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Brit's Kids in Driver's Ed

10/2/2007 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A short while ago, a paparazzo snapped a photo of the brothers Federline, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, enjoying auto stroller rides with a nanny near daddy Kevin's house. They're okay!

It looks like Sean's happy to be in a toy car, and not in mommy's Mercedes!


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Hiring a nanny would have saved Britney her kids. But her idea of a nanny is a party friend. He did nothing wrong by having a nanny for the kids, that doesn't mean he doesn't spend time with them.
He deserves some credit for being responsible.
Britney couldn't handle a real nanny.

2579 days ago

how dumb    

Why is everyone congratulating K-Fed?? This picture proves what I already thought. Kevin Federline gets the kids so he can rake in the child support, and the kids will be raised BY NANNIES. I would have been much more impressed if this picture actually had the DADDY in it. Not people who are being paid to be parents.

Kevin Federline doesn't even have a job. Why isn't HE the one playing with those boys? Sorry, K-Fed's no better. Its not real hard to hire someone to play mommy. K-FED - NOT IMPRESSED, DUDE. Hang out with your own kids - for God's sakes, you have nothing better to do, loser.

2579 days ago


None of our lives could withstand the scrutiny that Britney Spears lives under. None of us. Remember that.

2579 days ago


Am I the only person that refuses to believe that K-Fed is just so busy that he actually needs a nanny?

2579 days ago


this is the first time I have ever seen these boys in a normal child situation.
Sean has a pleased look and is probably thrilled to be outdoors and in a stroller with his brother so until I see evidence to the contrary, I say they are better off.

2579 days ago


Yo Ava and April - WAKE UP. Kevin is no better than Brittney. Less than 24 hours and he has a nanny taking care of them rather than himself. Worse, they are out on the street for the Paps to find (which they did). He is pimping them out just like his ex-wife did. How exactly is he parenting? The same way he parents his other spawn? Doubtful. It was worded quite well on my morning talk radio show. November 1 was quickly approaching and Kevin's bank account was going to run dry. He needed some way to capture the money and he effectively got it now for the next 18 years. (Assuming he gets permanent custody - which is unlikely).

Kevin is slime and we will see the results of his lack of concern for his kids very quickly. AprilMarie - Grow up....Nannys are 24/7 and I seriously doubt you are paying for 24/7 daycare. If you are, then you suck as a parent too. Children need their parents - not nannies. Kevin HAS NO MONEY/DOESN'T WORK except at feeding off of other people. These children would be better place in an adoptive situation with parents who want them and will treat them well. Mark my words.

2579 days ago

Gimme a break    

WHO CARES if he's taking the money from Britney, as long as he's using it to hire responsible people to take care of the children, and they are well cared for, happy and healthy? It's less money she has to spend on her own self destruction. There is always the possibility that their father knows that the minute he steps out of the house with his kids, there will once again be a media circus around them. Whether he came to that conclusion himself, or received advice from someone, he's doing the right thing. I say keep the boys on the private grounds, behind high walls and public view for a short while.

2579 days ago



2579 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

I am going to write a letter right now to his lawler and report him for this picture. This is so unfair to Brittnay I could scream.

2579 days ago

kevin hater    

Oh give me a break! Don't forget that Kevin has other children, where are they? Remember that he bounced out of their life for a free ride from Brittany. Dont be so quick to label him as father of the year. Well he gets what he wants.....more money from Brit to afford a great Nanny to raise his kids. What an ASS, and TMZ should be ashamed for taking pics of those innocent little boys.

2579 days ago


tm z you have gone to fa r kids in driving ed now thats mean picking on are notperfect waite til you do smethig see how fst yo will see lights@newsin your face. get a life

2579 days ago


Ok so nobody like Brit parenting skill's or lack there of but at least she wants to be with her kids FED X just send them off with the token nanny I'm sorry but FED X is worse then brit hes just hides his drugs and drinking because the paps don't follow his broke nasty ass around prob cause he stinks of pot and B O

2579 days ago


No matter what people wouldn't be happy. I'm not a fan of Kevin or Britney and I think those poor boys need to be taken out of that entire situation but even if K-Fed was in that picture, people would be going on about how it is all a photo-op and that he is just trying to look like a good dad to ensure he keeps the kids and therefore the money. Give it up.

2579 days ago


They look happy and safe. That's all that really matters. I couldn't give a cr*p about Britney's 'feelings' -- Sorry.

2579 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

Well one big happy family K-Fed, Shar and 6 kids, must be nice, I can gaurantee K- Fed won't try that w/ Shar she would probably kick his A$$ up one end and down another. I really do feel for Britt she needs help, her family deserted her I guess her mom is living off of Jamie Lynn's money...

I love you Britt and I'm praying for you

2579 days ago
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