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Another Spicy Night at Hyde

10/2/2007 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel B was out again last night at her regular haunt, Hyde, lookin' hot with Belafonte-wannabe hubby Stephen.

Leaving baby Angel Iris, daughter Phoenix Chi and step-daughter Gisele at home, the Spice Girl and her man showed up to the club rockin' her "Dancing with the Stars" 'do after the show.

Mom's gotta party too!


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Logo Designers    

i would love to go to hyde

2497 days ago

LMAO @ you a$$hats    

Looking hot? More like Skanky HO!


2575 days ago

death on a cracker    

another bitch that forgets she has a baby.

2575 days ago

Dawn Day    

A Spice Girl with some actual talent??? Well I never....

2575 days ago


Now that TMZ helped get Brits boys taken away from her with the help of that lard ass xbodyguard start on Mel-B.

2575 days ago


Hot?.......Not! She look cute on the show but in that pic she's lookin tranny!

2575 days ago


She looks gross and he looks like the wimpy loser he is, always out and about

Melanie only got pregnant to get 18 years worth of child support
out of Eddie Murphy, think this con-"artist" cares about a child that is
only a meal-ticket for her and her loser-using parasite of a husband?
That poor baby was ONLY about conning Eddie Murphy. Stephen changed
his name to Belafonte just so everyone would think he IS an actual
Belafonte, how phoney and loser is that. He only married the
Mel-thing so Eddie's money would become community property, so she is
getting what she deserves, a user husband using HER for a meal
ticket. And why is TMZ giving garbage like this the time of day.

2575 days ago


Scary Spice AND this Belafonte fellow are taking care of these kids, why isn't it reported that they are BOTH neglecting them? Why is the mother wrong and neglectful for going out at night, but the father isn't singled out for doing anything wrong (whether he's the father of her kids or just a husband to her I don't know, but it doesn't matter, they are together and therefore sharing responsibilities of raising the kids)? Why are we calling her a "bitch who forgets she has kids" and not faulting her husband at all for the SAME EXACT behavior? Can't we leave off this sexist momwatch for a while?

2575 days ago

how dumb    

I think its funny that some stars are insulted for having their children in public ALL THE TIME (I still don't see anything wrong with that - what should they do? Never leave the house??) .... yet not much is said about these celebrities who NEVER have their children.

Celebrities wonder why their kids grow up so f**d up... try raising them YOURSELF instead of letting nannies do it. And frankly, Mel-B is a little OLD to be partying at Hyde. Grow up you has-been

2575 days ago


Why, why, why do these has been celebs have children only to forget they even have them??? Stay the "F" home and take care of your kids. Hmmm, I get pregnant by Eddie Murphy - nice chunk o change for 18 years, she loved him deeply, but only until the next man looked her way, what does this teach their children, it's o.k. to be a ho bag....just so that 15 minutes of fame doesn't go away....

2575 days ago

Old School    

Thank God that Eddie got away, this woman is UGLY and the baby is at home while she parties at a club probably saying LOOK AT ME, I"M A TV STAR, HOW BORING!
No wonder Eddies RAN AWAY FROM THIS because his' new woman is BEAUTIFUL and this Mel B is NOT- PERIOD

2575 days ago


Oh oh oh! Mel B knows how to parent. She managed to raise another child (almost a teenager now) with her OWN money so I'm not buying into the "scam Eddie for money" taunt. Eddie's no prize either and he's already supporting another five. Secondly she is a very pretty woman. People just like to be nasty. And third - and read this carefully - if she is going to make HER OWN money she needs to be seen. So she goes out while the iron is hot - DWTS, tour coming up. I'm sure the kids are fine. In fact the kids should be sound asleep at the time momma is partying. Give her a break!

2575 days ago

Trust me I know him    

I was wondering why I hadn't heard anyone mention Stephen's name in so long. He has done some pretty legit work, he's one of the producers of "Thank you for Smoking", but I hope she doesn't mind that he loves hookers almost as much as cocaine.

2575 days ago


Am I missing something, with tmz always calling this guy belefonte wannbe? I don't get it! It goes right over my head! What does it mean! It's driving me mad I tell you, MAD!

2575 days ago

Roxanne Wood    

For all you know-it-all idiots Mel B does not need Eddie M's $$. The Spice Girls retired very wealthy. And they have somewhat stay out of the limelight with the exception of Posh. Why is it that everyone is so quick to blame the woman? Why aren't you mad at Eddie for being irresponsible by having a baby 2 minutes before he was even divorced??? Why aren't you crying foul when K-Fed & Eddie are pictured out on the town? No one is screaming and passing judgment regarding "where are the kids?" Don't be so quick to be sexist and give the guy a pass on his bad behavior. Think it through people!

2575 days ago

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