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DMV to TMZ: Brit Still Doesn't Have a Valid License!

10/2/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A California state DMV spokeswoman tells TMZ, in no uncertain terms: Britney Spears is NOT licensed to drive!

Paparazzi caught the popwreck going to a California DMV office Monday, but we're told she was not issued a license, she was merely checking her status. And, we hear, she wasn't very nice to the staff. The nerve!

According to the DMV, if Britney brings a valid out of state license to the DMV today, and passes the written exam, she will be issued a California license. As TMZ reported Monday, she is licensed to drive in the state of Louisiana.

We're told if she is not able to produce a valid license, she must take a driving test in order to be licensed. Get out of the way!

Her final option, says the DMV, is to "get a learner's permit and practice." Toot toot!


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go--are you like the only person in the universe who hasn't seen her drive? Missed the vid of her bashing a parked car, getting out, looking at her own car, and walking away? She never even contacted the lady. That is dangerous, moron.

2576 days ago


So I guess when she went to the DMV yesterday she failed the written test?
No surprise, but (of course) X-17 made it seem like she was finally legal when she left.

2576 days ago


okay so is it art that imitates life or life that imitates art??
she has already planned her future…watch her everytime video…it is sooo playing out…she wont be able to handle this

2576 days ago


Why doesnt this moron get a license already she doesnt do anything but snort coke and shopp all day ....she has all the time in the world

2576 days ago


Hmmm, isn't it against the law for this DVM spokesperson to give out personal information on it's drivers or soon -to-be drivers? It is here in IL. . This woman had no right to give out any information on Brit or anyone else. TMZ , you just wont stop till you do more damage, let it be. It's ironic how Harry levin stated on Larry King that Brit did indeed get her license yesterday but today it states other wise. Guess Harry should check with his so called reporters .. who is telling the truth? Harry or this Reporter? Just my opinion.

2576 days ago


People shouldnt attack her parents rerun or people from the south ,they have nothing to do with this !!!
She IS a MESS but by her own doing ,nobody elses !!!(except maybe the PAPS !!) .From what I have read the parents are on Team Sean and Jayden ,where they should be so dont pick on them .

2576 days ago


Poster #11, I DON'T feel sorry for this trainwreck called Britney. If I had paps following ME around all day they would see my taking CARE of my 3 kids, working fulltime, doing housework, washing dishes, washing clothes, helping with homework, running errands (need I go on?).....they WOULD NOT see me abusing drugs and alcohol around my children, driving without a license, hitting a car and walking away, flashing my crotch to the world, driving with my kid on my lap, driving with my kid NOT in a carseat (need I go on???) Do you get the picture? BRITNEY is the one who has ruined HER life, nobody else. We are all just hear watching and PRAYING that she gets the help she needs so those poor little boys don't have to grow up without their Mother.

2576 days ago

kim suck    

to all the people who like this whore-drop dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2576 days ago

5 cent    

Britney's hit and run did her in.
She's got no license, that's a sin.
But unfortunate or not
the only real license she's got
is with a marriage to K-fed -- HE WINS!

2576 days ago


She is probably secretly glad to be rid of the kids - they get in the way of her life.
Columns/photographers - we're sick of seeing Britney, Lindsey, Paris, Larry Birkhead.
Surely there has to be some classy people out there to photograph.

2576 days ago


Why worry about if she has a California license when she does have a Louisiana license. She still has a license. I know allot of people who live in other states, just like here in Pa people have maryland and West virginia license... So if everyone is soo worried about her license then the DMV should check in every state to see how many people have a license for that state they are in. She is a star...She moves around and travels so why worry about it..I think people in the media are causing all this to her..Maybe is everyone would back off things would change..I get sick of hearing all this slander about her....Come on people pick on someone else for awhile......

2576 days ago


DUDE..... seriously... this is not a big deal. I live in California and know a ton of people who have been here for years and still not changed their driver's licenses. SERIOUSLY NOT A BIG DEAL. STOP POSTING ON IT. It's not like a criminal offense. I know plenty of people who didn't have CA licenses and have gottten tickets and stuff. Cops don't even do anything about not having a CA license.


2576 days ago


Mistakes? These aren't mistakes anymore, it's just plain stupidity. The terms were laid out by the judge, clear and to the chance for misinterpretation, but she still did not do anything she was told to do, until after she lost her kids, that says a lot. I am not going to even try to guess at what the girl is on or has going on in her head, but this girl is dumb.

2576 days ago


it was reported down here (Texas) that her louisana license was EXPIRED!!!! so, kinda appears as though she isn't legal to drive anywhere!

2576 days ago


DUDE..... seriously... You'd be the first in line to sue megabucks, and make a big deal out of no Cali DL, if she hit you.


2576 days ago
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