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DMV to TMZ: Brit Still Doesn't Have a Valid License!

10/2/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A California state DMV spokeswoman tells TMZ, in no uncertain terms: Britney Spears is NOT licensed to drive!

Paparazzi caught the popwreck going to a California DMV office Monday, but we're told she was not issued a license, she was merely checking her status. And, we hear, she wasn't very nice to the staff. The nerve!

According to the DMV, if Britney brings a valid out of state license to the DMV today, and passes the written exam, she will be issued a California license. As TMZ reported Monday, she is licensed to drive in the state of Louisiana.

We're told if she is not able to produce a valid license, she must take a driving test in order to be licensed. Get out of the way!

Her final option, says the DMV, is to "get a learner's permit and practice." Toot toot!


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To #52 by Britta Hornsby

You need to realize that Britney is hounded by paps by her choice. She calls up places known for paps to hang out to see if there is anything going on there that day for the paps to be there. If so, then she makes an appearance. And Robertson Blvd. is always a hangout for the paps.

Britney's sad state of affairs is if hr own doing. She refuses and advice any help from anybody. She does not want anything in her life to change. She likes it. The only thing she wants to change is for her to be back on top in the music industry. But she does not want to do what is required to achieve that goal. She just wants it to happen like magic.

People have been praying for Britney for a long time. But what are they praying for? For others to step in and intervene? Many have tried, but she refuses any help. Are they praying for Britney to change her ways? Apparently their prayers are not being heard, as nothing has changed, only gotten worse.

You say Britney is a good Mother, just makes mistakes like everyone else. Let me see!

Would a good mother continue to drag her children out for the paps to photo even though it is not the best for the child? And do so, even though it is apparent that it for a self serving purpose? I think not.

Would a good Mother drive in a vehicle with her child not in a child safety seat? I think not.

Would a good Mother drive with her child in her lap? This is something that EVERYBODY is aware of NOT doing. So she cannot claim ignorance to this.

Does a good Mother continue to NOT follow the rules set up by the Judge to follow in order to maintain custody of her children? I think not. This is something drug addicts do.

Does a good Mother manipulate her family by denying them access to see the children? NOT.

I could go on forever. But Britney is not a good Mother. She may be a Mother, but not a good one. A good Mother learns from her mistakes - not continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over and over . . . well you get the point.

Yes, there are Mothers that are far worse than her. But that does not justify supporting Britney in this.

I don't put much stock in Kevin either, but he appears to be trying, unlike Britney. It appears he is willing to have support around him when it comes to the kids, which counts for a lot.

Perhaps it will take having her children taken from her in order for her to finally see the light. But I don't put much faith in her, since she ignores everybody and is going to do what she damn well pleases.

2546 days ago


bitch needs to get her license already lol..........

2546 days ago


Stupid people put yourself in those kid's shoes what if this was your mother? Kid's love there mother no matter what can't no one judge us but god it's so many negative people on this website I'm curious as to how many are parent's or are there a bunch of little kid's posting here, I'm 39 years old with 2 kid's Britney Spears hasn't anything to live for without her kid's if she killed herself because of this would you be on here laughing and saying good regardless of anyone's opinion those boy's love there mother And I have yet to see any video of her doing drug's All of these star's own homes all over the world you mean to tell me you need a driver's license for each state?? You people act as though she had no license period.... Her license doesn't expire until 2009 thank god I'm not famous it's too much trouble it's not even worth being RICH to have to deal with the whole world judging one person.

2546 days ago
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