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Why Britney Lost Custody

10/1/2007 9:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ knows exactly why Britney lost custody -- she ignored the Commissioner at every turn.

Rewind to last month. L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered Spears to do a number of things in order to maintain 50/50 custody.

Spears was ordered to meet with a drug counselor -- she didn't do it.

Spears was ordered to submit to drug testing -- she didn't do it.

Spears was ordered to enroll in parenting classes -- didn't do it.

Spears was also required to sign the judge's order -- again, she didn't.

And last Friday, Commissioner Gordon prohibited both Spears and K-Fed from driving the children unless they had a valid California driver's license. Gordon was pissed today when TMZ posted video of Spears cavalierly driving her kids around Malibu.

In short, Spears did everything wrong ... by doing nothing.


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Wow, next wacko ! poor thing, but this is what happens when you do not have real friends ... NO ONE will help you

2515 days ago


Brittany, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, it really doesn't matter. None of them have respect for the law. Drink and drive, ignore penalties, use drugs while on probation. They are all pretty much train wrecks that will be all used up before they turn 30 (if they make it) if they don't get under control immediately. Too much fame, money, and power for anyone in their 20's to be able to handle. It's bad enough to see all the dogs being abused, but now 2 babies. I believe that whoever has been guiding Kevin Federline's life is very smart. Brittany's all done.

2515 days ago


you know, instead of putting her down, saying no wonder this and that but did you ever stop to wonder if she was thinking "maybe if i didn't have the kids maybe everyone would leave me alone??" A person can only take so much before they snap and yes the kids should go to the better parent but instead of bringing her even more down i think instead of trying to tell her what to do, make her do it, you can't change some one u can only help them try.

2515 days ago

Brandon N. Bennetzen    

BTW Britney, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Tiffany rulz #1

2515 days ago


It is about time!!!! They keep letting this stupid celebrities do whatever they want and they think that they can do whatever they want. BRAVO to the California court system for actually thinking about the children and not the celebrity.


I have to say that I think this is the perfect role for Kevin and I think he will do a wonderful job with his children

2515 days ago


First the paps, the media, the fans, all of us should boycott photographing, writing about, reading and commenting about her if we all really want to help her. The bars should ban her. If she is not capable of helping herself the courts should appoint someone to make decisions on her behalf. No one should book her for anything! Lets all wipe the slate clean for her so she can start over. Better!

2515 days ago


You know, God forbid but if I found out I had to turn my kids over to the ex Wednesday at noon I'd be treasuring every hour between now and then and would show up at the prearranged meeting at 11:59 not wanting to go one more minute than necessary without them. Britney? she arranges to drop them off a day early! Or maybe she thinks today is Wenesday. Reading calendars not being something she was taught in the middle school before dropping out.

2515 days ago


I am no Britney fan, nor K-Fed fan for that matter. But it seems to me there is a double standard here: why would Britney lose her kids apparently over her drug-taking, yet (former? current?) cokeheads Whitney and Bobby managed to hang onto their daughter for years without judicial scrutiny even approaching what Britney has endured.

2515 days ago

Heidi P    

It is not the question whether Britney deserves this, the question should be what do the kids deserve?

Also, Britney is no longer a child-Mouseketeer she is an adult and a mother and has not behaved like one.

Kevin, a father? Sure any man (almost) can be a father but a "dad", well that is another ball game. What about his "other" children?

Kevin & Britney's children should be raised entirely by someone else, possibly put up for adoption?

2515 days ago


this isnt that bad. shes young she can have more kids....whatever. the girl needs some serious help...only she can do that.

2515 days ago


Even drug addicted Anna Nicole would never not fight for her kids!! Her kids were her life and she followed the oldest to her grave to be with him.. Brit must of never bonded with these cute boys or she just doesn't care to be a Mom.. SOMEDAY SHE WILL REGRET THIS!!

2515 days ago


Well, she showed them! Didn't get her too far!

2515 days ago


I am going through the same thing, my child's father does not care, he lost complete custody before our child was released from the hospital. He continues to use drugs and he just does not care about his child, the drugs is his life and as far as I am concerned, I prefer that he stays away, I do not want my child to go through what I went through, my child will experience what I went through, my child deserves so much more that his dad does not know how to give, nor does her care to give. I am glad that the courts helped me protect such a beautiful life. I hope Kevin is a good parent and is truly a better fit, I know I am and always will be.

2515 days ago

The singer    

I hope somebody tells Britney about Jesus Christ. She is obviously lost and needs a Savior, we all do. I pray that she gets through this difficult time and can move on. Right now she's not ready or responsible enough to raise ANY kids. She's still one herself. But I think that over time she will want her children with her. I hope that, then, she'll get her act together. I can't wait to read in the tabloids one day, that she is living in a nice home in Malibu, kids in tow and life is good. That she's left her rebel life behind and moving on to bigger and better things. I'm praying for ya girl. Hang in there!!

2515 days ago


BS does have a below average IQ and that is a strong factor that relates to every problem she has. Coupled with being a drug addict, a shopaholic and simply being perhaps the most spoiled person on the planet, and it is easy to understand why she is melting down and self destructing. Drugs, money and egomania trump children, every time. BS has become psychotic from her drug abuse, philandering and partying from which there appears for her, that there is no way out. KF is also basically a drugged out psychopath, it will be interesting to see if the kids even survive, let alone grow up to be anything representative of normal.

2515 days ago
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