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"Rock of Love" Stripper Cries Foul!

10/1/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes true love isn't skin deep. On Sunday's finale of "Rock of Love," has-been Poison rocker Bret Michaels chose between stripperlicious Heather and pink-haired pixie, Jes. And even though Heather had Bret's name tattooed across the back of her neck -- Bret pointed his pinkie to select Jes.

Not surprisingly, Heather was pretty pissed, posting on MySpace that she was misrepresented in the final episode, boohooing that editing made her look way more insensitive on their final date than she really was.

She was upset that she didn't rock the aging rocker. Heather wrote, "I am so heartbroken and appalled that I look so insensitive in the finale."

When Bret asked if he could have both girls, Heather says she "absolutely, 100 percent did not say I would share him. We both said no." Once again, Heather blames editors. "I am soooo appalled by that -- as if the stipper [sic] thing wasn't enough, (which I quit doing months ago) -- or pretty much never showing one bad thing about Jess, I got ran through [sic] the coals and heartbroken once again." Appalling!

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I Liked The Final Two..
The Best..

But I Always Had More Love For Jes..

Just Because She Was Down To Earth..
And Not Trashy..
As Heather Was..

Heather Thought Less Clothes The Better..
And What Can You Say?
It's A Strippers Mentality!

So I Think He Made The Best Choice..
Not To Mention..
Heather Probably Needed More Attention Than Bret Could Give Her..

Jes Seems Independent And Very Capable Of Taking Care Of Herself Just Fine..

2580 days ago


Lmao...Heather got his named tattooed.....what an Idiot....Roflmao!!

She is so UGLY!....Good body but that face...scary. She should stick to stripping in dark places, because she is one nasty looking chick!

2580 days ago


Well you know it is just TV.....I liked Heather....good luck what if you are a dancer....but I liked Jess too... but again it is just Tv.....I started watching the show about a week after it started I thought how DUMB...but I am an 80s girl so I got hooked.....I partied with them years and years ago it was Fun then but all grown up now.. again its just TV

2580 days ago


Heather is a loser- it all comes down to who will take care of you when you're sick and Jes is the one. Heather go back to your stripper's pole and good luck to Jes who was the only girl with any class on the show. She is a true person.

2580 days ago

Laura bean    

Didn't your mother teach you if you have nothing to say you shouldn't say anything at all?

Personally I thought that Heather was going to win I really liked her so what if she's a stripper! Stripper's are real people too don't forget they breathe the same air we do.

I think Jess is a really good girl but I really don't see the relationship lasting I hate to say. I think she's too young and will have a problem with the pop-star life that he leads.

2580 days ago

Ohio Girl    

What a HUGE disappointment the final show was. It was so obviously edited and tweaked. Just bad bad TV. I agree that they so blatantly cut the show to favor Jess. She's 23 though. Come on. What does she know at this age. IN another 15 yrs he'll be a goner if he keeps drinking and partying. Is she going to be taking care of a bald aging rock start doing shows in a casino somewhere? At least he could write her off his taxes as his hair and makeup girl. He should have chosen Heather. She was a straight shooter and knew what she was getting into.

2580 days ago

Kelly ' Va Beach' Hicks    

HEATHER: You were on a reality show (how real we'll never know)! You f***ed when you said "I love you". At that point, you looked like a stalker, or someone so desperate to become famous, you'd do anything or say anything to get ahead. Guys know when you do without even telling them. If our guy Brett is truly looking for Mrs. Micheals # ???, he's old enough to know those words should never be uttered lightly. As much as everyone hated Lacey, when you chose to keep stuffing your face while Jess got up to hold the girls hair while she was puking, it showed how unaffected you are by anything that didn't have personnal advancement written on it, and how much class you weren't raised with.
JESS: We had bets on you all along. My 15 year old son thinks you were the hottest to begin with. I came totally on board when you showed compassion to someone you obviously didn't like - someone who went out of their way to hurt you. You showed true class and emotional wisdom beyond your few years on this earth. You must have really great parents - hands down - home training shows.
BRETT: Glad to see a man who can have any woman he wants age gracefully and not hold on to yesterday's trip - porn stars, strippers, etc... You picked a girl your family will feel comfortable with and who will take care of you, as she seems to care about even her enemies. Too bad they didn't make any spots on the show for pudgy 41 year olds that are old enough to remember when you first roared onto the scene, and who know every lyric to songs you wrote, and is also old enough to wonder why they played some Motley Crue songs in the background of the show. My own mother never could tell you and Vince Neil apart, but I could - heartfelt lyrics, a songwriter will win my heart and my own 'Rock of Love' 4 ever.

