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Sarah Silverman Gets TMZ's Nips in a Twist

10/1/2007 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beware of comedian Sarah Silverman -- get too close to her, and you may well find your nipples twisted and bruised! Such was the fate of our unlucky cameraman, who ran into Sarah in Soho yesterday.

While answering questions about her career and O.J., she had a flash of inspiration -- deciding to turn our guy's headlights too bright. He reports lingering tenderness and post titmatic stress.

Later, she was asked which stars she'd like to see in a sex tape. Sarah revealed her necrophiliac side, saying that she's dying to see the late Ruth Gordon (Maude of "Harold and Maude") get it on with Harvey Korman of "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Blazing Saddles." Now that's an adorable mistake.


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she s gross. doesnt deserve to be famous- she is NOT FUNNY or talented. NO ONE I KNOW LIKES OR RESPECTS HER.

2578 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

She's not funny, she's not pretty, she's not nice, she's a ZERO!

2578 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

She's the girlfriend of Jimmy Kimmel? Surely you jest. He must really be desperate. Well, I hope they don't get married. Can you imagine that nasty bitch as a mother? Yikes!!!!

2578 days ago


I really hope Jimmy didn't leave his wife for her because can you imagine leaving your wife for a man.

2578 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

She's a wannabe Garofalo..Good luck with that loser!

2578 days ago

2 cute!!    

She is nasty looking!! Her show is retarded, I'm surprised it's back for another season. She's not funny at all....and she's boinking Jimmy Kimmel....effing GROSS!! She's on the same F list as fugly Heidi and Spencer...why do the paps even take their pics???

2578 days ago


I'd really like to know what you guys all are so successful at for a living that you are not a loser and she is. She has been with Jimmy Kimmel for 6 years, has her own show on Comedy Central that has been renewed for 3 additional seasons, has had several stand up specials, and a movie in which she stars and wrote which did quite well for an 'independent' film. Tell me about the mansion you live in, the car you drive, and your nationally-known accomplishments that make her look like a loser in comparison

2578 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

she picks on brit and paris because she they are pretty and popular something that sarah silverman will never be. yes basically she is jealous and bitter and p/s picking on brit's kids was pathetic.

2578 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Posted at 1:19PM on Oct 1st 2007 by jen

Jen, are you on your period?

2578 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

jen, you must be old Sarah herself or a nutcase like Sarah. How can you like a bitch who makes her living off of nasty comments and insulting people? She's not Don Rickles who has a softer side. I think she must be retarded (and you too, jen) to think that ugly, miserable woman (?) is funny. Everytime she opens her ugly mouth, she makes an ass of herself.

2578 days ago

Just A Mom    

Amy Winehouse is a heroin pig!

2578 days ago


I'd throw her down and do her. I bet she screams nice!

2578 days ago



2578 days ago


Spike: Well, I'm definitely not Sarah, nor do I know her. I don't think I'm a nutcase, and I don't think the people who know me would think I am one, but I guess that's always a subjective term. I think she's hilarious, I think her show is hilarious, and I know many people who feel the same. I also know people who really don't like her sense of humor - I think she is one of those people you either really like or really don't, as opposed to just feeling ambivalent about.
I do know that I'm not retarded, though, and if you want to know how I know that I can tell you, I just don't feel like sharing personal details about my accomplishments on a message board. As for Sarah, I have no idea. She might be retarded. She's still hilarious though.
I don't think she's that ugly, either, though by no means do I think she's hot. I think she's just kinda average-looking. I didn't really think the point of a comedian was to be physically attractive -- Do you think Jim Carrey's hot? Jerry Seinfeld? Jay Leno? Ellen DeGeneres? I could go on...They are all very famous, successful comedians and I don't think any of them (or most comedians for that matter) are attractive, nor do they need to be to do their job.
Personally, I'm not miserable - I'd say I'm pretty happy and content in life right now though I certainly have my moments of stress. And I don't know how you'd know she's miserable, you seem pretty bent out shape there yourself. If you're going to waste your time hating people so vehemently, at least focus it on people you actually know, not people performing an act on television.

2578 days ago


Hey, Jimmy Kimmell pays big bucks for that treatment.

2578 days ago
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