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"Rock of Love" Stripper Cries Foul!

10/1/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes true love isn't skin deep. On Sunday's finale of "Rock of Love," has-been Poison rocker Bret Michaels chose between stripperlicious Heather and pink-haired pixie, Jes. And even though Heather had Bret's name tattooed across the back of her neck -- Bret pointed his pinkie to select Jes.

Not surprisingly, Heather was pretty pissed, posting on MySpace that she was misrepresented in the final episode, boohooing that editing made her look way more insensitive on their final date than she really was.

She was upset that she didn't rock the aging rocker. Heather wrote, "I am so heartbroken and appalled that I look so insensitive in the finale."

When Bret asked if he could have both girls, Heather says she "absolutely, 100 percent did not say I would share him. We both said no." Once again, Heather blames editors. "I am soooo appalled by that -- as if the stipper [sic] thing wasn't enough, (which I quit doing months ago) -- or pretty much never showing one bad thing about Jess, I got ran through [sic] the coals and heartbroken once again." Appalling!

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Guess she is rethinking that tattoo now huh??????

2543 days ago

My Two Cents    

I can relate to how Bret felt when he was with Heather and didn't feel well as I also have diabetes. Heather just wanted to keep having fun. He was feeling bad and told her so and she pretty much ignored him and continued to keep going up and down over those dunes while he continued to feel worse. Jess on the otherhand felt for him. Bret chose the right girl. Bret's diabetes would interfer with Heather's fun.

2543 days ago


Separated at Birth: Heather in the final pic and Big Bird

2543 days ago


All in all the BEST girl for Bret WON... Jes seemed like she was the right one, right from the start... didn't party too much, tried to stay out of the drama, until of course it came to her with Lacey tossing her into the pool, but she seemed in the end the best fit (just like Bret said) - she took care of him when he was sick, while instead Heather drove around in the dune buggy and didn'tr care that her "future husband" was almost going into diabetic shock!!!! Hello, I really thought you were INTO him, you should have taken care of him from that moment on, instead of driving over every bump at top speed!!!
Heather will ALWAYS be a stripper with a tainted past... while Jes is young and fun and full of life - Maybe she can help REVIVE Bret's career- hey it couldn't hurt!!!
Bret was NOT going to let another stripper break his heart and in the end, it was the girl with the class, the brains and without the 80's stripper hair that WON!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Heather looked like a complete TRAIN WRECK in the final episode at the end... Hello bright YELLOW lycra dress, can we all say STRIPPER together??!?!??! and that hair... leave the bottle of AQUA NET at home and stay away from open flames with that hair around, GEEZ!!!
I hope it all works out for Bret and Jes in the end, I hope out of the spotlight of cameras and public eye that they can make it work... Hey, who knows... we can only hope!!!!
and PLEASE... PLEASE... VH1, are you listening... Please DO NOT give Lacey or Heather there own show on VH1.. that is just silly... what will you call it??.. 2 train wrecks looking for love!!!

2543 days ago


I felt bad for Heather, she seemed like she really wanted to be with Breat and she was SO sassy and funny ! Too Bad! Heather- maybe now you can find a better man!

2543 days ago


Did we all learn a lesson from this show??? DON'T get a name tattooed on your body, anywhere on your body unless it's your own flesh and blood...
I wonder if Heather is still working the greasy pole at Scores showing off the BRET tattoo!!! and it was your first tattoo... LOL... even better!!!! I'm sure you're using your 80's hair to cover it up!!! LOL!!
Even Jes who had a bunch of tats didn't do anything so STUPID as that... good luck with that tat there slutty Heather!!!!

2543 days ago


I've heard it said diabetics cannot rise to the occassion. But what do I know!

2543 days ago


Heather was way better for him. Jess and him dont match - she will be gone in a few months. Heather was perfect type for him but I dont hink he liked her I think he kept the on the show because she was fun to watch and everyone thought he would pick her in the end so it made it a "shock" that he picked JEss.

2543 days ago


Finally the good and correct person was chosen on a reality show. The right choice for Bret was so obvious from the start, but I was ready to quit watching when Heather and Lacey kept being chosen to stay. They are total losers. Jess has class.

2543 days ago

Dawn Day    

#31 Chesses ~ I've heard that as well. Thank goodness there are plenty of ED medications out there!!!

2543 days ago


If Heather had as many sticking out as she's had stuck in her, she'd look like a porcupine. Jes was hilaious when she said she smelled rotten p*ssy after Heather came back from her date. Jes is waaaaaaaaay to good for that guy. I wonder if Bret buys those bandanas with the hair attached?

Jes, when you get tired of that burned out old diabetic bastard, just give me a call; I may be old, but I'm healthy.

2543 days ago


The show is not real...get it

2543 days ago


#18 -- Watch your You Tube videos -- Jess is wearing a ring on her left hand. Gotta say what you gotta say so you don't give the end away....

2543 days ago


Don't be upset Heather....may be you can hook up with one of the other rejects.

2543 days ago


I think alot of us must have picked Jess at the winner on the first episode! :) I just hope that they actually DATED and are still dating. I think Bret picked a hellva lady and Heather is devious.

2543 days ago
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