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Diana: Untouched in the Morning

10/2/2007 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natural beauty, Miss Diane Ernestine Earle Ross, 63, sashayed down Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills while shopping for undergarments at Under G's. Just in the nip of time! Diana's letting her gray hair come in -- baby, love it!

Slap on some drawstring pants, a revealing leotard and a zippy jacket -- and as Miss Ross told young stars to do -- she is "keepin' it classy."


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La Femme    

Most of the people in gossip columns have very little relavent things to say about other people. You're just a bunch of nasty, jealous, vicious petty pathetic, individuals. I'm 72 and proud of it. I don''t believe in "DRESSING YOUR AGE" Thats a bunch of Bull. I wear my Hair very long, dress according to my mood. I wear fashionable hip clothes. Jeans, Cargo Pants, Hot Tee's. and quality makeup. I'm black and love myself. I also wear good perfume .I raised three successful children and now it's my turn. I make my own rules. I'm well groomed and still have an eye for good looking men. When it's over, it's over! I sacrifaced my younger life, Now it's my turn. If you don't like it, look the other way. LA FEMME

2475 days ago

Terrence Marquis    

DIANA!!! Fierce in or out of drag at 63!! Keep on keepin' on diva!!

2474 days ago


Diana, Where Did Your Make-up Go? baby, baby
and Go See About getting some make-up .............hurry, hurry LOL

ps $50 a ticket for a Diana concert? ..about costumes changes, sing-along w/me crap, and big hair? hmmmm?

2474 days ago


Diana Ross still looks great after all these years. Unfortunately, people love to take shots at someone who truly deserves a great deal more respect than she gets. Everyone should take their hats off to this legend who has managed to raise 5 amazing children. i would be great if Britney Spears took a page out Ross approach to maintaining it all. Britney is such a let down at this early age hopefully she can get it together eventually. However, Ross still shines.

2474 days ago


Diana looks great. I don't see how anyone can critize her. i also saw her in concert this year and she was amazing. A ture Legend and she sounds great. People need to lay off Ross.

2473 days ago


Regarding the ultra nasty, rude, and tasteless post by "Jane".. post #12 above, I have to just laugh! I've probably been to 50 or more Ross performances over the years, and NEVER ever has there been anything from her audience but sheer adoration. I've attended shows in which certain people were only there because they had season passes, etc and overheard some expressing that they weren't Ross fans. Within minutes of taking the stage, Diana had them all eating our of her gorgeous little chocolate paws! The only word I can find to describe it is "magical" .... nothing less. Miss Plain Jane, you obviously do not like Miss Ross for whatever reason. With a name like Jane, I can only imagine that it must involve jealousy and a real sense of threat and insecurity. Bless your heart. Diana Ross is a National treasure!!! She is without true contemporaries. There will never be another Diana Ross, ever. You should learn to admire her beauty and talent rather than envy and despise it. It might make you a happier and more pleasant creature. Peace. Stop! In the Name of Love~

2473 days ago


Bravo!!! Wes David!!! Bravo you so eloquently scripted the facts THANK YOU for your #49 post I 100% agree with you. In the best of reverence, Diana Ross is a national treasure !

2473 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

You people at TMZ need to get lives. why don't you take a video of Harvey in the john with his pants down and post that! You take tastelessness for profit to a new low. Get some spiritual help--make the world a better place!

2471 days ago

Mikel in Motown    

She looks incredible. Naturally beautiful, and without stage make-up, lighting, or hair dye. I saw her this year in concert for the fifth time, and she looked and sounded incredible. I've seen many singers in concert, superstars and lesser stars, and NO ONE commands a stage and gives a show like Diana Ross. I was blessed to go backstage and meet her this spring, and talk with her for quite a while. She was gracious, kind, beautiful, giving...a very classy woman. And sex-y. To the poster who questioned her age: the radio station in Boston, or your memory, is flawed. I was born, raised, and currently live in Detroit, My mother and brother went to high school with Diana. She was born in 1944, and is 63 years old.

2466 days ago


she is great, a legend that has been able to have a balanced life Always leaving us wanting more, instead of giving us too much - like britney

2459 days ago
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