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DMV to TMZ: Brit Still Doesn't Have a Valid License!

10/2/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A California state DMV spokeswoman tells TMZ, in no uncertain terms: Britney Spears is NOT licensed to drive!

Paparazzi caught the popwreck going to a California DMV office Monday, but we're told she was not issued a license, she was merely checking her status. And, we hear, she wasn't very nice to the staff. The nerve!

According to the DMV, if Britney brings a valid out of state license to the DMV today, and passes the written exam, she will be issued a California license. As TMZ reported Monday, she is licensed to drive in the state of Louisiana.

We're told if she is not able to produce a valid license, she must take a driving test in order to be licensed. Get out of the way!

Her final option, says the DMV, is to "get a learner's permit and practice." Toot toot!


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um, TMZ, news update:

Britney was at the DMV yesterday and took the written test - so this just shows the nitpicking you're willing to do, and you don't even have your facts straight....

x17online has the pics... enjoy..

2576 days ago


Did she PASS the written test? Does she have a VALID Louisiana driver's license at this moment? Are you crazy?

2576 days ago


why are you asking if i am crazy, that doesnt make any sense lol i'm just posting what happened, it's not like i took the damn test - i dont know if she passed, maybe THAT is info to actually write about, like when she gets it, instead of the same story over and over.. so get a grip....

2576 days ago


Im no fan of Brit, but I can't help wondering if she was informed by any of the police officers who pulled her over in the past that she needed to obtain a California drivers license?

2576 days ago



while i agree that she brings it all on herself, you cannot seriously compare your life and what you do to hers, and then say see the difference. She IS different, actors, actresses, musicians, models ARE different. yes, it would be different if someone filmed you doing dishes, but no one has an interest in watching you, or any of us, doing dishes, but maybe they would with a celeb.

no one can compare anyone's life to someone else unless they walk in their shoes, or similiar... if she is beating those kids, not feeding them, not taking care of them, then they deserve to be cared for. but otherwise, she has issues, yes, but the media blows a lot out of porportion. i'm giving her the benefit of a doubt because i'm Human and a mother, and i think it's aweful that so many people would want to see someone, anyone, fail so much.. it's sickening

2576 days ago



are you a dope or what? lol read my first post - i said she went - to - the - DMV - and - took - the - test. there - are - even - photos - of - her - there - and - a - photo- of - her - standing - in - front - of the blue backdrop ( i got tired of trying to be slow for you...). the only way you get to smile and stand in front of a blue back drop is when you get your photo... do you comprehend? or shall i go on???

2576 days ago


it's illegal for a DMV rep to give out any info re: licenses... so i am assuming this person wants to have a fielday and is pulling your chain. she has a valid CA license now....

2576 days ago


I am in law school, and I am getting ready to graduate this year. My speciality is divorce law. I am writing my thesis paper on Celeb divorce and why it is so much harder than normal peoples divorce. I have reviewed all of the Britney and Kevin divorce except for the closed records like safety for the Boys, who gets the kids when. I would have to say that Kevin's people are creating a nasty smear campaign against Britney. As for Britney not having a valid lisence, and losing custody cause of that, it was a low blow technicality. She applied before she got pregnant, but then her photo would be of her pregnant, and not her normal look. Plus she just got married when she applied, and she did change her name, more time to wait. Then she filed for divorce, name changing, and address again. Her divorce was just finalized, and she is still looking for a new home, so it was a low blow on the part of kevin and his people. She will get custody back, it won't be long. And those who believe the tabloids should really think, you are not getting the whole story and all the facts.

2576 days ago


I think everyone should leave her alone. All of these people making fun of her. Her biggest mistake is marrying K-Loser. He doesn't want the kids. He just wants the money!!!!! I think the photographers and everyone should leave her alone. I think the roles should be reversed and let them get chased after and see if they don't have some problem. I blame all of this on the photographers and busy bodies that can leave celebrities alone. I know this is a job I don't want. So everyone give her some slack. No one knows the whole story and what she is going thru!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2576 days ago


To the ones defending her, you are out of your right mind. It's not just the issue with the drivers license. It's the drug use with her kids in her care, it's the Hit and Run accident that she felt like she could just walk away from, its the shaving her head bald and attacking a vehicle with an umbrella. She is unstable, wether its from the drugs, or a total inability to cope with her situation it does not matter. She is responsible for providing those kids a safe enviroment and she obviously either can't or doesn't want to. Watch the interview with her bodyguard on cnn with Larry King. Listen to him talk about her drug use in front of the kids. Please get over yourselfs and your thinking that shes being crucified by the press. She has been a Celeb for years. Shes used to the attention and she knows everything shes doing is going to be front page news. She's choosing for all this to happen and that makes her garbage. No matter what you think. And if by defending her you are implying that you would treat your kids the same way, then maybe your kids should be taken too.

2576 days ago


Susan B--You will make a helluva lawyer. Can't spell.

2576 days ago


If she doesn't have a VALID DL and she is asking the police for help in getting away from the Paparazzi why is the police letting her get into her car and drive away? If that was you or I you can be asssured that we would be arrested and our cars towed and a hefty fine!!!!
Shame on the police departments!
She certainly is no role-model for any young female out there, I glad to see the Judge finally got the message that she is NOT a fit mother or anything else.

2576 days ago

death on a cracker    

yo yo y'all, suz gizza hoz and yo yoz! dis K-fed herr, just check checkin in to say yo thankz fo da props.. .i be chillin up herr with da babiez and wanted y'all ta know dat day be durrin great! tanks fo yo support and much love. i got OJ werkin on some side projects so you be hearing bout that soon....

check out my new CD called fatha of da yeer!

peep poop!

2576 days ago


Britney is dumber than I had previously thought.

2576 days ago


Michelle -- YOU -- SAID -- TMZ -- DIDN'T -- HAVE -- THEIR -- FACTS -- STRAIGHT.

Do you read your OWN posts?

Shall I go on?

(Go have another lil' swiggy-poo ...)

2576 days ago
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