2580 days ago


Hey, at least she can go back to working her corner on Hollywood Blvd. Or she could always class it up a little and start stripping at the local airport Scores strip joint.

hahahahhaahahhahah. so pathetic.

2580 days ago


Heather is awesome. I really wanted her to win. Jess was cool but I thought that Brett and Heather could relate more. I am sure Heather actually listened to Poison back in the day when Jess was still in preschool.

I really hope that Heather gets a reality show out of this, kind of like "I love new york". It would be a better show since Heather is not nearly as trashy or dramatic as New York. Plus, she could choose from both men and women!

2580 days ago


Losers cry and Winners smile. Lets face it the only reason any of the women went on there was because of the fame he has and the money. The whole love thing is just BS. She is only crying cause she lost out on riding on the coat tails of his fame and his money. The whole show was a bunch of BS from the start. Ya want real Love your not going to be getting on some stupid TV show to find it. If you do ya need to get some serious mental help.

2580 days ago


I am glad Bret decided on Jess. She was there for him when he wasn't feeling good and really seemed to care. Heather all she wanted was to enjoy herself on the dune buggy. Heather was getting a little ridiculous towards the end of the show. I can't wait to watch the reunion this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Way to go Jess!

2580 days ago


I got to tell you, even though I did watch most of the shows, I am glad its done with. Quite frankly as the weeks went by, Michaels looked worse and worse. For somebody with diabetes he sure doesn't seem to give much care for himself. His constant use of the excuse "the rock and roll lifestyle". But it was all phony entertainment and if the washed up old fart wants to kill himself, well more power to him. He is certainly one self centered SOB and the fact that some female would even want to be with him is scary. The one thing I did get out of the show was the crazy statement "don't threaten me with a good time'. Too funny! We all know that Jess will go by the wayside very soon...that guy will never be a one woman man...and frankly what decent woman would want to put up with his crap? But I do appreciate all the laughs I got out of watching the women fight over him..why I will never know and I nearly peed my pants laughing when Heather told Lacy's old man about Lacy's bedtime business with "Big Boy". God what a hoot. I am sure Michaels will continue his search for true love on VH-1 as long as they will have him but I seriously doubt nothing can top this series...VH-1 and Bret Michaels, don't threaten me with a good time!

2580 days ago


Heather had her cool moments but she was trying to hard to be an 80's rocker chick. Jes suits Bret better in every way, she's not all caught up in the rock and roll lifestyle, she's not a hard partier and she offers some balance to his life!!

2580 days ago


I am so glad he picked Jess. Not someone that was out for the party. He needs someone to care for him for him... "warts" and all. Not for the fame, the parties, the vacations. Someone that would of cared for him if he was just joe for kokomo.
Good choice, I hope they have a good relationship ahead for them.

2580 days ago


Not that many of these bimb's were graced with much class, I did expect Jess to win. After viewing Heather's myspace page and wondering why a 32 year old woman thinks it's attractive to flip the finger signs in most of her pictures (Is she trying out for the Crips or something?), she does seem to have that hard, Vegas hooker aura about her.

I haven't worn my hair that big since 1985...

I can say that the chick was not working with a full deck...the curse of any relationship is tattooing someone's name on your body. Was that brainiac move supposed to make him (Bret) think anything other than this chick is absolutely NO CHALLENGE.

She was editing gold.

2580 days ago
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