man is dating 3 other women besides you. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!!!!!
The right girl won. Jess is the prettiest, sexiest and has the best head on her shoulders. I hope that they have a happy life together...Hopefully. One of these reality star romances need to work...unlike Flavor Flav or New York. lol

2581 days ago

In NC    

Who would want a hair-losing 80's make-up wearing whiner as a husband, nonetheless a boyfriend. Heather should count her lucky stars she won't be walking next to him while he's in a scooter, or having to change his diapers. He already has a hump in his back. Fish and cut bait sweetheart. That is a room I wouldn't walk into. Quick...I think his twin from Warrant is looking for a mate...Jani anyone?

2581 days ago


Come on Heather is a skank stripper who saw her ticket out of taking her clothes off for a living. Which she has a great body but way to manly for me.

Jess is smokin hot, smart, sexy and oh yeah not uses up trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

2581 days ago


32 years old my ass! that bitch is ATLEAST 36!

2581 days ago


Jess is amazing too good for that idiot.....

2581 days ago


Yessssss! :-) I'm so glad he picked Jess. Shes kind and has a good head on her shoulders... i wish them the best. Besides, he is a rockstar - he had bunch of strippers lol why would u wanna marry one? :) Jess is beautiful, if he ever needs a face for his album cover - there u go. ;)

2581 days ago


I agree with Kel. I hate when people say that. Every body has their ups and downs. Even if he never does anything again he will probably have had more success than the person who called him a has been. Any human being that God created is not a has been. Every day is a new day to make of it what you will. Every morning we wake up is a another chance God gives us!

2581 days ago
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